24 jack and audrey relationship test

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24 jack and audrey relationship test

At some point it became clear that Jack's perpetual ruination wasn't a mere The writers of 24 made Audrey a major character in four different. Kim Raver: we're “creating that tension” of Jack and Audrey “I think that's the fun of it, the fun of 24 and sort of the complicated relationships and will they, .. to the test of reality, of being logical or at least true to the character. Nice scene between Jack and Audrey here, I don't usually upload much from the love side, as I don't find it as interesting. But the early days with Jack and Audrey were good. John Gormley - 24 Mega Fan 12, views.

While it has never been arrested by these romantic endeavors, overcome by the sheer love of its characters, some of these relationships stand as memorable moments from seasons past and present. There might not be the level of shipping that is seen on other shows, since a lot of these people proceeded to be killed, but there is certainly some affairs to root for.

She attempted to assassinate President Palmer with a crazy hand virus in Season Two. Jack and Audrey Most relevant this week, these two certainly faced quite a few difficult situations over the span of two seasons. They were always a little disconnected, but their relationship was threatened when Jack basically killed her ex-husband by forcing doctors to operate on another man instead. And yet, their love survived that and so much more.

These two fell in love at CTU, fell out of love when Tony went off to the big house, but the tension was always there. Their deaths at the beginning of Season 5 were tragic, heartbreaking.

Charles and Martha Logan One of them was hiding a hidden agenda which threatened the lives of millions of his own citizens. The other is batshit crazy. This pairing, introduced in Season 5, is perhaps one of the most important couples that the series has ever had.

Emmy-nominated for their work, Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart gave Charles and Martha Logan true personality, and a twisted and confusing romance lingering on the edge of betrayal. Their short return in Season 6 was heated, torrid and fascinating; the romance, in all its oddity, is clearly still intact.

24 jack and audrey relationship test

Hell if I know! Either way, their effect is clear, and their romance, however unconventional, is fascinating. David and Sherry Palmer They began Season One as a loving couple on the campaign trail, and ended it divorced. Her drive to succeed was too much for her comparatively passive husband to handle, and they never could get along after the trying events of that day.

24 jack and audrey relationship test

Their romance, despite never becoming physical, became a political one which eventually saw David Palmer tossed aside as President of the United State of America. Sherry was manipulative, cunning, and ruthless in her actions…and yet at the heart of it all there was a connection between them. David trusted her even when he clearly never should have done so, and even as she abused his faith something was still there. Their romantic spark may have been hidden under the surface, but one cannot deny that it somehow lingered through three seasons relatively intact despite their tribulations.

She called her father on his private jet and told him that it was urgent she speak to him personally. Jack contacted her shortly after recovering evidence implicating Logan, and she told him to meet Heller at Van Nuys Airport to hand off the evidence to him.

After giving the tape to one of his guards, Secretary Heller had Jack and Audrey detained by his guards while he went off to confront Logan.

Audrey Raines

Jack escaped and managed to recover the tape, but Henderson and his men arrived at the airport, taking Audrey hostage.

In an effort to get Jack to hand over the recording, Henderson cut the brachial artery in Audrey's left arm, which would have led to her death in three minutes. Before she bled to death, Jack handed over the tape.

After Henderson escaped, Jack put a tourniquet on her arm, saving her life. When Jack later apprehended Henderson with Audrey at his sideHenderson said that he had his men on standby orders to kill James Heller if he did not contact them every fifteen minutes.

Jack informs Heller about the situation, but Heller asks Jack to tell his daughter that he loves her, raising a red flag. When Jack asks over the phone with Chloe O'Brian to see if Heller had driven his car off the road from her satellite visual, it is confirmed that he did. Audrey went into a breakdown of grief, insisting that Jack should shoot Henderson if he would not give Jack the incriminating recording.

Kim Raver: we're "creating that tension" of Jack and Audrey - 24 Spoilers

It is later learned that Henderson had given the recording to another person. Jack claimed he had to stay and wait until Curtis Manning and his team could collect Henderson, but Audrey retorts that if the recording is not recovered, then her father would have died for nothing. Jack left Audrey alone with the recording, and Henderson's men eventually pinpoint their boss' location, pressuring Audrey to flee the scene.

She attempted to assassinate Henderson before his men arrived, but her moral sense proved too strong. Audrey was rescued by Curtis Manning and his tactical team as soon as Henderson ordered his men to close in on her. Audrey later discovers at CTU from Curtis that her father survived going over the cliff, but remains in critical condition. At the end of the day, with the crisis seemingly over, she reunites with Jack and the two share a passionate kiss.

Jack is notified by a Federal agent that his daughter Kim is calling him. Jack leaves Audrey to take the call.

24: Jack & Audrey "I will always love you"

Several minutes later, Audrey goes to check on Jack and is horrified to find him missing. She is unaware that he has been abducted by the Chinese officials who had somehow learned that he was still alive.

Season 6[ edit ] When Jack asked about Audrey upon his return to Los Angeles, Bill Buchanan replied that she did not know he was back yet. Jack requested that he keep it that way. Chloe O'Brian tells him it was Audrey who discovered that the Chinese government had kidnapped him and had been working through diplomatic back channels to secure Jack's release, although it was unclear at the time as to whether the Chinese government was involved in her death.

Later in the day, after Jack secures the last two nuclear suitcases, Doyle gives Jack Bauer a call that he says is coming through a CTU switchboard, but is actually Audrey Raines. Cheng informs Jack that Audrey is still alive, but if he wishes to keep her alive Jack must call him back on a given number the infamous 24 fan phone when he is alone. Jack, not telling anyone that he had been contacted by the Chinese and Audrey, calls Cheng back and is told that a component from the nukes will have to be exchanged for the release of Audrey.

Bauer agrees and requests help from Chloe O'Brian to get the plans for the chip. Morris O'Brian catches Chloe accessing his files, and persuades her to tell Buchanan. Buchanan has Jack arrested, but grants his wish to contact President Wayne Palmer. Palmer agrees to the rescue mission, guaranteed by Jack that he "has his word. His first act is to shut down Bauer's mission. Jack realizes what is going on, and holds Mike Doyle at gunpoint, forcing him to exit the vehicle they were taking to Audrey's destination.

When Jack forces Cheng to change the meeting's position to avoid capture, he is followed by Doyle, who steals a vehicle from a local civilian. After chasing him to an abandoned motel, he proceeds to start a gunfight after calling more agents and helicopters. Cheng narrowly escapes in a Hummer and has his men shoot down a helicopter, with the component still in his possession, and Audrey in CTU's safe keeping.

When Jack is arrested for his actions, he turns to see Audrey be taken away by Doyle's fellow CTU agents and discovers, to his horror that Audrey has been severely traumatized by her time in captivity. A medical specialist is called in to examine the catatonic Audrey, determining that Audrey had been systematically tortured and injected with mind damaging chemicals by the Chinese while imprisoned.

To try to wake Audrey from her catatonic state, the psychologist brought in to diagnose and treat her condition prepares a potentially lethal treatment which involved injecting Audrey with more chemicals to "shock" Audrey awake. Meanwhile, Jack begged Doyle to let him speak with Audrey, feeling that he could reach Audrey due to the love they once shared. Doyle talks to the psychologist in the clinic about Jack's request, who refuses to allow Jack near Audrey.

Nadia Yassirthe acting Director of CTU, backs the psychologist's decision, in part because of the psychologist pulling rank on her regarding having full control over Audrey. Doyle returns to holding and arranges for Jack to escape custody.

Jack goes to the clinic and stops the doctor just as he is about to begin injecting Audrey. Taking Audrey to CTU's basement in a frantic attempt to escape, Jack then tries to get Audrey to wake up and remember where she had been held by the Chinese when she was returned to the states. Nadia, the doctor, Doyle, and two security personnel arrive, but just as they are about to take Jack into custody Audrey utters the word "Bloomfield". Bloomfield turns out to be the name of a copper company, and after CTU forensics finds oxidized copper particles on Audrey's clothing, it is believed that this is where Cheng was holding her and that the location might be Cheng's base of operations.

Jack and Audrey are taken back to holding and the clinic, respectively, right after Nadia promises Jack she will not let the doctor go near Audrey.