Austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

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austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

In the days following the Austrian break in relations with Serbia, the rest of Europe, including Russia's allies, Britain and France, looked on with. While Franz Ferdinand had no personal liking for the Serbs, he was not . that ' the already sufficiently tense relationships of Austria-Hungary. After all, Austria-Hungary's decision to annex Bosnia-Herzegovina only makes sense in the context of the dynamic of Austro-Serbian relations. . Milovanovich's quote illustrates), but instead that the Foreign Minister decided.

It was also the 14th wedding anniversary of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie, a reminder of the day on which he had had to sign the Oath of Renunciation confirming that their children could not succeed to the imperial throne. The day before had been cold and wet but the morning of June 28 was sunny.

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The couple had been staying outside Sarajevo at Ilidze for three days. So relaxed were they that they had come into Sarajevo two days before for a shopping trip, during which they were shadowed by Princip. You are wrong after all Everywhere we have gone here, we have been treated with so much friendliness — and by every last Serb, too — with so much cordiality and warmth that we are very happy about it The Duchess to Dr Josip Sunaric, Bosnian Croat leader, the night before the assassination The Archduke and the Countess arrive in Sarajevo by train The couple were to drive in the second of a six-car motorcade from the railway station along the river to the City Hall.

First World War centenary: the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, as it happened

Danic and the six other would-be assassins were stationed along the route. The numberplate was A III — in which those who believe such things can see a portent of the eventual Armistice date in Next to the driver in the front was Count Franz von Harrach, in charge of their security. The royal party in the car He wore: He primed his bomb and threw it. The driver saw it coming and accelerated.

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Come on, that fellow is clearly insane, let us proceed with our programme. Franz Ferdinand reacts to the bomb The remaining assassins lost their nerve.

By the time the motorcade passed Princip it was moving too fast for him to shoot. Knowing that the party would return from City Hall later, he moved across to the right-hand side of Franz Joseph Street.

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

At City Hall, the mayor of Sarajevo, Fehim Effendi Curcic, who had been in the first car, began a nervous speech of welcome. Franz Ferdinand interrupted, furiously: Having gathered himself, he praised the cheers of the people of Sarajevo, which he took to be an expression of relief at the failure of the assassination. The couple leave City Hall The change of plan: But now the museum visit was cancelled; the route would be straight back back down Appel Quay.

austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

Potiorek yelled that this was the wrong the way. The car was stopped and — without a reverse gear — it had to be pushed backwards. Now he ran forward, his pistol drawn. He paused on seeing the Duchess but fired twice at point-blank range.

austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

Whether he was lucky or whether his firearms training in Belgrade had paid off, both bullets hit their targets. The first went through the door of the car and hit Sophie in the abdomen; the second hit Franz Ferdinand in the neck.

Harrach, aware of the continuing threat, had been travelling on the running board.

austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

As Princip prepared to kill himself his gun was knocked from his hands, as well as his packet of cyanide, as the crowd swarmed around him, kicking and punching; he was saved from probable death by his arrest.

Shortly after 11am both were dead. Franz Ferdinand and Sophie lying in state The reaction: The next morning, The Daily Telegraph began its leading article: The circumstances are so peculiar that it is very difficult to understand the reasons for the crime or the exact motives of the murderer This article traces the development of tension between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, which was eventually to explode into the First World War.

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In the Serbs successfully rebelled, and in they proclaimed their own constitution. Austria-Hungary, which was a dynastic empire comprised of MANY different races - it was nicknamed 'the polyglot many-languages empire' - was terrified of the 'panslavism', the nationalism by which the Slav races of the Balkans aspired to set up their own nation-states.

Austria-Hungary regarded Serbia as the leading, and the worst, example of this. Serbia was declared an independent state.

austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

Austria-Hungary dominated the Balkans economically. To try to reduce its dependence on Austria-Hungary, Serbia began to build trade links with France and Bulgaria Austria-Hungary reacted by banning all imports of Serbia pork so the quarrel was called 'the Pig War'and Serbia responded by selling its pork to France - it sent it through Bosnia to the Adriatic, and then by sea to France.

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The Serbs were furious, not just because Serbs lived there, nor even because they had hoped to conquer Bosnia themselves, but also because Austria stopped Serbian pork going through Bosnia. Serbia appealed to Russia, but Nicholas would not go to war with Austria, and Serbia was forced to recognise Austria's right to Bosnia.

austria hungary and serbia relationship quotes

Next year, Bulgaria attacked Serbia, but was defeated, leaving Serbia as the leading Slavic power in the Balkans. Pasic, the Serbian prime Minister, declared: Now for the second round - against Austria. The Italian Prime Minister in cited this fact to claim that: