Aries woman and gemini man relationship

A Gemini Man And Aries Woman, Can He Handle Her?

aries woman and gemini man relationship

Both partners should approach the relationship as if Gemini person was there to teach Aries how to have a good conversation. Since Gemini loves to be in a role . Gemini man and Aries woman are a good combination in general. These two signs are both Further, their relationship tends to be very interesting and vivid. This article deals with the Aries and Gemini relationship. Are they compatible or not? Let us find out. Read on.

Aries and Gemini - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Even though there are possibilities for the Aries woman and Gemini man to have frequent arguments and quarrels, they do not pay much attention to it and do not intensify such discussions to an extent that they succumb to the pain inflicted to one another.

They are a happy-go couple who want to be in the present and not worry themselves about what the future holds for them.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility in love, bed, relationship, sexually, marrige. Horoscope

They do have a great mutual understanding as far as the compatibility is concerned, but the Gemini man characteristics to analyse,and deduce things, and then debating over it with an Aries woman who is aggressive and does not give in easily, makes it a tad bit difficult to sustain a peaceful relationship.

The Aries woman exhibits the typical nature of Aries woman — to be desirous and jealous, which hampers the connection between this love match.

She wants her man to pay a lot of heed to her, and on the contrary basis the male Gemini is a free flowing individual, who does not refrain in changing his state of mind frequently. The male Gemini does not indulge himself in being jealous that often, but surely becomes a bit possessive, not beacuse he wants to be, but its the female Aries that likes this peculiar kind of attention from her partner, which often complicates the situation.

Benefits and Challenges The compatibility of Gemini man and Aries woman will see alot of benefits as well as challenges in their relationship. Geminis, usually, are the types who are very sympathetic and emotional in nature, who constantly involve in creative arts and discuss it with others, using their swift communication skills.

aries woman and gemini man relationship

Thus, they dive deep into the relation but the two-minded Gemini also finds himself in a situation where he, instead of being attached with his partner is detached, and in a comfortable position to be with himself, and coddles in various other interesting realms that takes his time.

He, much like an Aquarius, falls in love with his mind first and then his heart will follow.

Gemini Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

She however is opposite; she falls in love with her heart, and then her mind follows. This woman needs to feel safe and secure before letting her walls of fire around her heart down. He will make her feel that way knowing that he is in love with her mind. She will love their long conversations that can turn into silly bickering. He will love to start them… she will most likely end them.

This charming man will love her for her. Remember he is the sign of the twins. He will have two, if not more, personalities inside that quicksilver mind of his. He will be able to switch personalities when her fire goes up. One thing that will driver her bananas is his tardiness. Stop being late for everything Gemini!!! You are driving her crazy.

Gemini Man And Aries Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

Gemini man is sometimes uncontrollable. This is the air sign in the zodiac. That means that he needs control. A woman in the sign of Aries can do it.

Gemini man definitely lacks the initiative. This side of their relationship is good for marriage, as the two will be able to complete everything they imagine together.

aries woman and gemini man relationship

Gemini man looks for a woman who has similar interests, sense of humor. Very often he marries a woman who he has been working with.

aries woman and gemini man relationship

This type of man is not dedicated to a wife and marriage too much. Jealousness is something that drives him mad. Here we come to the Aries woman. She is the jealous type.

aries woman and gemini man relationship

On the other side, an Aries woman is possessive and needs a man who has the same dose of it. She is hungry for attention. Aries woman is not the type of a housewife. She needs some action in order to make life interesting. And that is similar to the Gemini man.

This is the good aspect of their marriage. Both of them are hyperactive and will do many things together. Also, they agree on the intellectual level. She has more drive and passion than him. Gemini man is into intimate relations, but a fire is a fire. He is more into flirting, not into the work. Yet, the situation in the bedroom can be on an average level. Friendship As we said above, Gemini man is not that much into real work.


He is an intellectual, a thinker. That is why Aries woman fixes things up here. If they are business partners, this relation can be great.

Also, both of them are really talkative and have similar interest and hobbies. If they are in a debate, Aries woman will always force it that she has the right. Watching the two in the debate can be really interesting.

aries woman and gemini man relationship

They are on the same level, but the stubbornness of the Aries woman will win here. Interesting Facts Famous Gemini men: Conclusion In the relationship, as in marriage, it is the most important to complement each other.

That is the thing with the Gemini man and Aries woman. These two have a wonderful communication, and that is a good precondition for any relation. This relationship is dynamic as both of them love excitement and adrenaline. If nothing special is happening, they will make it up.