Brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

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brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

Home» Electric Motor Brake Horsepower Calculations . The relationship of the rpm, cfm, and motor pulley is a directly proportional one. tests, and with the help of pertaining di- mensionless . Power and speed relationship for a TEU container ship .. propeller and the brake power PB deliv-. 1. The total power developed by combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber is called a) brake power b) indicated power c) mean effective.

brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

The weakness of the discussion that result are that they never state any basic cases of interest and are normally framed by a complete lack of understanding of the basic Physics. It should also be clear that Tractive Effort would also be helpful in comparing two vehicles as gearing is taken into account.

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Your quiz seems to start without any basic definition of what you are trying to prove. Surely it is better to start with explanations of force, work, energy etc, etc and ensure that the basic groundwork has been covered thoroughly. Torque and power quiz OP 24 Feb 15 That insinuates the general misconception of what torque and power are.

As far as moving a vehicle is concerned that lb ft of torque means nothing until you determine the amount of work it can do over time. The point of the quiz is trying to get people to understand the relationship of torque and power in regards to work. In the case of the steam roller I don't feel it's practical to compare a 10 hp motor to a hp motor as that power isn't needed to do the job. To illustrate a point like this I would have a tendency to compare something like the two motors in my horsepower graph.

The red line is a 1. The blue line is a detroit diesel. In an ideal world I would like to find a smaller motor that had a little more low end power because in this example the detroit does have an advantage in the low end over the 4AGE but it still shows that the advantage is not directly connected to how much more torque the detroit makes.

The Detroit would be chosen not because it's torque is particularly important but because 1.

brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

The high RPMs would wear out the clutch and drivetrain much faster. The 4AGE would probably need to be rebuilt every 20k to 50k miles when the Detroit would likely make it k to k miles. In your example You could compare something of a similar capability but at another extreme.

For example with the right gearing a 10 hp nitro RC motor would properl the steam roller just as well but all the above issues would make it a less ideal option.

The 80 lb RPM diesel motor is not the choice directly because it makes more torque but because it will be quieter and last much longer. I hate sayings like that and it's exactly that mentality that I am trying to get rid of. That saying is so flawed that it should be easily thrown by the waysaide yet people are so invested in this myth that torque wins races that in the automotive world torque means something completely different than it does in the world of science and physics.

Brake Power, Engine Speed and bmep Relationship

You can sit down with someone and explain to them that a gearbox will multiply torque of a higher hp motor to apply more torque to the ground but they will never accept it even if you throw all the math and science available to them. They believe that automotive torque exists outside of math and physics and that is what I want to make people understand.

brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

I have been trying to decide what I want to do about more information. Ideally, to calculate power, we should also measure the torque at the crankshaft with a sensor. Technically, this is possible but not applied in the automotive industry. Because of the operating conditions of the crankshaft temperatures, vibrationsmeasuring engine torque with a sensor is not a reliable technique.

Also, the cost of a torque sensor is quite high. Therefore, engine torque is measured on the full range of speed and load, using a dynamometer test benchand mapped stored into the engine control unit. Engine dynamometer schematic The dynamometer is basically a brake mechanical, hydraulic or electrical which absorbs the power produced by the engine. The most used and best type of dynamometer is the electric dynamometer. This is actually an electric machine that can be operated as a generator or motor.

Also, with the engine at fuel cut no fuel injectionthe generator can be run as an electric motor to spin the engine.

brake horsepower and relationship quizzes

This way engine friction and pumping torque losses can be measured. For an electric dynamometer, the rotor is connected to the crankshaft. The link between rotor and stator is electromagnetic.