Aragorn and legolas relationship problems

Where did Aragorn and Legolas become such good friends?

aragorn and legolas relationship problems

Legolas doesn't exactly have a close relationship with his father and this goes However, by Thranduil sending Legolas to find Aragon, Peter Jackson . that kings have no problem killing their offspring to maintain their rule. From Aragorn and Arwyn to Kili and Tauriel, some couples did much for Lord of matters, and the lack of it is glaring enough to cause problems. The relationship between Eowyn and Faramir, son of Denethor II and She's banished and Legolas is encouraged to go find Aragorn, and that's pretty much it. However, the books gave enough time to see their relationship develop We leave The Fellowship of the Ring where Legolas, Aragorn, and The problem is that The Hobbit took place decades before The Lord of the Rings.

Recurring themes are Aragorn's growing ability as a healer, Legolas' fear of caves and dark spaces and conflicts that arise from the differences of elves and men e. Aragorn falling ill, or Legolas being harassed in a human town. Female characters usually only play a marginal role, if they appear at all. More often than not Gilraen, Aragorn's mother, is killed "off-screen", making Aragorn an orphan.

This is possibly done to intregrate him more fully into his adopted elven family. This means that while Aragorn may moon over Arwen from afar, she is rarely included in the actual story. The situation looks similar for Legolas. Tolkien never mentions his mother and fanfiction authors generally follow him there.

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He actually has a first and last name: The issue with this is that Legolas is, in essence, an Elvish word that translates to "green leaf. We knew Thranduil was kind of a bad dad, but we didn't know that he was that bad. He encourages his son to then go find this ranger. Aragorn would've only been a child at the time, which is much too young for him to be known by the King of Mirkwood.

It's a serious oversight. However, The Hobbit takes it to an entirely new level. Legolas, starting with his appearance in The Desolation of Smaug, has his own side plot. He doesn't really have a character arc, just an excuse to show him to all kinds of mostly fake stunts and fire a bunch of arrows.

The only way that the dragon could be defeated was by using a Black Arrow and shooting it into the one sensitive spot of the beast. It was eventually used by Bard the Bowman after the dragon already decimated Lake-Town.

aragorn and legolas relationship problems

That said, Legolas was in the area around the same time. Wouldn't it have made more sense to give the best archer in Middle-earth the Black Arrow instead? All he had to do is stand on a roof, wait for Smaug to fly by, and launch that arrow.

Those long blond locks with the fishtail braid in the back is a look that many people aspire to have. People around the world are wanting to know his secret? The prince saw the angry look on Haldir's face.

He could feel the hostile emotions and knew immediately what the problem was. His husband somehow discovered that he was going to the House of Elrond.

How could your father be so selfish as to send you, Prince of Mirkwood to council, when he should be sending his advisors? Please do not make this difficult. Legolas cried himself to sleep after the argument. They haven't spoken to each other since then, and that was two and a half months ago. Haldir was also among those who greeted them. He had actually met them just inside the borders of Caras Galadhon.

Legolas was a little put out that they were held-up at arrow point. The Lord and Lady had learned of Gandalf's fall, which everyone was still trying to come to terms with. Later that evening a servant delivered a note to the prince that said to met with Marchwarden.

Legolas dreaded that meeting. During the course of dinner he could feel ice-blue eyes watching his every move with silent fury behind them. Haldir had only spoken a brief formal greeting to him when he came upon them in the forest, which Legolas also found disconcerting.

The prince met his husband in his talan.

Haldir made sure that his brothers were not to come by unexpectedly and kept them on patrol for the rest of the night. Once alone Haldir opened up and blew his top. Haldir was angry with him for volunteering to aid the Hobbits in the quest to destroy the one thing that could rip Middle-earth asunder.

Legolas didn't tell Haldir about his decision to join the Fellowship because he knew what his reaction was going to be; therefore after five centuries of knowing Haldir and only been married to him for less than that. The platinum blonde elf had proven Legolas right.

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The older elf was not pleased to say the least but there was nothing that he could do. The damage had all ready been done.

aragorn and legolas relationship problems

There was something else that was bothering the elf something that he couldn't quite put his finger on, but he decided to save that until another time. Why must you be so obstinate about this? Legolas stared at the silver-blonde haired elf.

He was right it just wasn't his life that was on the line it was both of theirs. He was so exhausted he didn't think that he would be able to continue the argument with the Marchwarden. The only thing that he wanted to do was sleep. It had been so long since they had been together let only slept in the same bed.

The Marchwarden sighed knowing that nothing else would get resolved this night. Haldir ready himself for bed. He lay down on the other side of his lover.

He looked around to notice that all of Legolas' weapons and clothes what little that he had were gone. The young elf had managed to escape another argument. They never discussed the quest for that Legolas was grateful instead they reacquainted themselves.

Renewing their bond they were rarely seen apart. They would take long walks through the Lady's garden when Haldir was not on duty, which seemed seldom. During breakfast talks stilled when Haldir, followed by his younger brothers, entered the dining hall. Lady Galadriel had reminded everyone not to talk about the Fellowship in front of the guardian elf. No one knew of his relationship with Prince Legolas except for the Lady and Lord and possibly Aragorn, Gandalf who took the secret to his graveand Gimli.

The group of brave warriors had departed early in the morning to set out on the quest once again. Galadriel said nothing for she knew what was pleaguing her most trusted guard and what was troubling Legolas. They had a rough road ahead of them. The Fellowship was going to be the biggest challenge of both their lives. The quest had gone from bad to worse and the Fellowship was in desperate need of assistance.

Galadriel stepped down from the dais to speak with Haldir privately. This was the hardest thing that she has ever done in her life. All is not well I'm afraid.

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The fall of Men and Elves The woods were soothing. His spirit needed the calming peace. Legolas lay on the forest floor curled into a ball holding his stomach after throwing- up his dinner. Aragorn had inquired about his health a week prior and he would always give the same response 'I'm fine amin mellon. He didn't know what was causing him to be sick at unholy hours of the day and night.