Anr relationship land of milk and honey

Adult Nursing Relationship

anr relationship land of milk and honey

Adult Nursing Relationship Whether your breasts produce milk right away or whether it takes weeks, months or even years for the first drops. Whether you've come here to talk about your adult nursing relationship desires, or been directed here by somebody to help you understand theirs, we are here. Land of Milk and Honey Original is dedicated to provide info & support in the community for adult breastfeeding or nursing relationships. The forum still FREE.

I researched and was taught how my body produced my child's food and how good it was for her to have the nutritional benefits of breast milk in her diet. I stopped breast feeding her when I wasn't able to keep up with her appetite and so I stopped Years later I bumped into a door hard as hell and had two wet spots stuck to my hard nipples as proof that my breasts hadn't yet stopped producing milk.

It took only one asshole to over react once he realized he inadvertently lapped up my breast milk during foreplay for me to become self conscious about it. I still get anxious as soon as a lover touches my breasts in any way. This still confuses me so I thought I'd bring this to you fine folks.

Erotic lactation, also known as Lactophilia is a person that gets sexually turned on from breastfeeding. The terms adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding have interchangeable meanings.

anr relationship land of milk and honey

A couple in an exclusive relationship can be called a nursing couple. Traditionally both the breasts and nipples are highly erogenous zonesboth for men and women. Nipple and breast stimulation of a woman is a common aspect of sexual arousal.

Though sensitive and capable of giving great pleasure the nipples of males are not as sexualized as females in the Western Culture.

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Humans are the only primates that have females with permanently enlarged breasts after puberty; other primate species are only enlarged during pregnancy. Scientist guess that the breasts grew as a frontal counterpart to the buttocks when primates began to walk upright. Breasts are evolutions counterpart to the booty; prominent in order to attract males. Another possibility assumes that the offspring had a better chance of survival if the mothers were to receive physical pleasure from nursing their babies.

Never thought of that; shall I now mention that I never minded breastfeeding.

anr relationship land of milk and honey

Though I heard some women say that breastfeeding was uncomfortable or even painful; I compared it to another pleasurable function my breasts served. Do with that what you will.

anr relationship land of milk and honey

Breasts may also have evolved as a way for men to visually note that a woman had reached "maidenhood" or rather the age at which time she would begin to compete for sexual selection among the available men. Breasts may also have developed to act as a cushion for infant heads, or may have been a signal of fertilityor to elevate the head of the child during breastfeeding to prevent suffocation.

Unintended milk flow galactorrhea is often caused by nipple stimulation and it is possible to reach normal milk production exclusively by suckling on the breast.

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Nipple stimulation of any sort is noted in reducing the incidence of breast cancer. So shout out to all those breast men out there. After going up, down and all over the place, we have returned to our dream of an adult nursing relationship and are now on day three of nursing regularly. For those who have contemplated or who are contemplating, don't think too long, just give it a go!

After hours of reading, researching, lurking on forums and watching a few too many naughty videos, we've figured out that this is a life-long commitment if its going to be done right, and so go slow and enjoy.

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Its been recommended that frequent, minute nursing is needed, to have a realistic shot at lactation or re-lactation. There's a lot of terminology floating around so if you're wondering what the difference is, I think I've summarized it down to whether or not you've ever produced breast milk. One of these days, I'll get a glossary going! So for the past two days, we've managed a long 20 minute nursing session 10 mins on each breast before bedtime, another session in the middle of the night, and one in the morning.

That's only three sessions, and are recommended, so we're going to need to find some more suckle-time! The bedtime nursing time is wonderful. I admit I've fallen asleep being suckled only to be woken to switch to the other breast! The middle-of-the night nursing is a completely different feeling.

anr relationship land of milk and honey

Here my feelings of submissiveness and surrender come to play. Part of me wants to sleep, parts of me wants to be suckled and so you lie there, in mid-sleep, holding your breast out and feel the tugging waking up parts of your body.

And after he's finished, you roll over and sleep, feeling used and content that you have given pleasure.