Alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

Vicky Pattison Is Not Happy That Big Brother's Alex Was Nominated For Eviction - Pretty 52

alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

Vicky Pattison on her 'intense love' for Alex Cannon Vicky I thought I had in past relationships but it was probably lust or convenience. Pretty in pink: Vicky Pattison, 28, showed just why she's the perfect woman for the role by . where she's holidaying with her mum, sister and pals Alex Cannon and Gavin Foord. when Stephanie was still officially in a relationship with model Sam Reece, Jeremy and . Lionel Messi Second Goal () Barcelona vs Alavés . Vicky Pattison Is Not Happy That Big Brother's Alex Was Nominated For Eviction The others are all devious and a couple sandwiches short of a picnic! I would marry Alex cannon tomorrow:see_no_evil: he is GOALS.

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Second in, were identical siblings Emma and Victoria who hail from Essex and describe themselves as 'really enthusiastic and positive energy bringers' who 'love colour and nature and animals' Welsh beauty Lateysha also made sure her entrance was one to remember In his opening VT, year-old party boy boasted that there is 'no sleeping when I'm around' as he went on to describe his his 'crazy life' that comprises of 'hotel parties' and finding people in his house four weeks after they have ended.

Third in was journalist Andy West, best known for speaking out against Tyson Fury's controversial remarks on gay relationships. And the girls' free-spirits were certainly evident through their choice of attire as they made their way into the house in leopard print catsuits that boasted love hearts on the derriere The girls work as international DJS, dancers and models The first to enter the famous compound was Marco Pierre White Jr.

alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

We get a lot of stick sometimes. Third in was journalist Andy West, best known for speaking out against Tyson Fury's controversial remarks on gay relationships Speaking about his decision to enter the house, he said: Her comments didn't go down too well with the crowd however, who boo the red-head before chanting 'Off, off, off'.

Alex Cannon and Vicky Pattison's relationship

Housemate Georgina Leigh Cantwell, 26, who hails from Kent and has been known to rely on her parents for financial support, enjoyed a life in New York before returning to the UK because she missed 'show-jumping'. While some housemates remained coy about the possibility of finding love in the house, year-old property developer and part-time stunt double Jason Burrill isn't one of them.

Despite his tough exterior, the salon owner insisted he was a soft really and even owned up to having a pet shitzu before revealing that he would be open to romance in the famous compound.

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Other housemates bound to get female viewers a little hot under the collar included Alex Cannon, who is best known for being close friends with Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison. Describing his lifestyle, Alex boasted: Channel 5 Emma and Victoria will form one housemate this series. Emma never watches TV or reads newspapers, whilst Victoria feels strongly about raising awareness of the mistreatment of animals. Evelyn Ellis, 20, Nightclub Hostess Credit: Channel 5 Describing herself as "the most indecisive person you would have ever met", Evelyn admits she suffers from "chronic bitch face" and says she comes across as intimidating and stuck up.

alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

Georgina Leigh Cantwell, 26, Unemployed Credit: She does however pride herself on being brutally honest and having a fiery attitude towards others. Jackson Blyton, 24, Model Credit: Channel 5 Since being discovered by a scout on the high street, Jackson has modelled since the age of He also works for his Stepdad's company and was a gifted athlete in his school years.

Channel 5 Currently single, Jason is looking for love and not against the idea of finding it in the house.

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You may have seen his body before, as he's body doubled in films for the likes of Dave Bautista in such flicks as Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy. Channel 5 Formerly a star of MTV series The Valleys, Lateysha recently became a mother to her now seven-month-old daughter Wynter, who already has her own Instagram account.

Channel 5 Claiming to have had sexual liaisons with a string of celebrities including Justin Bieber, Craig David and Calum Best, Laura says she comes across as 'butter wouldn't melt', but she's not afraid to use her sex appeal to get her own way.

alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

Channel 5 Currently engaged and so not looking for romance in the house, Marco is the son and middle child of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

Growing up with an extravagant lifestyle, he's aware that he hasn't had the same upbringing that many would go through. Channel 5 Despite getting into college, Sam decided to leave after three months, moving into modelling and work. Single until January of last year when he met his first boyfriend, the pair split due to long distance, and so he's now single in the house.

alex cannon and vicky pattison relationship goals

So, there are our 12 official housemates! BUT, as Big Brother promised, all isn't as it seems this year in the house, with The Others moving into a compound next door.

Though they're not yet official housemates, their goal will be to take out the actual housemates and steal their spot. But that's not all, as some of the housemates have connections to The Others, meaning a whole lot of drama could be headed our way Channel 5 As a member of Mensa, Andrew has won championships in kickboxing four times and claims that his trainer, his brother, is his only true friend.