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Relationships, Varro (Friend, deceased) Agron, along with his brother Duro, is bought from the slave market by Batiatus for denarii along with four others. Crixus and Agron suggest to kill Nasir, but Spartacus thinks that it will send the. He finds being apart from his football coach boyfriend Agron extremely Thank God they'd ordered huge from the fruit market this week. . I've done the long distance relationship thing and theirs is pretty much long distance for a few. Nasir smiled up shyly at Agron, presenting a small gash across his reddening .. Their relationship continuing to flourish and neither man could be more happy. 'Anyway, my point is Beverly's a vegetarian so we were at this market and this .

He left quiet a few young boys' hearts broken though every time he went to battle. He knows he is not the first to lay within Agron's arms or call out his name in feverish pleasure. Agron is not Nasir's first either, of course, the body of a body slave is not their own to do with what they will.

Still, thought of doe eyed Germanian boys following Agron around with wet mouths and eagerly parted legs makes something strange and dark twist in his gut.

On the second blow aimed at him, he drops the boar next to the startled horses, and jumps away from the vehemently cursing Syrian. Nasir, growls at the taller man, punching him hard on the shoulder before pinching his arm with all his strength. In retaliation, Duro pulls on his hair, laughing when Nasir shouts.

With quick turn though, Nasir's leg is swiping Duro's out from under him, and they collapse on the forest floor. They lay there for a moment, catching breath and staring up at the sun filtering through the leaves. They are starting to curl and turn red along their edges. Soon, it will be winter, and though he has been warned about snow, Nasir still can not comprehend such a foreign concept.

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Even I am surprised at brother's dedication to cause. Agron fights for you and Spartacus and the glory of bring Rome to their knees. He wishes he could ask about morning's argument that put Agron tight lipped and Nasir down cast, but he is afraid that his brother has caused grievance unreconciled. You are warrior and no longer house slave. Titan of warriors," Duro reassures, hoping that is answer Nasir requires.

You eat and train. We are older now though, yet you still refuse to grow. Duro feels at loss. After a moment, Nasir turns to him with large eyes fringed by dark lashes. Answer is tricky, especially with loyalty to both brother and brother's boy. Would you have me if I offered self to you? The taller man is shocked to see desperate tears collecting in Nasir's eyes. You are still-" Duro is suddenly cut off as Saxa and Lugo crash through the trees. She laughs loudly, in her own way, shouting something in German that sounds like an insult.

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Lugo, sensing danger is over, moves to help lead horses, patting Duro on the back. He turns to see Nasir sheepishly looking at him, bangs hiding clear gaze. Duro takes the cup hesitantly, sipping from it to wet tongue. Duro gazes out at setting sun, unsure of what to say. He feels caught in center of storm, each turn is betraying either side.

He loves Nasir as if he is little brother, someone to be protected and saved. Agron is his brother though, by blood and mother. He wants to ask Nasir if he plans to leave Agron, but doesn't have the strength to hear answer.


It is my own mind that causes this," Nasir reassures, placing hand on Duro's knee, "I plague myself with frivolous thoughts. It is nothing but fears getting the best of me. He can hear the honesty in Nasir's words, confusion lessening with realization that Nasir is causing own strife. He sighs, shaking his head at foolishness and wrapping an arm around Nasir's shoulder, kissing his temple in brotherly fashion. Agron has changed too since he caught your gaze. He still is a lumbering oaf. Your brother appears a god to many.

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They do not see his constant need to have you in plain sight, and when you are taken from gaze, he throws rageful scene.

Others do not know of his temper or clumsiness or lack of self control. Or that strange mole on his back. Rebels spring to action, moving around to clear path and allow rebel leader into camp. Duro and Nasir make their way down steps, tasks forgotten as eyes search for Agron. The cart rumbles in, Mira walking before it and leading horse. Spartacus is beside her, giving orders to have cart unloaded and put away. Nasir nods at Spartacus, receiving one, smiling in greeting.

Mira's worried gaze meets his before slipping away. Do you not wish to greet your brother? Nasir's gaze has found Agron, standing to side of car, large vat of wine in hand. He appears slightly drunk, face flushed and dimpled grin stretching across it. He does not seem aware of eyes upon him. Shar Quick Biography Agron, along with his brother Duro, are bought from the slave market by Batiatus for denarii along with four others. He is one of the stronger gladiators in Batiatus' Ludus, able to withstand Crixus himself, as seen when he fights with him to defend his brother.

Agron is also a fast learner in the Ludus, and shows a strong fighting sense in combat, making him the better of the two brothers in gladiator training. However, he often finds himself saving his brother from certain death in and out of the arena and wishes that Duro would learn to fend for himself.

He spars with Spartacus on occasion, moreso following the death of Varro, and both Agron and his brother befriend the champion. Agron and Duro ally themselves with Spartacus when he plans vengeance, after having enough of the mistreatment from the guards in the ludus.

On the day of revolt, Agron and Duro fearlessly face the guards, and Agron is proud to see his brother defeat many of them. The two pause a moment to meet, when a guard lunges at Agron from the back.

Duro pushes his brother to safety and receives the blade himself. Agron decapitates the guard, but Duro dies in Agron's arms. After the massacre, Agron leaves the ludus free with the rest of the gladiators and slaves. In the time after, next to Crixus, Agron is one of the top generals of the rebel group that Spartacus now commands. He accompanies Spartacus on missions and fights mercilessly against the Romans.