Akane and ranma relationship quiz

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akane and ranma relationship quiz

every single cute moment between Ranma and Akane, does that count? their relationships, their physical heath, their mental heath, I poison them, I park my Did you answer this quiz the way you would normaly answer, or the way you. This category contains pages that detail relationships between characters. Trending pages. Ranma-Akane Relationship · Ranma-Shampoo Relationship. Your about to embark on a quiz of the Ranma 1/2 manga. See how well you Akane; Shampoo; Ukyo. Who does Ryoga think took his first kiss? Ranma; Akane.

And of course, who can forget when he accidentally saw Akane naked in the first episode of the anime? Ranma did not lose his chance to tell her that he had a better body than her.

Which takes us to our next reason… 2. Notice how she wears dresses and feminine accessories, while Ranma usually appears in Chinese style clothes that can fit him in both of his genders.

akane and ranma relationship quiz

And she insists on such behavior despite that her father is more than expecting that Ranma will be the heir in charge. This girl is focused on being a good karateka and does not pay attention to boys… which explains why every time she heads to school, an army of admirers tries to defeat her in hopes of going out with her. But strong willed Akane always sends them flying through the skies, just as she does with Ranma whenever he mentions that he is cuter or more feminine than her.

And who remembers episode 8? When they hug, they both look as timid and candid as the teenagers they are aw, that's sweet. They can get all red on the face, but they will be dead first than to admit head straight to their families or their friends that they like each other.

So, everyone ends up acknowledging our couples feelings, and even a few of their love rivals give up. But will they admit it? We are talking about the great fighters that are at their level or even surpass them.

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On one occasion, the gymnast Kodachi a. So, Ranma went to her house to recover them, but Akane was suspicious of his interest toward her rival and a lot of mess followed involving a certain crocodile with the name of Mr. And what about Shampoo, who brainwashed Akane with a martial capillary treatment attack to make her forget Ranma?

Akane has also been the target on several occasions. The only one that could do something in the end was Akane herself, who is shown to fight even when she is asleep. I take care of a whole household. Id like to be but you usually cant count on me to get things done right.

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I get too ahead of myself and ruin things though. Well Im responsible for ruining every single cute moment between Ranma and Akane, does that count? Noone will get in our way!!! HAHA I have no idea what your talking about! I dont think I do. Of course I dont! I act like an idiot. I try to be funny. Im just nice to everyone!

akane and ranma relationship quiz

Im shy but I try to be nice and friendly. If someone you were competing against got hurt what would you do? I would never hurt anyone!

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I fight to kill. Fighting doesnt interest me. If it was done by someone else, I would help my opponent.

akane and ranma relationship quiz

It depends on how serious it is and how jerky the person hurt is. I dont really have any enimies and I dont fight people.

How do you act in an intense situation? Stay calm, be a fricken boss and deal with it I dont really get into any intense situations. If theres something I can get out of it then I take control, if not, I let someone else deal with it.

Im calm cool and collected.

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I get it taken care of. I either try to deal with it by myself and when that fails, I hope that my special someone will come and save me.