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The Lauter flows through Bensheim, coming from the Lauter valley from the east, which after it passes through Bensheim is known as the Winkelbach.

In the south of town runs the Meerbach, also coming from the Odenwald but from the Zell valley. Bensheim is roughly subdivided thus: The town of Bensheim fosters almond tree cultivation, to name one example, in people's front gardens. She is put forth every year by the Bensheim Automobile Club and for decades has been Bensheim's hallmark both within the country and abroad. Bensheim has grown out of a village that had its first documentary mention in the 8th century.

In the 14th century, Bensheim was granted town rights. On 26 Marchmuch of the Old Town was destroyed by incendiary bombs.

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The South Hesse area was settled quite early on. The many finds from archaeological digs stretch back to the time of the Linear Pottery and Corded Ware cultures roughly to BCpeoples who raised crops and livestock. Its founding may go back to a knight named Basinus, who received the rights to found a settlement. The name changed from Basinsheim to Basinusheim and then to Besensheim, finally becoming Bensheim.

Noteworthy is that town rights were granted early on by Emperor Otto I on 5 March The concept, called publicae mercationes in the original, indicates the community, where public buying and selling was allowed. It still cannot be assumed that this led to a regular yearly or weekly market. Great parts of the town were destroyed in the siege of by King Albrecht I. When Friedrich II enfeoffed the territory of the now derelict Lorsch Imperial Abbey to Archbishop Siegfried III of EppsteinBensheim became part of the Electorate of Mainz 's domains and likely received town rights only a few decades later, which is, however, only proved by a certificate issued in When the Katzenelnbogens died out inthe Landgraviate of Hesse became a neighbour to the north.

Inthe Erbachs were raised to counts and the County of Erbach became a neighbour to the east. In the time of the pledging to the counts palatine of the Rhine from toBensheim experienced a boom, but as a Palatinate town, however, it was embroiled in the Bavarian-Palatine war of succession inand for eleven days was unsuccessfully besieged by the Landgrave of Hesse, who was charged with the execution of the ban of the Empire, and his confederates, the Dukes Henry of Brunswick and Henry of Mecklenburg.

The service is designed to provide young people with a realistic insight into various careers and give them the impetus they need, while also identifying their skills, capabilities and interests.

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Projects The BZB plays a key role in educational networks through its participation in projects at the national and international level. We work to consistently promote, improve and advance vocational training, the image of the building trades, energy-efficient construction, craft clustering, modern supervisor training, the use of BIM Building Information Modellingissues such as digitisation and work-based learning, and much more. Your contact Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt, Dipl.

Hall of residence BZB Krefeld has a hall of residence with all modern conveniences and 46 beds in twin rooms. It also has a communal room and leisure area with table tennis and TV facilities, pool, a fitness suite and WiFi.

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Apprentices will usually stay in the rooms from Monday to Friday. In order to reserve a room, trainees and apprentices should make contact with the hall of residence manager in good time prior to the start of their course.

Your contact Norbert Bastigkeit, Dipl. In addition to presentations and lectures, you can also carry out practical demonstrations in our workshops for product and skill training purposes.

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Additional services include the provision of refreshments on seminar days, delegation of employees for practical demonstrations, as well as the use of tools, machinery and relevant personal protection equipment.