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As of v14 (farthest English translation), Kuroyukihime trusts Haruyuki more than some of even the older Negabu members in terms of her IRL. Characters from the Accel World series are sorted according to their main allegiance within the light novels, anime, manga and video games. In General: . Author's Notes (A/N): This is an OC x Kuroyukihime based fanfic. Haru cried his apology as we walked back to the apartment. I tested my pencil writing skills by slowly copying the math problem. . There were minor things like how the " Guardian/Child" relationship was special, as Burst Linkers didn't.

I tested my pencil writing skills by slowly copying the math problem. I slowly gained my confidence with the unfamiliar utensil and scratched away, occasionally breaking and re-sharpening it. After what seemed like hours of scratching against the paper, I finially sighed in relief as I finished off the last science question. When I looked up at the clock, I was surprised that it was I quickly shoved my books and notebook back into the schoolbag and jumped on my soft, comfy bed.

I passed out before my head landed on the pillow. I kneeled down as I felt a strong punch connect to my gut. As I struggled to breathe, the others held me down and bound me with chains. Whenever I struggled they would kick or stomp at me in response. They all had this evil sneer plastered on their face, which made me wiggle around and struggle. As the new group neared, I counted 9 people joining the circle.

I lifted my head up again and my eyes shot wide open. There were 6 people holding my 3 friends: Haru, Taku, and Chiyu. I succumbed to rage as I noticed all of them with bruises and cuts. The one that hit me in the gut drew his sword and pointed the tip at their direction. The group took no time in beating me down, but that wasn't all they unsheathed the swords that materialized from their side, pointing them at me.

As I closed my eyes for the end, I heard Chiyu's cries. When my head snapped up, I saw Chiyu's body drop. I couldn't see her face, but saw the blood oozing from her body. I wanted…I wanted to break out of my chains and grab the swords. They didn't need to suffer because of me; I'll protect them.

I wanted the power to break these chains and protect them. It was at that moment when everything blacked out. I heard an electric, static-ky voice in the background. Is that what you want? As I frantically covered my face with my arms, I realized that I could move my arms.


As I pulled my hands from my face, I recognized the sleeves of my pajamas. When I looked around, I sighed in relief; I was in my bed. I shakily went through the morning routine: I went through my tasks pretty quickly; my mom was home this morning and had laid out all the things I needed. I knocked on my mom's door to ask for the day's allowance.

She sleepily moved her fingers around the virtual desktop, when: I pressed the power button on the back of my Linker and the funds were instantly transferred. I thanked my mother and rushed out of the an uneventful elevator ride, I stepped outside the apartment complex and the familiar message of 'Connecting to the Global Net' message popped on my virtual desktop.

Big mistake, as I found myself in the not-so-familiar, blue accelerated world. When I blinked, I realized that my world wasn't the frozen blue world, but another type of world. The area looked like it went through a devastating battle. As I analyzed the destroyed, rusted buildings and metal around me I noticed a tall skyscraper behind me: I looked around frantically, trying to see what this world was, until I managed to find a metal surface that was clean enough to show reflections.

What I saw surprised me. What I saw wasn't the demonic GleamEyes avatar, but a humanoid type. First thing I noticed was the equipment that I was outfitted with.

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I was wearing a sleeveless trench coat. As I moved my arms around me, I noticed that my forearms were covered with dull, silvery plating. I noticed that my avatar didn't have a face, but a cerulean-blue lens plate covered where my face would be. My head was covered with the similar silver plating, which lead to two fine strips down to my silvery chest-plate.

I noticed a handle protruding from the back of my left shoulder. As I looked down, I saw my calves and feet covered with the same silvery plating. I did notice that my calves had some sort of vents built within the plating, but I didn't know the functionality. I finally pulled the blade from my back, revealing a matte-black blade. The edge was outlined by the same silvery substance. Before I could check anything else out about my avatar, my attention was drawn away from my reflection when I saw other avatars.

I initially didn't pay them any mind as I thought they were NPCs, but even NPCs of the most sophisticated games didn't converse like they did. As I listened in, they were making comments like, "…never seen him before…" and "…must be a newbie…" I was about to ask the gallery a question when my attention was drawn to what looked like… Health bar? Brain Burst is a fighting game?!

I asked myself as I looked at the display name, 'PlatinumSword. As I looked, another health bar appeared, displaying the name, 'Ash Roller. On that motorcycle was a man with a skull for a face. Reminded me of a 'biker' from a s era movie, when I thought about it. This made me involuntarily take a step back at this crazy bike rider. Why the hell was he mixing English words anyway?! The biker known as Ash Roller suddenly charged at me, yelling: What the hell is a sword going to do against a bike rider, anyway?!

I thought in response. She stopped chuckling and looked at me with a relaxed expression. Well, I don't need to explain to you what's going on now… Kuroyukihime said with the same gentle smile. You understand what the Brain Burst program is… It's just an old fashioned fighting game, but why go through the trouble of disconnecting my Neuro-Linker though?

It seems so far-fetched for a programmer to go all the way in accelerating your brain times faster, hacking social camerasjust for a game… Senpai,stopped sipping her tea as she responded. She explained that Burst Linkers didn't accelerate to play, but rather they played to be able to accelerate.

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She explained to me the Burst Point system and how each acceleration used 1 point. Battles with the same level Burst Linkers would win or lose you 10 points. So considering that Ash Roller was also level 1 and I accelerated against Araya yesterday, I was down to 89 points from the points you got at the start of the game. I was told that if I was challenged, I wouldn't lose points for being forced into acceleration. Go into the accelerated world. I'll explain more in detail.

As I nodded, both of us quietly spoke the words 'Burst Link,' sending the both of us to the frozen blue world. Kuroyukihime-senpai pointed out to me that there was a new button on my virtual desktop.

I recognized the 'B' logo from the install file, and pressed it. A simple menu interface stretched from left to right with several options. Senpai instructed me to hit the 'Matchmaking' button, and challenge —Black Lotus—. I hit her name on the challenger list and hit duel.

The blue representation of the Lounged faded immediately, and transferred us to a different stage. She then took a look at the sword and the sleeveless coat. She asked me if I had a nightmare, to which I confirmed. The Brain Burst application went beyond the local memory banks and searched through your sub-conscious for your fears. As the program searched your inhibitions, the Linker went through the long nightmare until the program was done. I looked at senpai's form and had to ask: My dueling avatar is ugly as it's the manifestation of bad thoughts…" Kuroyukihime said as she let her eyes drift away, her usual smile gone from her lips.

She told me briefly about the random environment generators and what are most common in our area. Haruyuki makes his goal to help her achieve level 10 so he can protect her and repay her for changing his life by giving him the Brain Burst. It's actually part of Haru's Character Development that he's trying to make himself worthy of being her knight.

After a failed attempt to use Crow's Charged Attack "Headbutt" at the very start of his career, Haru declares it Awesome, but Impractical and falls back to simple punches and kicks from then on. As a result no one outside Nega Nebulus knows that Crow even has this attack, which allows Haru to gain the upper hand against Wolfram Cerberus a linker who studied his fighting style when he tries to defeat Crow by crushing him in a bear hug. He has been friends with Takumu and Chiyuri since they were living in an apartment complex as children.

At the beginning of the story, Haruyuki is a pathetic loser with no self-esteem and plagued with self-doubt. He gets much better thanks to Character Development and eventually evolves into a proper hero. Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Kirito was a lean, confident, loner badass whereas Haruyuki is a fat, wimpy kid who tends to rely on his friends. Word of God is that the big difference between them is that Kirito was strong on the outside, but weak on the inside.

Haruyuki is weak on the outside, but strong on the inside. In a more meta-sense, Kirito might exemplify the gamer's ideal image whereas Haruyuki more-or-less represents the gamer's reality. Despite this, the two were pretty evenly matched when they fought each other in a non-canon bonus chapter.

After people start to get used to Crow's Flight ability and he can no longer rely on Death from Above Diving Kicks to carry him to victory, he develops the "Aerial Combo" fighting style - a furious barrage of close-range attacks which use his flight ability in short bursts in order to micrododge and attack from unpredictable angles. In volume 6 Kuroyukihime teaches him the basics of Guard Reversal, aka the "way of the flexible" - a martial arts technique for catching the force of opponents' attacks and redirecting them.

Though it's actually a visor covering a proper face. He made a vow to support and protect Kuroyukihime as her "pawn" in the Brain Burst game. Not this guy though. According to Chiyu, this has been one of his defining characteristics since early childhood; he just didn't use it for anything besides mastering games until now.

He gives Gale Thruster back to her after defeating Dusk Taker, but he keeps the ability he learned. Distracted by the Sexy: In the manga chapter, he doesn't quite perform up to his usual level in the first set because he's distracted by the hem of Kuroyukihime's skirt.

He doesn't dare admit this, though. Becomes Crow's Signature Move for a while after he first unlocks his Flight ability. Don't You Dare Pity Me! His primary motivation for Taking a Level in Badass is so his friends Chiyu and Taku don't have to feel sorry for him.

Unfortunately, this is also part of the reason why he distanced himself from his friends around the start of middle school.

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Dragged by the Collar: By Blood Leopard from the cafe straight to the Akihabara. The "calibration dream" Haru has after installing Brain Burst features a flying bird made out of light, Foreshadowing Silver Crow's abilities.

Silver Crow gains the elemental properties of the metal silver, rendering it resistant to piercing, slashing, fireiceand poison attacks; but vulnerable to crushing attacks and electricity. His lack of self-esteem causes a variety of problems for him, often holding him back in battle and occasionally causing tension with his friends.

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His avatar's special ability in the Accelerated World, and apparently the first one to be able to do so. Silver Crow's general fighting style, until he grows wings, which turned him into a Glass Cannon. Accelerated World's hits operate on real world's principles adding speed to your punches increases power and he is really fast, to the point of being able to break the sound barrier. The "fragile" part comes from how his defenses are quite weak for a metal type, and he generally survives by avoiding damage.

Notable by its absence - he's one of the few people who acts exactly the same in Brain Burst as he does in real life. Word of God says this honesty is the reason for his Chick Magnet status. Giver of Lame Names: After coming up with a technique that creates cutting energy around his forearm to extend his reach, he decides to call it This is immediately mocked. After he grows wings. While at first he seemed like your run-of-the-mill newb with Crippling Overspecialization that made him a Fragile Speedsterbut then he's revealed to have natural talent and learns how to activate his wings implied to be an Incarnate Skill which is very difficult to mastermaking him one of the few Burst Linkers who can fly and as a result one of the most dangerous Burst Linkers.

Silver Crow relies on punching his opponents rather than using blades. As part of his Character DevelopmentHaruyuki starts to gain self-confidence and finds the courage to stand up for himself. He has very little self confidence, and tends to blame himself when bad things happen. His friends have to reassure him that it's not his fault.

Part of his character development is becoming of one these proper; both in helping others like Kuroyukihime and overcoming obstacles in his path.

Even as he's making a name for himself in Brain Burst, Haruyuki thinks nothing great about himself and he'd still shy away from all the praise. The main reason why he can't reciprocate Kuroyukihime's feelings is that he can't believe such a beautiful, popular girl like her would actually give him a chance. Since he believes that a girl like Kuroyukihime is out of his league, he tends to unintentionally refuse her affection and make her feel insecure about their relationship. Despite his feelings being blatantly reciprocated, Haruyuki still thinks a girl like Kuroyukihime is out of his league and she deserves someone better than him.

His parents divorced when he was about 8, and he hasn't seen his father since.

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While his mother has sole custody of him, she spends most of her time at work, apart from a few briefly mentioned parts in which she hands him his money in the light novels. She has about 30 seconds worth of screen time in the entire anime. Jumped at the Call: He considered installing Brain Burst for about three seconds. Kuroyukihime had a speech all ready to convince him but it was unnecessary.

Even she's surprised at how eager he is. He's striving to be the knight of his legion master Kuroyukihime. Above-average speed but terrible stats everywhere else, and its supposed Finishing Moves are just normal punches, kicks and headbutts.

Then Haru figures out how to activate Crow's wingsgiving him Super Speed Flight that turns even regular punches into killing blows. Then he gains access to a proper Finishing Move from another source, which can be used while flying. In his battle with Wolfram Cerberus it's revealed that half of the damage dealt by his "Headbutt" Special Attack is light-based, making it useful against enemies with strong physical defences. His Incarnate abilities like Laser Sword and Light Speed are based around the image of beams of light.

In volume 9 he uses Incarnation simply to illuminate his surroundings and flush Black Vise out of hiding. He starts out as this, being a short overweight boy with zero self-confidence who gets bullied at school and pretty much has no friends.

He gets much better through Character Development. He's short, fat, socially awkward, and gets beaten up by bullies regularly. Once he gains some self-esteem, however, he quickly reveals himself as a Determinator. He and Takumu share a rather Ho Yay moment in Episode 21 and the girls around them seem to be misinterpreting the situation. After bluntly saying that he believes that Kuroyukihime is only hanging out with him because she hates herself, angering her to the point where she calls him an "idiot" rather than a "fool," slaps him and breaks down in tears, he realizes how uncharacteristic of her this is.

He also has this reaction after realizing that his boasting that Taku could never defeat him was a serious blow to Taku's pride as a Burst Linker. He does some dumb things due to his inexperience. He once leveled up his character without earning more points first, which since it made him lose a lot of his points it put him in danger of losing Brain Burst for good if he lost them all.

He's kind, selfless and supportive of his friends. He looks very different compared to the other character designs, having a very short, doughy, and round character design. Not Distracted by the Sexy: When Scarlet Rain attempts to infiltrate Nega Nebulus by pretending to be his second cousin and acting deceptively cute, it doesn't take him too long to check if she is really his second cousin.

He takes it to a new level by finding signs that Kuroyukihime does like him and refusing point blank to even consider it. This is justified because of his low self esteem. Ordinary Middle School Student: He's just a normal and unlucky middle school student until Kuroyukihime introduces him to the Accelerated World.

Implied in the OVAs, and hinted at more strongly in the eighth volume: Haru believes his parents divorced because of him. It's indicated that his mother doesn't care much about him, and his father cares even less.

That said, she does pay his allowance, not bother him about his grades and allows his friends to stay over, so Haru doesn't complain lest he risk the status quo. Gained his flight ability from his desire to escape from bullies. After some introspection, he decides that his wings ultimately exist to let him fly to somewhere - the gift Brain Burst truly gave him was the will to reach out and keep moving forward.

Power Loss Makes You Strong: He has his Flight ability stolen by Dusk Taker. Before he regained them, it allowed him to notice that the value of his Duel Avatar lies not in said ability, but in himself, gaining confidence the lack of which was the main cause for him not being able to use Silver Crow to his full potential in the process. Being "cracked in the real" having your real life identity exposed to another Burst Linker is considered one of the most catastrophic things that can happen to you, just short of losing Brain Burst.

Haru has done this by sheer accident several times. This culminates at the school festival in vol 13; he introduces Niko and Pard to Rin outside the gates, realizing too late that they will all automatically assume that 'my friends from gaming' is code for 'Burst Linker'; which he then compounds by introducing them to his entire Legion.

Luckily, it all works out due to everyone being chill about it, and leading to a temporary alliance when Rin falls ill from the ISS kit.

Utai even thanks Haru in a quiet moment; she's looking forward to having Niko as a friend, given that as a partial red type she's sure they'll get along, and she'd like to have a Burst Linker friend her own IRL age. He constantly refers to Kuroyukihime this way, and abused by Noumi through Terms of Endangerment.

Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: It's stated in more than one book that she "is the person Haruyuki loved and respected more than any other".

Square Race, Round Class: Haru is skilled at First Person Shootersbut Silver Crow is focused entirely on melee and controls more like a character out of a Fighting Game. He comments that he's a little jealous of "Perfect Match" players whose avatars let them apply their existing skills, and used to wish he received a Red avatar instead.

Stock Light Novel Hero: Haruyuki partly fits this trope. He was once an Ordinary High-School Studentalbeit a very unattractive one with a Non-Standard Character Designwho finds his life changed forever when he gets introduced to Brain Burst, an augmented reality game. While he's fairly pathetic at first, he soon discovers he's one of the only Burst Linkers to have a Duel Avatar with wings, giving him the ability to fly and a huge advantage over everyone else.

As the series progresses, he also acquires an Unwanted Harem of girls fawning for his attention. In the latter part of Dusk Taker arc, Noumi's brutal beatdown on Cyan Pile makes Haru so supremely pissed that it temporarily awakens the piece of Chrome Disaster hiding on Silver Crow's back. The result is a crimson Battle Aurasimilarly-colored incarnation attacks and a major case of flipping the hell out.