Bellamy and clarke relationship with god

bellamy and clarke relationship with god

Clarke and Bellamy in "Echoes," the first episode of "The " Season 4. and complex than “sexy Lord of the Flies,” its presence and acclaim grew. something is amiss in the relationship between show and audience. Clarke and Bellamy is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake. Bellamy: "So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide. If you haven't watched CW's The yet, you should. all the boys, come crashing down on your head and you realize oh my god, they were Their relationship comes to a head in Bodyguard of Lies, when Clarke confronts.

bellamy and clarke relationship with god

In 2x09, when Clarke's scene fades into Bellamy's. It's the scene where Lincoln asks Bellamy how he knew it was Gustus and Bellamy said "he'd do anything for her.

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It just makes sense". Now the writers have confirmed that this was a parallel to how Bellamy would do anything for Clarke. Would he say the same thing about Miller?

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These are platonic relationships, but saying something like this is usually deeper than that. Then Clarke after the whole "love is weakness scene" said to Bel "I was being weak".?! Let's go back in season 1 in 1x08 in which there's the biggest clue for me, that Bellamy is attracted to Clarke. There's a scene in which B is trying to teach C how to use the gun and then there's a specific shot of his hand lingering on C's shoulder and then he looked surprised and embarassed. So my question is if the writers didn't intend to have a romantic BC then why the hell incluce this pointless scene?!

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The other scene is the hug scene in 2x This could be interpreted as a friendly moment. Pointless to say that it was a great scene. But the fact that they literally had a montage of a hug with dramatic music, makes me question it.

bellamy and clarke relationship with god

Because when Clarke and Octavia hugged did this happen? The bonfire scene in 2x This moment is also beautiful in terms of lightning. So we have Bellamy gazing at O and C. And i realised that he was looking at C in a different way than O.

Should They or Shouldn't They? Pros & Cons of Bellarke Getting Together on 'The 100'

Again this scene could be interpreted as a very beautiful bonding moment between two close friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. And let's get to the smaller details. Lexa was jealous of B and C's relationship. She said to C "You care about him" then C was like "I care about all of them" and L responded "But you worry about him more". In 2x09 C saying to B "i can't lose you too" and B looking like a rock hit him in the head.

And now let's get to the good stuff. As i said earlier, prior to this episode i couldn't anything that suggests something more than friendship.

bellamy and clarke relationship with god

Bellarke definitely have all of that and more, and at times, they each seem to know the other person better than they know themselves.

During that six-year time jump, Bellamy found it in his heart to forgive the former Azgeda devotee and fell in love with her. Clarke enraged Bellamy by staying in Polis instead of returning home to Arkadia in Season 3, and then Bellamy helped massacre an entire grounder army and betrayed Clarke.

bellamy and clarke relationship with god

And then, in Season 4, Clarke locked his sister out of the bunker with the intent to let her die in Praimfaya. Where would they go from there?

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If Bellarke were to happen, it almost begs the question: Sometimes the anticipation of having something is better than having the thing itself, and it would be a bummer to find out the anticipation of Bellarke canon was better than an actual relationship between the two.

Platonically, Bellamy and Clarke are the core of the show. Romantically, would the same be true? Over five long seasons, a number of fans of The have weathered multiple separations and betrayals, hookups with other characters, and a six-year time jump, all while still holding out hope for a romance between the show's two protagonists: