Akane and ranma relationship problems

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akane and ranma relationship problems

I ship it. I'm sorry for all the Ranma x Shampoo, Ranma x Ukyo, Ranma x Ryoga, ect. I've been and always will love them. I do have Ranma and. So, I very admire the love story of Ranma and Akane. It almost feels like a "love -hate" relationship; they can´t stand each other, but they can . I suppose some of the things I take issue with the most may have been from filler. The relationship of Ranma and Akane is often challenged by other fiancées and In the movie Big Trouble in Nekonron, China, Lychee was the real holder of.

So, everyone ends up acknowledging our couples feelings, and even a few of their love rivals give up. But will they admit it? We are talking about the great fighters that are at their level or even surpass them. On one occasion, the gymnast Kodachi a. So, Ranma went to her house to recover them, but Akane was suspicious of his interest toward her rival and a lot of mess followed involving a certain crocodile with the name of Mr.

And what about Shampoo, who brainwashed Akane with a martial capillary treatment attack to make her forget Ranma?

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Akane has also been the target on several occasions. The only one that could do something in the end was Akane herself, who is shown to fight even when she is asleep. And of course, who can forget the lovely black pig P-chan? So, as her little pet, Ryoga was always pushing Ranma to fall down over Akane, so that she thought he was a pervert and kicked him, etc. That is why she tends to add something funny.

For example, in episode 49, Ranma receives a strong hit and he thinks he is a girl. What about the times when Akane's just overreacting? For instance; When Shampoo happens to come across Ranma she will usually run him over with her bike and latch onto him with a death grip hug. It's quite obvious that Ranma is unhappy and desperately wants to get away from her.

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However, Akane lets her irrational jealousy get the better of her every time and will beats the tar out of him or bop him on the head. The beatings are also usually followed by some rude remark like "pervert!

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In he dub version, when Ranma protests that it was Happosie who broke the boat Akane retorts by saying "It's the same thing. The unfortunate thing is that Akane doesn't give Ranma the benefit of the doubt or allow him to explain the situation.

akane and ranma relationship problems

In her eyes he's automatically labeled a pervert and a jerk. Akane however has 'intentionally' used Ryouga multiple times to get at Ranma and make him jealous. Something which Ranma has never done to Akane.

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In the 'Tunnel of Lost Love" arc. Ukyo pretends to be sick to get Ryouga's attention but Ranma comes to her aid instead and offers to give her a piggy back ride. Akane easily gets jealous and decides to run of with Ryouga to make Ranma jealous. It is perfectly fine for her to beat him, insult him and generally inflict torment upon him, but he doesn't dare try and to do the same to her because of what the fallout will be from the other Tendo's, from his own parents, and even from characters like Ryoga and Dr.

Akane is basically given free reign to trample over Ranma in whatever ways she likes, but everyone Ranma has major contact with exept for his other fiancees sees nothing wrong with this and forces Ranma to go along with it without complaint. It's essentially always Ranma's fault until Akane can calm down enough to apologies which can take day's sometimes. While it IS the family's fault for supporting and encouraging Akane's bad behavior, I still find her behavior in this matter repugnant.

Akane still has to take some personal responsibility for her own actions and she seems to see absolutely nothing wrong with the way she treats Ranma, despite it being unfair a lot of the time. If anything, she seems to prefer listening to others who back her up and make her out as always being in the right. A good example of this is the fight with her at the start of the Nabiki- Ranma's Fiancee storyline.

Ranma, literally, did nothing to get Akane mad - he came into her room to apologies for using a piece of embroidery he'd mistaken for an old rag to clean the dojo and commented that it looked like she'd forgotten to stitch on the letter "C" when Nabiki asked if she'd misspelled the word "cat".

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Akane is mad at Nabiki for stealing all of her clothes, and because Ranma makes one trivial barely-insult along with a deed he did apologies for- using it as a rag in the first placeshe hits him. After dinner, Kasumi, Soun and Nabiki all pretty much tell him to apologies to her. Nobody even suggests that Nabiki should apologize and they outright deny it when Ranma brings it up.

While both Shampoo and Ukyou may be similarly over-possessive of him; they usually show their over-possessiveness by trying to get closer to him, rather than beating him up for even looking at another girl in the wrong way.

Akane, feeling like they're ganging up on her, gets mad again and punches her outside deck into a million peaces. Akane falls on her butt and then realize that Nabiki doesn't know how to take a fall like she does.

She then sees Ranma catch Nabiki and gets angry enough to slap him because he says "You're not like Akane. You're a weak ordinary girl". At the beginning of the series, Akane loved Dr Tofu, and hated all the other boys for being complete jerks the only relationship she seemed to have with boys was beating the fools up in the morningso Ranma would be less likely to be well thought of - for a start, she wanted to marry Dr Tofu, not Ranma.

akane and ranma relationship problems

The way Akane finds out about Ranma i. As the series progresses, they both get slowly closer towards each other. For example, when Pantyhose kidnaps her and lights a signal for the others to find, she tells him not to underestimate Ranma V Much is made of their arguments, but from the available evidence, most of their arguments stem from anything that would hit upon their relationship in any way.

akane and ranma relationship problems

Ranma seemingly being interested in other girls, being rude to Akane, being a pervert, or things that would hint about their relationship i.

Their arguments sometimes start from little, but Ranma is a bit insensitive can be pretty bad at times, though he often realizes it later and has this amazing ability to say something which is or mostly is true, but in a very direct and insulting way though he probably doesn't mean it as much as he intends or at all.

This often results in Akane beating up his face a little, hammering on the head, or kicking him into the distance though rarely to the tune of 'Ranma no baka' as some fan-fics might have you believe - she often thinks of him as a 'baka' when he isn't around.

akane and ranma relationship problems