Akito and leila relationship problems

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akito and leila relationship problems

create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . Code Geass: Akito the Exiled is a series of five hour-long films that saw to the complex relationship with Akito to the solid gold centaur mecha. to this problem they go and live with a group of gypsies in the woods for a. Leila and Akito are in a superior and subordinate relationship being commanding officer and lieutenant respectively. Akito is shown to have a great deal of.

Or Suzaku didn't show any resistance besides the order going against his whole way of living. My point is that Akito can defy how a geass works and snap out of it relatively easy which sounds poor to me. Last but not least is how they survived the explosion in the aircraft where Ashley was. Like wtf the writers were thinking. I don't want to know how they survived but why they decided to write it so poor and leave such a huge plot hole. I believe that this is the worst part of all the movies.

As much as I love its design and as much badass as it looks, it just feels way too off with everything. It's so different and strange.

It's not really that major but it annoys me. They were there for pure fanservice and didn't have much impact. And to just make things worse the subtitles on the last movie where messed up. Letters were replaced by symbols or numbers and some words were misspelled. But that's the site to blame I guess. But enough with ranting.

akito and leila relationship problems

Expect from complaining I also have some ideas on how things could have been better. First of all how the development of the characters could be solved is by either adding one more movie or making the current ones longer. And what they could do with the extra time is show us how the W-0 team was bond, give is more of Shin's background and explain how he end up killing his family.

akito and leila relationship problems

Also explain better BRS. Regarding my issues about the plot they could make Leila's geass different. They could let the team die and because of their death Leila would awaken her geass.

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The death would actually matter and all those characters wouldn't go in a waste. Her geass could be something like freeze the enemies or control their moves or something like that. Just no crazy stuff. About the multidimensional shit now the team should not teleport. On the other hand they could beat the enemy by cooperating and using the BRS.


That would be the result of the character development and the bonding they got as well as making BRS relevant. Leila's drones could have helped as well. And last but not least chnage Shin's geass to work somewhat different. Or explain is waker than Lelouche's and that's how Akito survived and also broke so easily out of it.

And maybe chnage his Knightmare: So to sum it up the movies got a lot of potential but the execution was poor. I gave some suggestions of how things could have been done better.

akito and leila relationship problems

Now you don't have to agree or disagree with what I said. That's just my oppinion.

akito and leila relationship problems

Feel free to let me know below your thoughts and what you liked or disliked about the movies. But please be respectful. Thanks for your time and have a great day everyone.

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Leila's geass could also reverse time for a short period and might even do it on a small range like Rollo's Share to. Suzaku's "live" is overpowered but it makes sense, it's an interesting abuse of the plot's rules.

Leila Malcal

This case felt dumb to me. What was the logic behind that? An even bigger problem for me is Leila. Someone explain to me what was her role in the story. She's around, doesn't do much. She gets manipulated by Smiles and stuff which is fine. It's her role in the fifth episode that's a fever dream to me. She gets a geass, she uses it once in a scene that has little actual meaning, and meets the Supervisor who somehow regains her hope for humanity because Leila Even though the only especially evil person in all five movies is Shin alone anyway?

There was also talk that she's going to save Akito with her power, but she never uses it around him. What was going on in that whole plotline? Also please someone explain BRS, ghosts and gods to me in simple terms. Everything else in the movies gets a pass. Not that there was much plot due to how reactive the whole cast was, but they mostly acted with sense.