1984 winston and julia relationship

Orwell Winston & Julia relationship

1984 winston and julia relationship

I think Orwell best informed us of his perspective on "love" when he juxtaposed the relationship between Winston and Julia with the the Prole woman who was. We are first introduced to Julia during the preparation for the two minutes hate. She was "a bold-looking girl" about 27 years old, with thick dark. Get an answer for 'Discuss the relationship between Winston and Julia in ' and find homework help for other questions at eNotes.

Winston rebels in hope that future generations will be free of the party and be able to live in something like the Golden ages or the times he remembers from before the party took over, or at least in a time where they are free to think what they like and are not denied the privilege of the truth.

Julia, being younger has no memories of a time before the party and therefore can't imagine a time without the party in control.

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She rebels not for the future generations, like Winston, she rebels more for the sake of just rebelling. Julia believes that the only way of rebelling against the party is with secret acts of disobedience or at the most isolated acts of violence because she doesn't believe that anyone or anything can defeat the party.

To What Extent Is Winston And Julia’s Relationship Credible?

Also, although Julia is against Big Brother, she does not seem concerned about the extent of his control. She is against the party and what it stands for but she never really says her reasoning. The only time Julia questions the party's teachings when they somehow touch upon her own life.

1984 winston and julia relationship

Julia also accepts lots of what the party says simply because she didn't seem to care much of the difference between a lie and the truth. To me it seems that Winston and Julia do not completely love each other, it seems like they more love the idea of loving one another than actually having the physical and emotional connection simply because they can relate to each other.

They are also very determined to stay together, when O'Brien asked if they were willing to be separated they both refused. This might be because that when they are together they know that they are not alone.

It is a human need for companionship and you can not have this in the party's society.

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Winston doesn't agree, even if he confess; that doesn't change his feelings. Winston and Julia; lovers and rebels, are trying to become members of anti-Party Brotherhood. Winston wants it because of his believe that there was history; that there was something else except Party.

Julia is not sure if Winston is right, but rebelion inside of her also wants to act against Party. Of course, everything was a setup by Thought Police end they end up caught in room above antique store; a place of their usual meeting.

1984 winston and julia relationship

During period of torture and brainwashing by O'Brien, Smith surrenders intellectually, but keep his idea: It's his only victory against Party, just like he said to Julia - he can confess, but they can't change his inner feelings.

However, Smith's resolve to continue loving Julia is burned away when he finally enters Room Smith has a particular horror of rats. Knowing this, O'Brien threatens to let rats devour Smith's face, and in utter desperation he finally begs his torturers that they do this to Julia instead.

1984 winston and julia relationship

Same thing happened to Julia. She had to face with probably her greatest fear - multiple rape by Party Members. They successfully killed any human emotions in Winston and Julia and forced them to betray and deny one each other.