Aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

Aarushi-Hemraj case: Shocking end to a murder mystery - India News - Issue Date: Dec 9,

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

Dharapani: Khumkala Banjade, the widow of Hemraj — the domestic help who was killed in the Aarushi Talwar murder — has no doubt that the Talwars would be acquitted in the case. The Allahabad High Court on 12 October overturned the verdict of the special Central Bureau of. A sexual twist in the Aarushi murder case heightens suspicions of an of outsiders having killed Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj Banjade. That means that one of the Talwar couple or Aarushi, or Hemraj must have let .. before the police about his affair with his business partner Anita Durrani, which help of CBI,and from the Text of the Final Judgement of the Court. .. killed Aarushi Talwar and the servant, Yam Prasad(indeed)Banjade alias.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

After the murder of Aarushi, sometime after Her private parts however,might have been cleaned and checked for any signs of sex or pregnancy by Rajesh at about 3. Both the men might have taken whisky with gloves on subsequently,and left the bottle on the dining table, or Rajesh himself might have kept it out on getting up in the morning and then shouted out to Nupur about it. Otherwise, how is it that Nupur who got up first on hearing the doorbell did not see it? So he might have instigated Talwar and offered to kill Hemraj for his gossipmongering against the latter, with certainty of being able to frame Krishna ultimately for it.

It is not known where he had gone all the time and for what. He is said to have made 16 phone calls to Anita Durrani upto 8. Hemraj was averagely buit and a victim, not the criminal, I think. For does a man purposely wear slippers for having sex or committing murder as the UP Police and the second team of CBI say? However, the Security Guard also said that he could not vouch on it, as the Guards are mobile in the night, and no note is made at the gate of any entry or exit.

So it is possible that Rajesh or Nupur let Chaddha into the house that night, for whatever purpose,which is how she is said to have confessed under the brain printing test that she knew that a golf stick was used for hitting Hemraj, and Aarushi for being the witness-though Nupur did not reveal the name of the person wielding the blows. Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal who is almost surely the same man as Shambhu, judging from Krishna and Rajkumar referring to him by that name under Narco, though he himself denies it do not appear to be tall and educated from the police records.

The CBI denies having received any such call, but the number mentioned by Krishna is said to be correct; though the reason for his claimed phone call to CBI is not known, why would he phone them if he had murder of someone in mind?

He hears a sound from Aarushi's room, finds Hemraj in her bed, and incensed with rage, clubs both to death. Nupur helps him to complete the crime: They slit necks, drag Hemraj? And one of the biggest problems of the case was the perception of the parents.

In the days immediately following the discovery of the murders, the behaviour of Talwars was viewed as unusual by police and by the public. For days, when Nupur maintained a stoic silence, TV channels went: It's also a cultural process. Across the world, societies differ in what they regard as normal grief.

Nupur practised in both places. It helped to have Nupur's parents? Nupur came from a cosmopolitan Maharashtrian family, says her cousin Shree Paradkar, a Canada-based journalist. Nupur spent the first few years of her life in England, when her father, now a decorated war veteran of the Indian Air Force, was posted at the High Commission in London. After graduation, they had the option of moving to the US. But they decided to stay back.

Happy and confident, with dignified smiles. By Junetheir photos in the media show two people, expressionless and unblinking: Rajesh being taken to jail or Talwars going in for lie-detection, psychological, brainmapping or naro-analysis. But the case goes through a very different spiral as the CBI takes over from May On July 11,Rajesh is released and domestic workers become the prime suspects. His team has inspected the Talwars'f flat using scientific equipment, like polylight, for tracing blood or semen not visible to the naked eye.

Dummy sound tests have revealed that nothing can be heard in the Talwars bedroom with the ACs on. Nupur and Rajesh are wearing the same clothes the night before and morning after. And cleaning up of crime scene has been done with the permission of the Noida police. But by SeptemberArun Kumar is removed from the case. Within 15 days, critical changes appear in the case: From post-mortem evidence, new weapon of offence, and cleaning up of crime scene.

Finally CBI files a closure report, naming Rajesh as the main suspect, but unable to prove it: The three domestic workers, however, are absolved. The Talwars file a protest petition, challenging each finding of the report and asking for further investigation. Charges are framed against the Talwars and Nupur, who has not been an accused, now becomes one. Dr Sunil Dohre, a public health specialist called on to do Aarushi's post-mortem, has changed his take on Aarushi's post-mortem five times from May to September And he fails to explain why from "abnormalities detected" in genitals he changed his take to vagina as "abnormally expanded".

Or why he never wrote about golf club or scalpel injuries in the post-mortem. According to Dr R. Sharma, former head of forensic science, AIIMS, neither golf clubs nor scalpels can cause such injuries.

Not deep wound like cutting a carotid artery," he says. Dr Naresh Raj, who conducted Hemraj's post-mortem, talks about surgical cuts on Hemraj's neck for the first time in October But his theory, that Hemraj's sexual organ was swollen, indicating coitus before murder, comes a year and-a-half after he did the postmortem.

All his claims, he says, are based on his "experience as a married man". Any scientific basis for this? They have not been presented properly. To senior advocate Rebecca John, this case is a textbook example of "the dangers of an irresponsible investigation, of being guided not by evidence placed on record, but by the public perception of a narrative set up without access to real facts and the consequent breakdown of criminal justice system.

Rajesh's brother, Dinesh Talwar, has a single-point agenda in his life: To fight for his little brother. They were unable to identify fingerprints on the whisky bottle, which had been found with the blood of Aarushi and Hemraj. But the tone of investigation changed. Did it involve adults?

Why would she not want you there? After he accused Rajesh of an extra-marital affair, Gurdarshan Singh said that Rajesh had gone out at around 9: No evidence was presented. The character assassination of Aarushi sparked outrage.

Her schoolmates rallied at a candlelit protest in Delhi. Says her classmate Rajeshwari: She had a beautiful relationship with her parents. She had lots of friends.

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She had no reason to look for affection elsewhere. The child is not even there to defend herself. A month later, the inspector-general was transferred. Two months after that, he was transferred back. Three years later, he was promoted to additional director-general. She remembers sitting at a studio but not much else.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

She spoke coherently and was devoid of emotion. To viewers, her stony face was damning evidence of guilt. Aarushi had been dead 10 days and Rajesh arrested for three when Nupur broke out of her emotional paralysis. Our cousin Smita, a meditation trainer at a spiritual group called the Art of Livinghelped unlock her feelings. It was a tremendous outpouring of pain and grief and lasted 45 minutes before it subsided into normal tears.

Aarushi Talwar murder: Parents Rajesh and Nupur cleared on appeal

I just let her be. Chitnis, 80, is a decorated war veteran of the Indian Air Force. When Nupur was born, my uncle was away fighting the India-Pakistan War of He recalls rolling into Punjab on the way to Pakistan and the soldiers being hailed as heroes, being plied with rotis and other food. We had hopes of a country that would be united and strong. Today, my uncle is a shell of his former self, his strong voice the only clue to his once-arresting persona.

He and my aunt attend every court proceeding. He draws strength from his near-death experiences in war. That gives courage to a person, ultimately. I wish I was not born in this country. For months, media feasted on leaks from unnamed police sources. As the whispers grew louder, the well-to-do professionals morphed into extravagantly wealthy deviants who, if allowed, would buy their way out of murder. The murderer, of course, was the father. That Aarushi and Hemraj had been in her bedroom that night.

There was no evidence of a relationship. There had never been a rumour in the neighbourhood. Who planted the idea? A man in his early 20s. Its initial mandate to investigate federal government corruption expanded to include murders, kidnappings and terrorism.

A special crimes division was set up in Today it is the national investigative agency. Kumar was no stranger to high-profile cases. Inhe had been involved in a shootout in Calcutta that ended with four gangsters killed. So Kumar turned to polygraph lie-detector and brain-mapping tests and narco-analysis — administering the so-called truth serum. These tests analyze people in three states — conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious.

Two years later, the Supreme Court of India would rule them unconstitutional but it would let investigators use these tests for leads. Rajesh and Nupur took two lie-detector and one brain-mapping tests. None showed evidence of deception. Nothing could be heard in their bedroom. The CBI found no evidence that Hemraj had been killed in the house.

The agency turned its attention to Krishna. He was the only one who had told state police Rajesh was having an extra-marital affair and that Hemraj and Aarushi were somehow involved. As well, after Nupur tried calling Hemraj on the morning after the murder, tracking technology showed the phone had been in the cluster of flats where the Talwars lived.

Krishna lived there, too. The CBI gave Krishna polygraph and brain-mapping tests.

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Investigators searched his house and took a pillow cover, a blood-stained kukri and trousers. The pillow cover would later prove to be crucial evidence.

Rajesh was still in jail on July 11, when Arun Kumar held a press conference. The CBI had found no evidence either. What he said next was explosive. After being administered truth serum, Krishna had confessed to the crime and had incriminated two other men — Raj Kumar, a servant, and Vijay Mandal a. Shambhua driver in the neighbourhood. The other two joined them. She was first hit by a hard, blunt object. They tried to sexually abuse her. That led to a scuffle.

They went to a terrace, and on the terrace after a lot of struggle, Hemraj was killed. They locked down the terrace, and came down in the room of Aarushi and then slit her neck. But this drug-induced confession was not enough to charge the men. The agency was going to pursue other evidence, Kumar said. Rajesh was released on bail after 50 days in prison. In September, the three men were also released. The bail order said polygraph, lie-detector and narco-analysis tests showed they were involved in the killings, but police could find no hard evidence.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

One year later, Kumar was removed from the case. The state government simply said his tenure at the CBI had ended. Within weeksthe fresh look led to a fresh story.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

First, the suggestion that her virginity had been long lost. In India, honour killing is a stereotype of the north, including Punjab.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship help

Talwar is a Punjabi surname. Dohare retroactively backed this analysis by making another material addition months later. The CBI analysis also changed the murder weapon that delivered the blunt force. The final report was supposed to provide definitive answers. It suggested both Nupur and Rajesh were involved in the murders, yet it also sought to close the case. Citing a lack of evidence, investigators sought to close the case.

Had the Talwars not challenged the report, they would be free. In reviving the theory first floated by Singh — he of the original press conference — the final CBI report would have saved face, and perhaps careers. It consists of officers drawn from state police forces across the country. In seeking to close the case, the CBI appeared to tempt the Talwars to escape the arduous justice system. Instead, the Talwars argued the case should not be closed and appealed to a court set up exclusively for cases investigated by the CBI.

The court was in nearby Ghaziabad, situated amid dirt alleyways, heaps of garbage and decrepit offices with crumbling walls.

As Rajesh left the courtroom and walked past a throng of television cameras after a hearing in Januarya man lunged at him and slashed his face with a meat cleaver, slicing an artery and a nerve. When Rajesh held up his hands, the cleaver tore into them, cutting tendons and breaking one finger.

The vigilante, who was overpowered, said he was upset at the slow pace of the case. It ruled there was enough in the report to charge the Talwars with murder. With the Talwars standing trial, defence lawyers now had access to all the evidence.