Austin and allys relationship quotes

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austin and allys relationship quotes

With Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, Calum Worthy. Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez all go to a premier. Austin and Ally's relationship develops, where . Explore Desirée Garcia's board "Austin and ally quotes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Austin and ally, Disney channel and Disney quotes. Nov 22, Explore Eabha Kelly's board "Austin and ally funny quotes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Austin and ally, Austin moon and Disney quotes.

I love you, Ally" Ally replies with, "I love you too, Austin! Auslly fourth kiss In the final scene, back in the store, Trish reveals that Jimmy has officially dropped Austin from his label. Austin isn't upset, as he's sure he made the right choice, before hugging Ally tightly. Austin also says that he can't wait to join Ally on tour to which she replies that they're going to have lots of fun.

The gang then says goodbye and shares a hug, before leaving Sonic Boom. Ally starts walking out, but walks back in to get her song book. Austin walks in smiling, saying, " Are you ready to do this?

Austin and Ally then leave the store as a very happy couple, heading for tour as the episode ends. Ally, when I first met you I had no idea that you'd be the best thing that ever happened to me.


I love you Ally! I love you too, Austin!

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Ally runs on the stage and Austin and Ally kiss Austin: Without love, what's the point of any of this? You'd stop me from making music? It will be like you disappeared from the business. I don't want to lose you again.

austin and allys relationship quotes

Auslly are in the practice room Austin: The WMA's will be the first time our fans know we're officially a couple.

I can't wait to walk the red carpet together! Should we hold hands? Should I be on your left or your right?

austin and allys relationship quotes

Be on my left, that's my good side Or my right, that's my other good side. Ally walks over to Austin's right side, and Austin imitates the announcer Austin and Ally have arrived at the red carpet Ally: Austin and Ally, I heard the great news, congratulations Austin: What the heck are you two doing? I mean, why do you have your arm around her?

Austin and Ally stand up Oh, me and Ally are back together. We're officially announcing it at the WMA's! We're walking the red carpet together, we decided on left wink, right side Auslly are on a date Austin: What does Jimmy expect us to do? Pretend like we're not a couple for the rest of our lives? How are we supposed to be in a relationship, but spend time acting like we're not?

I was really looking forward to going to the WMA's with you. Maybe we still can. If we can prove to Jimmy that we can be in public without acting like a couple, he'll have to let us go! We can do that! Trying to prove that we can be in public without acting like a couple, so Jimmy won't force us to break up. Oh, how's that going? Aww, Ally, look so beautiful! Here, these are from Austin.

Jimmy we need to talk. I don't wanna hide my relationship with Ally anymore. Austin, I know you're upset, but I know what I'm doing. Do you think you could have gotten here if it wasn't for me? No, I would have to have rode my bike.

austin and allys relationship quotes

That would have been awful, I do not look good with helmet hair. I am not talking about my limo! Austin, since you signed with my label, you're on the eurge of becoming a superstar. But, I don't wanna be a superstar if I have to hurt Ally to do it. Look Jimmy, I can't keep hiding this, she's my girlfriend. Trish told me what Jimmy said. I don't want you to choose between me and your career. I'm not going to. Ally was trying to prove to Austin that she was fun by coloring outside of the lines.

Austin grabbed Ally's hand that was holding a crayon and scribbled all over her coloring book to get her to color outside the lines. Ally tried to comfort Austin by telling him that H8ter Girl's website wasn't very popular.

Ally was willing to face her fear to save Austin's career. Austin tried helping Ally to face her fear. Ally thought it was sweet that Austin cared about her stage fright and told him he would be the first person she would talk to about her stage fright when she was ready to.

Ally gives Austin Dougie the Dolphin Before Ally went up to perform, Austin tried to get her to relax by telling her she was going to do great. Austin didn't want to see Ally suffer, so he sang The Butterfly Song for her.

Austin would rather have his career ruined than to let Ally suffer. Ally smiled the entire time Austin performed. Ally let Austin have her stuffed dolphin, Dougie.

austin and allys relationship quotes

Austin looked shocked and happy when Ally hugged him for the first time. After Ally does her red carpet walk, she looks at Austin, and when he tells her she should walk in from the side entrance, she playfully hits him on the chest and rolls her eyes.

Ally said she better keep holding on to Nelson, but when Austin walked in she said "Austin, hey", and walked over to him leaving Nelson to fall. When Ally was talking a lot about preparing for the award show, she said "if we were going to match my dress with your tie Austin brought a picture of Ally to the award show.

Austin looked worried when Ally fell out of the garbage. Ally kept trying to apologize during Austin's performance. Austin accepted Ally's apology in the end and they all fist bumped. While Austin and Ally were writing the song, they kept smiling at each other.

austin and allys relationship quotes

Ally tried to comfort Austin when he felt bad about Dez getting fired. Austin apologized to Ally when she got fired, but didn't do so to the others if he did, it wasn't shown. When Austin was telling the gang he didn't want to be famous without his friends, he was looking mostly towards Ally. Austin had his hands up before Ally walked towards him for the hug.

Ally kept her hands around Austin the whole time. They hugged for awhile, the longest they have hugged yet. When Ally says "I must be the worst dancer in the history of dancing" Austin tries to cheer her up.

Ally wanted Austin to teach her how to slow dance. The way he said "sure" sounded like he really wanted to dance with her. Austin was holding Ally's hand tight when they were dancing. They both smiled at each other when they were dancing.

Ally tells Austin she is really sorry about his ankle and that no one feels worse than she does. Austin tells Ally that its okay, possibly so that she wouldn't be so upset.

Austin still wanted to teach Ally how to dance. Austin smiled at Ally dancing when she was talking to Dallas. Austin goes to Ally right away when Dallas rejects her. Austin calls Ally and says he's been looking everywhere for her. Austin goes under the table to Ally. Austin encourages Ally by saying Dallas isn't so great and that he doesn't know what he's missing.

Relationships & Red Carpets

Austin doesn't want to perform because he's busy helping Ally. Before going to perform, Austin makes sure Ally is okay. When Ally says "Go kick some butt and get yourself booked in those clubs," Austin smiles at her. Austin and Ally slow dance together at the Quinceanera.

Austin And Ally Quotes

Austin dances with Ally instead of trying to impress the club owner. Austin calls Ally the coolest girl here. Ally says what Austin did for her was sweet. Austin says she can trust him. While Austin was dipping Ally, he gripped her tightly. When Austin was helping her up, he held her hand for a while.

Austin defended Ally when Dez said she was invisible. Austin said Ally's the best songwriter he knew. Austin thinks Ally is a good singer. Austin stands there watching her, leaning against the door as if he's absorbed in watching her. Ally isn't upset that Austin spied on her. Austin makes fun of Ally's vocal warm-ups and Ally smiles at him. Austin doesn't want Ally to be upset over her lack of recognition.

Ally tries to act cool in front of Austin. Austin smiles at Ally's weird "cool" pose. Austin says he can't do it without her and calls her awesome and Ally thanks him. Austin compliments Ally's song to Dez after she leaves.

Austin helped get Ally's musical talent recognized by putting her on the radio. When Ally's song starts playing, Austin smiles at Ally.

Austin purposely brought the wrong CD so that Ally could be recognized. Austin tells the deejay and everyone listening that Ally is the most talented singer-songwriter her knows. Austin apologizes about Ally having to sing with him. Austin tells Ally the truth about bringing the CD even though he could've gotten away with it. Austin wants people to know how talented Ally is, and who she is.

Austin tries his best to get rid of Ally's stage fright. Austin knew more about Ally than Trish did, and Austin and Ally have known each other for far less time than Trish and Ally. Austin says to Ally, "It doesn't matter if the world doesn't know how talented you are, I always will. Austin seemed to have a jealous expression on his face when Ally was saying "Staring at Dallas? No, that's ridiculous" after she stared at Dallas dreamily.

Austin was staring at Ally talking to Dallas. When Ally needed help with the boxes, Austin immediately offered to help. When Dez said he can carry the box while spinning a basketball on his finger, Austin said he can carry two boxes, in an attempt to outdo Dez and impress Ally. Austin apologized to Ally when he and Dez dropped the boxes.