Apollo and rocky relationship

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apollo and rocky relationship

Assuming both Rocky and Apollo are taking the fight seriously, Rocky wins because, at this stage in their rivalry, he's both physically and mentally superior. Somewhere in the relationship there had been a rocky period, and Apollo had a relationship with another woman, and out of that relationship. But just in case you didn't watch all the way through Rocky IV, or if you need a brief refresher on Apollo Creed before meeting his son, we're.

Creed last line in the film: The result was not revealed until the film Creedin which Rocky tells Apollo's son that Apollo won this fight. Rocky IV[ edit ] InApollo 43 years oldcomes out of a five-year retirement to fight mammoth Soviet Olympic boxer Ivan Dragowho has come to the United States on behalf of the Soviet Union to enter the world of professional boxing.

Highlighted by a pre-match rendition of " Living in America " by James BrownApollo enters the arena from a descending scaffold overhead, dancing to the music in his old red, white, and blue Uncle Sam outfit. With Rocky, Duke, and Paulie in his corner, Apollo is overly confident that he can dispense of Drago with ease. However, Apollo is not ready for the extreme size and strength of the Russian. After taunting the Russian and landing a number of ineffectual punches, Creed is pummeled badly in the first round.

Rocky wants to stop the fight but Apollo refuses. Apollo adamantly tells Rocky not to stop the fight "no matter what Rocky again tries to stop the fight by throwing in the towel. Apollo tells Rocky not to stop the fight, giving Drago a chance to deliver a fatal blow as Rocky drops the towel causing the fight to stop to Apollo, who dies in Rocky's arms in the middle of the ring.

Drago wins by technical knockout. An enraged Rocky then sets out to avenge Apollo's death by beating Drago in the Soviet Unionwith the Soviet premier and the Politburo looking on. He succeeds as the film ends with Rocky winning the fight by knockout in the last round. In Rocky Vthe fifth installment of the series, after Rocky Balboa defeated Ivan Drago, Apollo's trainer Duke congratulated Rocky by showing that he made everyone proud, especially for Apollo by holding up his red, white, and blue trunks.

Apollo was thereafter only mentioned briefly in past tenses, including a flashback scene between Mickey and Rocky before Balboa's first fight with Creed where Mickey states, "Apollo won't know what hit him.

Tommy was eventually allowed to wear Creed's trunks. During Tommy's fight with Union Cane, Rocky commented that it was like his own first fight with Apollo.

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Later, during Rocky's street fight with Tommy, he began to hallucinate and saw images of Apollo's death at the hands of Drago, believing that he was about to suffer the same fate. However, a vision of Mickey telling him to get up gave Rocky the strength to win the street fight. Rocky Balboa[ edit ] In the sixth installment of the Rocky franchise, Rocky is seen paying tribute to Apollo by telling customers at his restaurant stories about his friendship and fights with him.

apollo and rocky relationship

In a deleted scene when Rocky wakes up, Rocky sees Paulie sleeping and Rocky sees a photo of his first fight with Apollo but his face is censored and Rocky's face is covered by a scrap of paper with Paulie's head. During the commentary before the Rocky vs Mason Dixon fight, a montage of Rocky's opponents is shown which excludes his two fights against Apollo. Creed[ edit ] In the seventh installmentit has been revealed that Creed had an affair sometime before his death, and from that, Adonis Johnson Creed was born.

After his biological mother's death in the late '90s, Apollo's widow, Mary Anne Phylicia Rashadadopts him. At a young age, not only does he possess the boxing skills of his father, but also his fiery temper.

Apollo Creed

Years later, presumed to be a well-educated young man, Adonis Michael B. Jordan leaves his job to pursue a full-time career in boxing. Duke refuses to work with Adonis to ensure his safety.

Adonis, to his mother's dismay, moves to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky. While meeting up at Adrian's, Rocky is surprised when Adonis mentions a third fight between him and Apollo that happened behind closed doors, presenting himself to be Apollo's son. Rocky compliments his father's boxing ability and reveals that Apollo won their third match. When the word got out that Adonis is Apollo's illegitimate son, the media heavily publicized the story of his infidelity, which catches the eye of the trainer for the reigning light-heavyweight champion, "Pretty" Ricky Conlan Tony Bellew.

Rocky Balboa Vs. Apollo Creed

Both parties would want the fight to happen, however, on the condition that Adonis would assume his actual name instead of his mother's last name, Johnson, to which he agrees, similar to Apollo's desire to select Rocky due to his nickname: But surprisingly, once they got in the ring, Rocky put up a real fight.

Rocky lost by split decision. Rocky took the belt from Apollo.

apollo and rocky relationship

Their second fight was another slugfest, and both exhausted fighters went down simultaneously in the 15th round. After that fight, Apollo would retire. Apollo trained Rocky for his comeback. When Rocky decided to take on Clubber Lang without the proper amount of training, he not only lost his belt, but he lost his longtime trainer, Mickey, who died.

Seeing an opportunity, Apollo stepped in and offered to train Rocky back into fighting shape for his rematch with Lang. He trained in Los Angeles.

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To get Rocky out of his doldrums, Creed dragged him to his old stomping grounds at Tough Gym in Los Angeles, where he had his start as a boxer. Philly residents were divided on whether or not the statue deserved to remain at the top of the museum steps. The Art Commission eventually placed it on the sidewalk of the Philadelphia Spectrum sports arena. It briefly returned to the top of the steps in for Rocky V, then back to the Spectrum untilwhen it traveled to the base of the Art Museum steps for its 30th anniversarywhere it remains.

Camera, sound, and transportation equipment froze in the minusdegree weather. Had he not been sent to the ER and then intensive care for eight days, the heart would have continued to swell until he died. Stallone cried writing the death of his iconic character. Before Rocky Balboa did it, "Smokin'" Joe Frazier ran the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and spent some early mornings punching meat at the slaughterhouse that employed him.