Artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher

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artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher

Overview: Artificial Academy 2 (ジンコウガクエン2, Jinkou Gakuen 2) Make friends and lovers as the class competes for achievement in academics, athletics, popularity, and romance.​. Censorship: No (Modded) Developer/Publisher: times and wait while AA2 Edit installs (will only take a few seconds). Therefore, checking the statue multiple times in succession gives a better impression of the actual relationship. Q: How does the "Lewd. Enago Academy helps researchers to get published, cited, and funded. Research & grant proposals · Student–advisor relationship · Academic jobs · Research data management · Symposium-based presentations Journal editorial processes Jan 2, Publishing research findings is one of the more important.

Doing so will also spread rumors that you have become a couple with that character.

Artificial Academy 2: Advanced Tips

This improves love relationship and ends the day. Similar to going to class together, this can spread rumors of a relationship between the characters.

artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher

Both characters must be dressed in their uniform the one which has them carry their bag for them to accept. If during school hours, these forfeit all time remaining in the period and skips the curriculum between periods. Fewer characters will be willing to skip class, but Wild characters will be more likely to join even if their opinion of you is ambivalent.

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Happiness success Go eat Invite a character to the restaurant improving their friendship or love. Happiness success Go to karaoke Invite a character to karaoke, improving their friendship, or love. During karaoke you can left click anywhere to finish before the song ends. Happiness success Let's study together This invites the character to study with you at your home. A character resistant to having sex with your character is unlikely to accept. Sex will only occur if that character is at maximum horniness when leaving from the train station, otherwise you will have a study session with that character.

Again, you both must be dressed in your uniform for them to accept. Abusive interactions will also display a Purple Status when Love is below max range and will also cause some degree of hate and anger unless the target has the "masochist" trait.

Anger failureHorny success, character has to be masochist Fight Challenge another character to a fight. No it's not a bug. Therefore, checking the statue multiple times in succession gives a better impression of the actual relationship. How does the "Lewd Promise" Status work?

artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher

Lewd Promise won't be replaced by any status unless it is fulfilled. Also, the girl refuses to do any H-scene with you until the day the exam took place. On the examination day, either the girl approaches you or you may also ask her having sex with you so to trigger the promise.

For more details see the Exams and Evaluations section.

artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher

How it works Every character has a maximum of 30 favorability points towards each of their classmates. These points are distributed among four categories: This trait will help a lot with the answer "Huh? It has nearly no effect in your relationship. Make your character very fast either with a Rainbow card or by using the configuration menu cheats.

Artificial Academy 2: Interactions - Hgames Wiki

You will run at ridiculously fast speed that outrun everyone ingame and you will easily escape when they all surround you. Don't be hesitate to answer "Huh? If you are the only male, the "Boy's Toilet" and "Boy's Changing room" will be the place girls are less likely to enter. So it's the best place to do interactions without any interruption or witnesses.

After you get her inside she will not try to run away, so feel free to position her on screen for an easily click.

Artificial Academy 2: Interactions

After you're ready, Click at the girl and do interactions the you want. After conversations end, quickly click on the girl again and start another interactions; repeat as you like. This way the girl will have no time to run away, and your interactions are less likely to be seen by another girl.

Your other lovers may sometimes enter these places, but you will usually have a bit of time before they do so make it brief. A better strategy is to do the save interactions such as conversations outside the Boy's rooms, then take her to the Boy's rooms for a few moments of kissing and other unsafe but non-sex interactions.

If it's the Boy Shower's Secret place.

artificial academy 2 relationship editor and publisher