Ailee and amber relationship problems

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ailee and amber relationship problems

f(x)'s Amber talked about dating on the March 6 edition of KBS 2TV's 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' with close friend Ailee at her side. After. The only issue here is that if Amber is gay or bi and if her friend is relationships play in each other's lives but, frankly, this is K-pop and. If Kryber is really having trouble in their relationship, I think the song made pretty I've always kinda had the feeling that she might've been into Ailee, but Amber doesn't want to upset her girlfriend by being too close with.

It feels like people are always wanting some disbandment drama, and always looking to f x to provide because of how they were treated in the past, but it just never happens. The thing is, they have. Amber and Luna as a semi-official unit were playing gigs in the Korean club and EDM circuit frequently over the past year, especially after their joint release under SM Station. In fact, both had a considerable number of SM Station releases, more than any other group, and Amber even released a few singles through SM outside of the project.

Lion Heart came out before 4 Walls. Regardless, f x is rumoured to have a comeback in either the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, so maybe that will put an end to this talk. People blaming SM for not giving Amber a solo comeback, etc. And boy, did they respond. If she has so many passionate fans… how come her solos in the past never sold well?

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Luna sold somewhere in the same range with her solo EP. Amber, unfortunately, is not one of those artists. But is SM even limiting her artistry? But still, no dice. And still they let Amber release. In the idol industry in general, it is. I deleted some parts of which I thought as unnecessarily mean and cut on the cussing.

I also added some stuff. By editing this I tried to make this post sound less like a witch hunt but rather like something that gives you actual reasons why I feel that way.

ailee and amber relationship problems

I just wanna share it with you and maybe to set you thinking a bit. But now enough of this, lets start with the actual post: Jersey Girl Ailee Yes you read the caption right and no this is not a joke.

Amber & Ailee - Shake That Brass / Uptown Funk [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

I admit that this girl has an amazing voice, probably one of the best of all the female Kpop singers. She deserves all the fame she has right now because she is VERY talented. Nonetheless I still dislike her. Well it started off when I read a pre-debut interview of hers with an American web feed where she said that going to Korea to pursue a singing career is out of question to her because all Korean Americans would go there to become a singer.

ailee and amber relationship problems

She would rather stay in the States and become famous there. Reading that really made me mad. Who does she think she is? Looking down like that on other Korean Americans who went to Korea to fulfill their dreams and acting like she is gonna be the next big thing in America!

Despite massive sales, the projects bore the stamp of another signature SM Entertainment technique: JYJ, just like H.

ailee and amber relationship problems

T-expats JTL before them, were blocked from appearances in music shows, advertisements, and the K-Pop scene at large. SM Entertainment extended their influence and power in a way that was designed to directly disadvantage others and punish them for speaking out. There's no doubting that this collection of incidents paired with the departures of artists like Jessica paints SM Entertainment in an unflattering light.

[OP-ED] f(x)'s Amber and Super Junior-M's Henry Remind Us of SM Entertainment's Dark Side

In terms of both business and artist relations, fans and onlookers alike are left with some tough questions about what exactly it is they're supporting.

Although the spotlight often ends up on SM since they're one of the biggest K-pop labels, this kind of ethical shadiness is present all around K-pop.

ailee and amber relationship problems

In a recent interview with "the Glow Up Podcast," Jay Park revealed that JYP trainees were often subject to beatings as a form of punishment for mistakes or bad behavior.

Some other labels, like Open World Entertainment, have been taken to task for sexually harassing trainees and artists. Of course, it's also common knowledge that many labels require strict diets, which sometimes results in trainees and artists developing eating disorders.

Countless other music industries and labels show us that it's possible to operate without such a level of physical abuse, so these events leave a sour taste in K-Pop fans' mouths.

While these instances of abuse - both alleged and legally confirmed - cause a great deal of distress for their victims and fans alike, they are a symptom of a cultural mindset. South Korea is among a handful of Asian countries with a predilection for corporal punishment, and it's possible that the string of incidents within the entertainment industry is only par the course.

Though, with an ever-expanding international audience juxtaposed against more aware and involved local fans, labels might want to consider cleaning up their acts.