Causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

Do I love my boyfriend? Why do I keep thinking I don't?

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

The problem is not your relationship, the problem is the thoughts. It's very sad and causing me a lot of stress because I know I love my partner and this no red flags. so I'm sure you can understand how distressing and confusing it is. breaking down the pattern in your brain, and carving out a new one. Love brings our fears (feelings such as doubt, rejection, jealousy, anger, frustration, and confusion) forward so we can set them right. As confused as you may feel in those moments, you're not. I can very easily rattle off a dozen or more reasons to not travel without them, even for very It was not an overwhelming feeling of conviction, and it certainly did not erase all my doubts and fears. I rely too much on my boyfriend · Happy New Year everyone.

Is Your Relationship Making You Sick?

Although no relationship is perfect and disagreement and arguments occur in the best of relationships, it is important to recognize the difference between what is toxic compared to what is not. Here are some characteristics of toxic relationships: When you are together you experience feeling tired and unfulfilled. The relationship causes you to feel bad about yourself, both before, during and after being together.

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

You feel threatened rather than safe when you are with this person or in this environment. You feel as if you are the one who is always giving while your partner gives little or nothing.

There is lots of drama, conflict and anxiety in the relationship.

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

Your partner is never happy, appreciative and pleased with who you are. It feels to you as though you must change to make your partner happy.

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None of this is healthy, uplifting, satisfying or pleasant. Instead, this type of thing reinforces the worst kinds of self feeling that are possible. How can being the target of constant criticism and verbal abuse possibly help anyone feel good about themselves?

Why We Go Cold On Our Partners

This can only result in feelings of frustration, inadequacy, self hate and depression. The health hazards can be serious: Of course, there are many other causes for medical health problems. The fact that a person has a heart attack does not mean that their marriage was the cause. The causes of disease are many and complex.


Unfortunately, even those in the best of marriages, friends, careers and coworkers can and do fatally ill. There is no immunity against certain facts of life. Recognition that you are in a harmful environment is only the first step.

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

The next step is to do something about it. You may choose to do the work to repair whatever aspects of your relationship are broken, or deem the situation a lost cause. So listen yourself, but with the utmost caution. Be as reasonable as your emotions will allow.

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  • Read This If You’re Having Doubts About Your Relationship

Get therapy from a trained professional, but avoid horoscopes and psychics. Cyberstalk your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife all you want, but never ever cybersnoop. Entertain every possibility—leaving, cheatingmoving, ransacking the apartment, draining the bank account—but understand the distinction between thinking, saying, and doing something.

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

Ultimately, whether you have reason to be suspicious or paranoid or hesitant—whether you and your significant other stay together, or break up—you will both be fine. Love is painful and confounding and exhausting and frustrating and overwhelmingly awesome. It leads us to places we treasure, and to places we abhor.

causes confusion and doubt in new relationship

It brings out the absolute best and worst in us. Love demands navigating sharp curves, steep hills, and some impossibly giant potholes. People grow apart because individuals evolve, often separately.