Chihiro and haku relationship questions

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away: Friends or More? -

chihiro and haku relationship questions

Zeniba even says that her curse on Haku was broken by Chihiro's And really, I honestly feel uncomfortable thinking of Chihiro and Haku's relationship as When I finished rewatching it yesterday, I had more questions than. The main stars of the film, Chihiro and Haku, share a deep connection that becomes the Let's walk through the timeline of their relationship. The constantly changing back and forth between the two sides of Haku's identity causes confusion for Chihiro who questions Lin if there are two.

While her parents stuff their faces at a food stall, Chihiro continues on exploring. Thus, they are stuck within the realm of the spirits.

Yubaba, the bathhouse owner, is also the only one capable of restoring her parents to their original forms. From then on, young Sen makes it a mission to remember everything.

chihiro and haku relationship questions

At the same time, an amorphous spirit known as No-Face has begun showering the employees with gold, but also ends up eating quite a few workers in return: Before she disappears entirely, Zeniba warns Sen that Haku has stolen something from her, a golden seal, and that it carries a deadly curse.

In order to retrieve it from the young boy, Sen feeds Haku part of the medicinal dumpling, which causes him to vomit the golden seal up as well as an ink-like worm which is the embodiment of a curse.

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On her way, she runs into No-Face, who tries to seduce her with the riches he offered others before her. Completely flabbergasted, it continues to offer her more and more until it goes into a rage.

chihiro and haku relationship questions

Figuring out that this spirit has already eaten about ten of her co-workers by this point, Sen feeds No-Face the rest of the medicinal dumpling, which causes him to vomit everything and everyone back into the bathhouse. Zeniba actually turns out to be kind and compassionate—the exact opposite of her sister. Haku suddenly arrives and interrupts their conversation, urging Sen to return to the bathhouse. Yubaba has blamed Sen for the destruction caused by No-Face, and because of that the old woman decided to put her parents up for slaughter.

With this boost of confidence, and the support of every worker at the bathhouse, Sen faces her final challenge: Studying them carefully, she comes to the correct conclusion that none of them are her parents.

With that, her name is returned to her and she hastily returns back to the human world. Yet with her new friends, memory, and belief in herself, Chihiro is ready to face the new challenges that await her in her new home and her new life.

Like many stories by Miyazaki before this one, Spirited Away is also a coming of age tale.

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Yes, her adventures in the spirit world are only serving to further her internal growth, and her problems there directly correlate to her internal issues. She feels lost at the beginning of the film, due to moving, and the spirit world only emphasizes this through the loss of her name.

chihiro and haku relationship questions

Chihiro is in constant danger of not remembering who she is because of it and therefore remaining lost forever. I love the characters, I love the stakes, I love the stunning visuals, and I really love the mythology.

What kind of relationship did Haku and Chihiro have in Spirited Away?

Quite a while ago, I wrote the post Manga Mondays: Spirited Awayand in it I touched heavily on the Shinto themes found in this film. Haku is kind, sweet and gentle with Chihiro. He warns her to get across the river and she is unable to, he comes and finds her. When Chihiro meets him again, Haku is cold, serious, stoic, and short. He is known as the strict, cold henchman of Yubaba and is not known for his compassion that he shows only to Chihiro. He commands respect and the attention of the workers, giving orders and explaining things calmly ignoring their protests.

Haku has a different identity with Chihiro then when he is with everyone else. Haku said to Kamaji he had nowhere left to go and that as time went by he turned increasingly pale and his eyes took on a sharp gleam. Due to his knowledge of how the Spirit world works and where Boh is, he is able to bargain with her to allow Chihiro and her parents return to their world.

Yubaba suggests that what would happen if she decided to tear him to pieces after she sends Chihiro and her parents back.

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Upon learning his true name, he becomes happy and content. From this, Haku remembers that he met her when she fell into his river, dropped her shoe and carried her to shallow water. Chihiro states that her mother told her the river was drained and buildings were placed their in its stead.

Now, it is understood why Haku had nowhere left to go. He was a River god without a river and had no home to return to. Thus it made it easy for Yubaba to take advantage of his confused state to control him.

With his identity as a River god returned to him, he plans to quit his apprenticeship and return to where he came from. He can appear in human form as well as dragon form. His dragon form can be very aggressive but also appears to be able to express his emotions more clearly. His movements are always swirling and moving like the river he once was much like the River god, Chihiro encounters in the bathhouse.

chihiro and haku relationship questions