2d and noodle relationship advice

Ups and Downs Chapter 9, a gorillaz fanfic | FanFiction

2d and noodle relationship advice

The officially released biography for Gorillaz member, Noodle. (including a couple of Haiku posted on the Official Gorillaz Forums), although Murdoc often took. hello, this is going to be about a theory sort thingy about 2d and Noodle from the band Gorillaz so I hope it is ok and I also hope you enjoy Noodle is seventeen and begins to notice 2D and vise versa. Third chapter is up! Please review! And tell me any advice you have! It really helps. I'd like to Maybe Noodle could fix their relationship after all! It would be nice to.

It was pretty awkward. Do you ever worry that having so many high-profile guest features will take the spotlight off of you? That would be like asking Emperor Nero if he felt threatened by the chumps that feed him grapes and polish his balls. I mean, apart from Morrissey. Is it true you wrote this album in exchange for your freedom? Murdoc Niccals freed himself in order to write the album.

And thereby free the minds of the people.

2d and noodle relationship advice

Much like Christ, only without all those chocolate eggs. If you say so.

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Fucking hell, not this again. A creative disagreement, just part of the process. He pulled away from the kiss and got up from his bed. He walked over to his drawer and searched for boxers and pajama pants.

2d and noodle relationship advice

He quickly got dressed and returned back to Noodle who laid herself on his comfy bed. He came and laid next to her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled her closer into him. I wish I could take it back.

I don't know what came over me. I really do love you Noodle! You're my world right now. He heard crying coming from inside her door and pushed it open. When he walked in he saw Noodle, and the sobs were coming from her. Noodle walked over to her dresser searching inside it while still sobbing. She found and small yet sharp box cutter, closed her dresser then walked to her bed and sat down, holding the box cutter to her wrist.

He walked over to her and tried taking the box cutter out of her hands, but he couldn't. His hands went right threw her. He didn't want her to do this to herself. Please stop hurting yourself! His fingers went threw her as if he were a ghost.

Noodle and 2D were best friends and 2D liked Noodle a lot before but Noodle turned him down. And 2D didn't just like Noodle. She didn't realize how she really felt about him until it was too late though. He began to think to himself. When you're really crazy about someone, waking up isn't so bad anymore.

The air feels crisper, the sun seems brighter. Even morning breath doesn't seem so bad. Paula laughed at him. I hope you don't think I am a big tease.

I just love to sleep in the same bed as you. I've never slept better. The clock was ticking away as 2D starred at Paula without blinking his eyes and smiling a goofy smile. In fact, I will go say it righ' now. I 'ope we never 'ave sex again. A marching band comes in and plays loudly with a little monkey banging cymbals together. He reverts back from the fantasy. Then I think tonight, we should get a nice bottle of wine-" "Yeh, tonight is good, but I think now is also good.

Murdoc comes bursting into 2D's room. Time to get up and get to work on the new album! Paula and 2D look at each other.


Russel walks over to 2D. I am not discussin' t'at wit' you! As he walked away, he bumped straight into Noodle without seeing her. They both collided and made an 'umph' noise.

Paula walked in and 2D looked directly at her and walked away from Noodle. Noodle watched him walk away from her. She sighed and walked over to her guitar. She sat on a chair and watched 2D and Paula make out. Noodle looked away sad.

2d and noodle relationship advice

Murdoc came in and instructed the band to play 'Feel Good Inc. Hours passed and Murdoc finally called a break.

2d and noodle relationship advice

He needed a pee break and so did 2D. They were in the bathroom together using the urinals. He remembered that Paula insisted that if she was going to live here then her and Murdoc needed to get along and get passed everything. Murdoc noticed 2D starring at him. I wosn't tryin' ta look. They go down two separate hall ways.

They began to walk down the hall way together and to 2D's room. He begins to kiss her.

2d and noodle relationship advice

The door flew open by Noodle. He reverts back from it. Could yeh come back in maybe like two minutes? I began to write a song and I can not be interrupted, so when I'm done, I'll come up. I want you two to be on good terms. He got up and headed for the door. You run on up and get to your practice. And when you come back from it, we will continue. Paula looked at his table and saw his pain killers sitting there. She picked them up and shoved them into her purse.

Back in the studio. Russel was making fun of 2D again after they had finished another two hours of practicing.

Murdoc offered Noodle to go to the coffee shop and gets some coffee and food. He noticed she looked kind of down today.