Cd4 and viral load relationship poems

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cd4 and viral load relationship poems

Some researchers in Nigeria have demonstrated how an herbal therapy could reduce the viral loads and increase CD4 counts of Human. An undetectable viral load means that the copies of HIV in his blood are so find that their status is used against them in abusive relationships. relationship with an HIV-infected partner, any anal sex without condoms . results of the first and subsequent CD4 and viral load tests, and the date This month, we print a poem by the gifted Mississippi-born physician/poet.

  • Researchers Reveal How Herbal Therapy Reduces Viral Load In HIV/AIDS Patients
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She also answered additional questions via email about HIV treatment. Answers have been edited for length. That is, HIV meds. When taken consistently and when followed closely by their doctors, people with HIV can achieve an undetectable viral load and maintain it for years. Sheen said that his viral load is undetectable.

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What does that mean? Final results of that study, released earlier this year, found that study found that not a single partner of an HIV-positive person who started treatment early and had a suppressed viral load acquired HIV from their loved one. So it may be more effective than 96 percent. But here are the basics: Studies have found this to be true in gay men, in transgender women, in non-trans straight women and in injection drug users.

cd4 and viral load relationship poems

Some have called this a chemical condom. It works, and the FDA approved it. PEP is post-exposure prophylaxis, and the idea is similar. This is why they are called "surrogate markers".

When it comes to the science of it, I can't contribute anything beyond what Tara and friends had to say. But the denialist argument around this is actually a classic example of one of my personal bugaboos concerning statistics. Details below the fold. To briefly summarize the paper: The conclusion was that while, in the aggregate data, viral load shows a very strong correlation, in individuals, load is not a good predictor.

Naturally, the denialist crowd is all over this: This is a perfect example of one of the most common errors in statistics. It's pretty easy to see why.

cd4 and viral load relationship poems

Let's take a really simple example. Suppose we've got a company with employees: The next years payroll is 4, Blood serum cholesterol levels certainly shows a strong correlation with heart disease: But my father, who has moderately high cholesterol had to have a quad bypass two years ago, or he would have died.

Going back to Darin's rant. Viral load isn't a great predictor of the onset of symptoms for individuals: What determines whether an individual will develop heart disease is a complex mix of many different factors, and we don't even know what all of them are. Treating HIV is very much the same kind of thing. We have very good aggregate data showing that the viral load correlates with the onset of the disease.

But there are many different factors involved in when an HIV infection turns into full-blown AIDS, and we don't even know what all of them are.

CD4 and Viral Load Tests: Part 1

People frequently try to use statistics to reason from the aggregate to the specific. Maybe I should have just launched another enthusiastic debunking of the distortions and outright false information put out by antivaccination advocates like Dawn Winkler. Context Plasma human immunodeficiency virus … Switzerland cf. HIV This article in PLoS Medicine investigates the difference between modern multi-drug treatment with individuals monitoring of patients in a developed country Switzerland with similar treatments using a different, non-individualized "public health" approach in South Africa, to see if there is any… Sacrifice bunt to left field: Well… I completely agree with you, I just want to clarify one thing.

This paper did not look at the onset of AIDS or symptoms. It only tried to determine the degree to which HIV viral load at presentation could predict the rate of CD4 cell decline.

I suspect that even though viral load was not a good predictor of the rate of CD4 cell decline for individuals, it would still be a good predictor for onset of AIDS.

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But, I suspect this based on the aggregate data used in this and other studies rather than individual data on viral load and AIDS progression, which is not addressed in this study. By Pharma Bawd not verified on 03 Oct permalink Another non-medical example of their type of reasoning: Because some drunk drivers arrive home safely, drunk driving must not really be dangerous.

The connection between drunkenness of driver and number of accidents isn't reliable - many people have accidents while sober, and many drunk drivers don't have accidents at all. It would be unreasonable to say that someone should call a cab on the basis of his blood alcohol level alone.

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Log in to post comments By Chris not verified on 03 Oct permalink This is somewhat off topic but funny. My favorite 'use' of statistics comes from a local newscast that I saw as a child in Wisconsin. The talking heads were discussing a new study on the effect of dietary sodium on all-cause mortality. I had never had a statistics course at that point, but I imagined a guy in some greasy spoon not putting salt on his hash brown and then promptly dropping dead. In my opinion the misapplication and misunderstanding of statistics particularly the inference from population parameters to individual outcomes is the 1 problem in scientific communication to the public.

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. By Blake Stacey not verified on 04 Oct permalink They can be twisted to say almost anything. I can't remember the exact figures but it was claimed that 1 in six men are gay.