Being a flight attendant and having relationship

being a flight attendant and having relationship

What is the reality of love and dating in the flight attendant life? I wanted to show them that I could have a happy and healthy relationship- that I was the exception to I was being sincere, but often, I don't understand myself. Flight attendants are the unicorns of the dating world, but only a select few She added, “Any time I get sad about a guy not being able to handle our out the guys who aren't ready for what we have to bring a relationship. After you come back from a flight and you have an understanding partner, you rest and can concentrate on being with your family for a few days.

And while these turns may just be Gods next gift to the universe after my late Paris trip, just know these turns come with a price. Sadly, one needs about thirty years of seniority to be able to hold these each month. I for one, now bid for schedules that have the least amount of days working, and go from there. This gives me the flexibility to somewhat alter and customize my schedule to my liking based on what may be going on in my life that month. Usually I do end up with schedules that have twelve or thirteen days working, which still gives me more then half of the month off to do what I want with my schedule.

So who said we were the ones that are always away working? And then cue the rumors of flight attendants being promiscuous on layovers, and not being faithful to whom they are dating. Most of our layovers are so short, and we are beyond exhausted by the time we get there usually working one long-haul leg, or a few short-haul legsthat all we want to do is put our pajamas on, crawl into bed, and order room service when we get to the hotel room.

In fact, I can begin to recite the "Color your Palate" room service menu that the Sheraton offers you order the salmon with the truffle mashed potatoes if it is availablebut I will save you from the boring intricacies. Point is, I've ordered room service more times then I'd like to admit, and if I'm too tired to leave my hotel room for food, you bet I'm too tired to be fooling around with anyone in some random city at 2am. The secret to making a relationship with a flight attendant work, is putting in the effort.

Just like you would with any other person. Like a pianist, or a ditch-digger, or a self employed mortician. If you don't at least try, you will never know. And trust me the rewards will be limitless. You will have access to our travel passes when we determine it is appropriatea wealth of worldly information, and most importantly you'll be dating one of the most well culutured individuals you will ever meet.

Conversation will never run dry, and we always have new stories about some adventure on our last trip. I'm not saying it will be all rainbows and butterflies, because when we come home from a trip, especially a three or four day with all-nighters, redeyes, and day-overs, we are going to be extremely irritable and cranky. And at that point, it is probably best to give us some space, as we definitely need our "fourteen hours legal rest.

So while a relationship with a flight attendant is hard, like I said, a relationship with anyone who works is hard. If you want something easy, find some one who doesn't work. And then re-evaluate your life morals. And then comment here how that went. But back to Mr. Williams, and what he said. It makes sense that in a world where many of us are lonely, it would be selfish to be lonely alone. And as a flight attendant, this quote really stood out to me.

Because as a work group, in retrospect, we are pretty lonely. Back in the day when some of these women started flying they were told that if they had children or got married that they would be fired and could not fly anymore. Those rules alone set these women up for a very lonely lifestyle.

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But with fair labor laws, and the equal employment something or another act, these rules were abolished. However, many flight attendants I fly with are still not married. Perhaps they are divorced. Perhaps they have a boyfriend.

Perhaps they are dating the pilot whose flying the plane. Or perhaps they are in the same situation as me, waiting for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet on their First Class, International, Paris trip that they are all too often flying. Truly enough, Tennessee said it best. As a lonely workgroup we often build close bonds with the people we are flying with. Especially the people working in the same cabin as you and especially your cart buddy.

being a flight attendant and having relationship

Flight attendants have a habit of telling you their entire life story on a three-day trip, with all the details, no matter how disgusting, sexual, or beautiful they may be. We refer to this as jump-seat therapy. I can leave a three-day trip knowing everything about another flight attendant or two, I have never even met before. How many times they've been married. How many kids they have or how many kids they want.

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Where they went to school or where their kids go to school. What they studied or where their kids are studying. This list can go on indefinitely.

being a flight attendant and having relationship

But all and all, flight attendants are lonely in different ways then most other people; and we are constantly relying on the bonds and relationships we make with our coworkers to fill the void of emptiness, we so often try to overlook or mitigate. We need not elaborate on this any further.

If you are an outsider who would want a relationship with a cabin crew, this is very important. They are colleagues for crying out loud, whether pilot or cabin crew. Losing trust will not solve the problem, it even fans the flames.

Flight Attendant Q&A! Are relationships possible? Tattoos? Tests?

Our love guru mentions that many breakups happen because of the lack of trust. Example, outsider sees a picture of his cabin crew girlfriend with a fellow flight steward at the Sydney Opera house, beside each other smiling and having fun.

Is a relationship possible as a new flight attendant?

If you want to be involved with a cabin crew if you are an outsider, trust or tiwala plays a huge huge factor. No room for insecure freaks. Once you have full understanding of the job of a cabin crew and you totally trust him or her, you now need TIME with one another! When he or she is okay and have fully rested, go out and dine, go out of town to Boracay, go get a facial together, go have a few drinks with friends in bars, or go on an adventure together!

Time gives you that opportunity to strengthen your relationship or marriage further. WINGS privilege cards gives you discounts and privileges in all those places! From fine dining restaurants to casual dining for your dates, to shopping for accessories or fashion items, to going on an adventure in Palawan, to enjoying a vacation at Boracay to partying with friends from a bar then ending up in a club, WINGS privilege cards got that covered.

The more you get to save with all your discounts and privileges through WINGS, the more you get to have more savings for the future! So to run things down, first you need to understand as a whole the nature of the job of the cabin crew industry.

Second, you need trust, as in complete trust.

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Third, you need time with one another. All these three works in conjunction with one another. Remove one of them and expect your relationship to falter. Go out and date in a fine dining resto, go shopping, go on an adventure, go work out, and go out of town.