Ada wong and leon kennedy relationship problems

Leon and Ada Wong has known each other for 15 years : residentevil

ada wong and leon kennedy relationship problems

I remember in resident evil 4 there was a scene where Leon was going to kiss ada Wong although he I could have sworn that ada Wong was not reluctant to kiss him. Their relationship is kinda like Batman and Catwoman or James Bond and every femme fatale. . Trouble with Undertale genocide?. Aeon is the het ship between Leon and Ada from the Resident Evil fandom. Leon and Ada have a complicated relationship that goes back since Ada has no problem using Leon to further her own goals. Chris Redfield tells Leon that " Ada Wong" is dead, Leon believing it truly is her, he hangs his head in silence. Ada Wong is a fictional character in the Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) horror franchise by . series, Li described Ada and Leon Kennedy's relationship in the film as "subtle". A romantic comedy retelling of the story of Resident Evil 2 centering on Leon, Claire and Ada was released in the Taiwanese two-issue comic.

ada wong and leon kennedy relationship problems

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