1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

Ford Mustang Specs: 2-Door Convertible GT Specifications

1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

See all the HP and TQ rating for your Mustang GT, V6, Mach and Cobra specs from the factory here!. If you recall the equation earlier, Horsepower = Torque x (RPM / ), the general The graph below is from a bone stock Mustang GT. The base model kept its horsepower L Essex V6 while the Cobra's L If you're looking for info and specs on the Mustang GT, you have come to.

Ford Mustang second generation — Mustang II Lee Iacoccawho had been one of the forces behind the original Mustang, became President of Ford Motor Company in and ordered a smaller, more fuel-efficient Mustang for Initially it was to be based on the Ford Maverickbut ultimately was based on the Ford Pinto subcompact.

First-year sales werecars, compared with the original Mustang's twelve-month sales record ofIacocca wanted the new car, which returned the Mustang to its predecessor in size, shape, and overall styling, [40] to be finished to a high standard, saying it should be "a little jewel.

Performance was reduced, and despite the car's new handling and engineering features the galloping mustang emblem "became a less muscular steed that seemed to be cantering.

This continued through production end in Other transmissions were the RAD 4-speed with unique gearing for all three engines, and the C-3 automatic behind the 2.

The coupe was marketed as the "Hardtop" but in fact had a thin "B" pillar and rear quarter windows that did not roll down. All Mustangs in this generation did feature frameless door glass, however. The "Ghia" featured a thickly padded vinyl roof and smaller rear quarter windows, giving a more formal look.

Hardtop, Hatchback, Mach 1 and Ghia. Changes introduced for included availability of an "MPG" model which had a different rear axle ratio for better fuel economy. The Mach 1 remained through the life cycle — Other changes in appearance and performance came with a "Cobra II" version in — and a "King Cobra" in of which 4, approx were built. Third generation — [ edit ] — GT — convertible The Mustang was based on the larger Fox platform initially developed for the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr.

The larger body with an increased wheelbase yielded more interior space for four passengers, especially in the back seat, as well as a larger capacity trunk and a bigger engine bay.

1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

That engine was ultimately replaced with a new 3. From tothe Capri was domestically produced as a Mercury-badged version of the Mustang, using a few of its own styling cues. The third-generation Mustang had two different front-end styles. From tothe front end was angled back using four rectangular headlights, known by enthusiasts as "Four Eyes". The front end was restyled for to model years to reflect the contemporary, rounded-off "aero" style of the Ford Taurus using flush-composite headlamps and a smooth grille-less nose.

The Mustang was selected as the Official Indianapolis Pace Car with replicas sold to the public.

Ford Mustang

Its special body-appearance parts were adapted by the Cobra package for — The front fascias of all Mustangs were restyled, featuring a new grille, sporting the "Blue Oval" Ford emblem for the first time.

The Mustang celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a special GT model in white with red interior and red lower-bodyside rocker stripes. In response to poor sales and escalating fuel prices during the early s, a new Mustang was in development.

Enthusiasts wrote to Ford objecting to the proposed change to a front-wheel drive, Japanese-designed Mustang without a V8 option. The result was the continuation of the existing Mustang while the Mazda MX-6 variant had a last-minute name change from Mustang to Probe and released as a model. The Mustang received a major restyling forincluding the interior, which carried it through the end of the model year.

1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

Fourth generation — [ edit ] —98 coupe — GT In Novemberthe Mustang debuted its first major redesign in fifteen years. Code-named "SN" by the automaker, it was based on an updated version of the rear-wheel drive Fox platform called "Fox The base model came with a 3.

1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

The Mustang's powertrains were carried over forbut benefited from new improvements. Inthe 3. There were also three alternate models offered in this generation: That's one of the reasons why we enjoy doing this so much Lately, we've encountered Mustang enthusiasts-both neophytes and hardcore OGs-who firmly believe that the horsepower "buck" for stock 4. These are the 'Stangbangers who pontificate on enthusiasts' Internet forums, singing high praises of boost.

They quite often make performance claims about supercharged, stock 4. We're fairly sure the upgrades will improve these low numbers. Sure, a blower will wake up a stock 'Stang in relatively quick fashion, and in the past we've detailed the type of gains that can be achieved when you bolt a blower on a virgin modular. For this exercise, we're going to take a closer look at the cheaper alternatives for putting more zoom in your untouched Two-Valve.

That's right, it's time to throw the originals at a stock, mod-motor Mustang. Now, when we say "the originals," we're talking about the bolt-on parts that have become recognized as budget-friendly power producers throughtout the years.

After-cat exhaust, throttle body and plenum, cold-air-induction system, underdrive pulleys, and a high-performance tune are a few examples of these. We've decided to keep the theme rolling and take a look at how the 4.

Exhaust leads off our project. The bolt-on system fits ''04 'Stangs and includes everything required for an easy installation tubes, clamps, hangers, an so on.

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New Edge Mustang GTs are currently raising the popularity bar fairly high. Not only are ''04 'Stangs plentiful, many are still in the bone-stock trim that 'Stang-bangers lust for, for modifying, personal-izing, and upgrading. Another great quality is price. Saul "The Surgeon" Gutierrez will install each part, and we're immediately evaluating any gain or loss of horsepower or torque using the Dynapack Evolution chassis dyno at Extreme Automotive in Canoga Park, California.

The 'Stang is loaded on the twin-post hoist, and The Surgeon has disconnected the negative battery cable. Without further ado, let the bolting-on begin!

Using a reciprocating saw is quick and nearly the only way to extract a New Edge Mustang's factory tailpipes without losing your wits. With the tails gone, Saul unbolts the super-restrictive stock mufflers and prepares to install the Vortex kit. Each section of the 2-inch tubing is mandrel-bent for spot-on fitment.

1998 mustang gt horsepower and torque relationship

Once Saul has the tailpipes installed over the axles, he uses the factory exhaust hangers to secure each one; the Vortex kit doesn't require any modification or relocation of OEM exhaust-mounting equipment. Adding mufflers is an easy, slip-fit deal. The aluminized-steel mufflers measure 19 inches from tip to tip, and feature 2-inch offsetting inlet and outlet openings. Cherry Bomb's unique, Wing Plate design allows exhaust to pass through while trapping high-frequency sound inside the mufflers.

Wing plates in action are instantly detected when the engine is fired. The Cherry Bomb exhaust sounds almost stock at idle, and it only makes its presence known-and not in an annoying or obnoxious manner-under heavy throttle.