Amenesia and relationship

[On the relationship between traumatization, amnesia and symptom stress--an empirical pilot study].

amenesia and relationship

While dating someone for 2 years, Carrie occasionally had indiscretions and hooked up with random guys at bars. Guess you say she has relationship amnesia. Abstract. Two groups of adolescents, one born preterm and one with a diagnosis of developmental amnesia, were compared with age-matched normal controls. We all have that one ex—the one that still haunts your dreams 3 years after they exit your life. The one who used to keep you up all night having.

amenesia and relationship

The neuroanatomical bases of TEA and its associated memory deficits are unknown. In this study, we first assessed the relationship between subjective and objective memory performance in 41 patients with TEA.

[On the relationship between traumatization, amnesia and symptom stress--an empirical pilot study].

We then analysed MRI data from these patients and 20 matched healthy controls, using manual volumetry and voxel-based morphometry VBM to correlate regional brain volumes with clinical and neuropsychological data. Subjective memory estimates were unrelated to performance on standard neuropsychological tests but were partially predicted by mood, ALF and remote autobiographical memory. Manual volumetry identified subtle hippocampal volume loss in the patient group.

Both manual volumetry and VBM revealed correlations between medial temporal lobe atrophy and standard anterograde memory scores, but no relation between atrophy and ALF or remote autobiographical memory.

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These results add weight to the hypothesis that TEA is a syndrome of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Furthermore, they suggest that although standard anterograde memory test performance is related to the degree of mesial temporal lobe damage, this is not true for ALF and autobiographical amnesia. It is possible that these unusual memory deficits have a more diffuse physiological basis rather than being a consequence of discrete structural damage.

Memory deficits in epilepsy may have a number of causes including underlying brain pathology, seizure activity, anticonvulsant medication and psychosocial factors. Most studies of memory in epilepsy have concentrated on medically refractory TLE, in which there is often significant structural damage to medial temporal lobe MTL regions including the hippocampus.

Using MRI, such focal atrophy may be quantified by calculating the volumes of manually traced regions of interest Lencz et al.

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These techniques allow exploration of the relations between cognitive performance, clinical variables and structural brain pathology. Some studies of TLE have demonstrated associations between, for example, hippocampal volume and memory performance Kilpatrick et al. However, the investigation of memory dysfunction in medically refractory TLE is complicated by its varied origins, associated cognitive deficits and by the severity of the clinical syndrome.

In TEA, the principle manifestation of seizures is recurrent episodes of isolated memory loss Gallassi et al.

amenesia and relationship

How common is dissociative amnesia? The environment also plays a role; rates of dissociative amnesia tend to increase after natural disasters and during war.

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What causes dissociative amnesia? Dissociative amnesia has been linked to overwhelming stress, which may be caused by traumatic events such as war, abuse, accidents, or disasters.

The person may have suffered the trauma or just witnessed it. There also seems to be a genetic inherited connection in dissociative amnesia, as close relatives often have the tendency to develop amnesia.

What are the symptoms of dissociative amnesia? There are three types, or patterns, of dissociative amnesia: Often the memory loss focuses on a specific trauma.

amenesia and relationship

For example, a crime victim may have no memory of being robbed at gunpoint, but can recall details from the rest of that day. With dissociative fugue, the person has generalized amnesia and adopts a new identity. For example, one middle manager was passed over for promotion.

amenesia and relationship