Cm punk and paul heyman relationship poems

WWE News: Paul Heyman on why CM Punk shouldn't return to WWE anytime soon

cm punk and paul heyman relationship poems

CM Punk and Paul Heyman made WWE TV must-see in had largely become obsolete, the Punk-Heyman connection was an. See more ideas about Poetry quotes, Urdu poetry and Quotes. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Wrestling Wwe, Wrestling Superstars, Cm Punk, Wrestlemania. SQUARED CIRCLE PAYBACK PAUL HEYMAN CM PUNK CURTIS AXEL RYBACK MOUNTAIN WWE STUDIOS AND HEYMAN HUSTLE PRESENT A PAUL.

Get him out of the ring! Everybody just keeps turning a blind eye! You keep turning a blind eye to it! I got that Gorilla Monsoonhe turns a blind eye to it! Everybody in that goddamn dressing room knows that I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! And if you don't like it, tough shit!!

WWE News: Paul Heyman on why CM Punk shouldn't return to WWE anytime soon

Conspiracy my ass Bret! All you want to do anytime you go in the ring is cry like a baby! I tried to go out there and help you and you threw it all away because you're a loser! It could have been you and me for the championship at WrestleManiabut you blew the whole damn thing because you're a loser!

At WrestleMania, you will quit and one of these days when it's you and me for the title, you're looking at the next champ. As Austin begins saying "At WrestleMania, Because your stones are so cold, you won't come out here and step in the ring with me myself!

You always got to jump me from behind! You haven't got the guts to come out here! Everybody knows whether it's Sycho Sid, [Sid comes out] If you think for one second that that belt belongs to you, you are wrong!

It is my belt. You know it, I know it and everybody in this building knows it! I don't know shit, crybaby! March 24[ edit ] Bret Hart: First of all, I wanna apologize. I'd like to apologize to all my fans over in Germany. I'd like to apologize to all my fans over in Great Britain. Actually, I like to apologize to all my fans all over Europe.

All over Japan and the far east. I like to apologize to my fans in the middle east. All the way as far down as South Africa. And I especially like to apologize for all my great fans in Canada. And to you, my great fans across the United States of America, to you I apologize for nothing! You know, it seems real strange to me that no matter how much I try that when I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin to a bloody pulp, I thought to myself, no matter how much I win, when I walked back to the dressing room.

I mean I took a gutless creep like Stone Cold Steve Austin and beat him to a bloody pulp even though he knows and you all know that he lost, you cheer him on the way back to the dressing room like he won! You know it didn't just start right here.

When that belt was around my waist and where it belonged. You cheered on a pretty boy like Shawn Michaels and you allowed him to screw me out of the World Wrestling Federation Championship belt.

They need someone to look up to. Not somebody who poses for girly magazines. By the way, I don't think it was a girly magazine, I think it was a gay magazine!

cm punk and paul heyman relationship poems

So I felt this calling to come back to set the record straight and clean up the World Wrestling Federation. Then I found myself stepping in the ring with Sycho Sid and your hero, your pride and joy Shawn Michaels costs me the World Wrestling Federation championship belt. Nobody did anything about it! You people didn't do anything about it. They say "Oh, don't worry about that. You can get in line with 29 other guys and you can go in the Royal Rumble. So I went in the Royal Rumble, and I won.

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I was the last legal man standing in the Royal Rumble. But again, everyone just turns their back on it. You somehow justify in your minds that Stone Cold Steve Austin won. You know, a better man would've quit. Maybe I should have quit and gone home. You did Bret, that's what you threatened. Think of your fans. And they come up with this idea for the Final Four. That sounds good to me. So I accept, I came back. Then all of a sudden, your champion, your hero, Shawn Michaels comes up with this life ending, career ending knee injury and he forfeits the title so he can go home and find his smile.

But that's okay, you people think that that's just fine. I see people in the audience crying for that. You talk about me crying. And who won the Final Four? Right in the middle of the ring, I defeated three other guys in one night. Then they come up to me and go "Well wait a minute!

You don't get to rest even though you fought three other guys, even though you're beat up and sore. You got to go in the ring and fight 6 foot 9 Sycho Sid, and defend the title. Do you think and found me forfeiting any titles? I put the title on the line and I took Sycho Sid and I tied him in a big knot right in the middle of the ring.

There he was in the Sharpshooter after being booed all the way through the match by my American wrestling fans, you somehow justify, only in America you can do this, Stone Cold Steve Austin climbs into the ring and whacks me in the back of the head with a chair.

Somehow, you justify that that's okay, that's acceptable in America. So I ask, or as you see it, I cried to Gorilla Monsoon. Give me a match with this guy who seems to be making my life a miserable hell. And then they go, "Wait, we have some even better news for you. We will give you Sycho Sid in a 15 foot high steel cage match and no one will be able to interfere in that and you will have your shot at the World Wrestling Federation championship belt because we respect you.

So I got one thing on my mind. After being screwed over by everybody in the World Wrestling Federation, after being abandoned by all you good fans right here in the United States of America, I decide that I'm going to go into this submission match with Stone Cold Steve Austin and give him every bit of what he deserves, just a good old fashioned ass whipping.

And so when I do it, when I actually take that lousy stinking hyena Stone Cold Steve Austin and beat him to a bloody pulp. You somehow find it in your hearts to abandon me and cheer for him. You know, I've proven myself so many times in the World Wrestling Federation and I've tried to be everything that you wanted me to be that it seems to me that you don't understand. You don't understand what it means to have dignity, to have poise, to bring prestige to the World Wrestling Federation, to be a man that brings a little class.

Because you rather cheer for heroes like Charles Manson and O. Nobody glorifies criminal conduct like the Americans do and all the countries around the world, they still respect what's right and what's wrong. Now that we made everything real clear with ourselves tonight, it's obvious to me that all you wrestling fans coast to coast, you don't respect me.

cm punk and paul heyman relationship poems

Well the fact is, I don't respect you. You don't deserve it. Let's get one thing perfectly straight. You can come out here and say whatever you want about me. And you don't have to explain to me or the World Wrestling Federation that you would never give up the WWF title because no one knows better than me or the WWF that it takes a hand written note from the lord almighty to take that belt from you. But Bret, what you don't understand is just because I come out here and choose to live my life openly and freely instead of putting a facade like you does not make a you a better man Bret.

I am well aware of my faults. I can admit them up and down the line. And as far as Steve Austin is concerned, Bret, I was there last night. He didn't give up, alright?


Now I'm no fan of Steve Austin but he passed out and even you have to admit somewhere in there, there's gotta be some of the old Hit Man left, even you have to admit that he is one tough S. Now Bret, I have tried and tried and tried to take the high road and I am in no shape to wrestle and I know, you're tougher than me blahblahblah, whole thing. I admit that, that's fine.

I don't have to be number one Bret. I don't obsess like you do. I do it because I like it. You do this because in your mind, marked man, you really think that all of this is yours! Now what you need to understand is that every time they reach into their pocket to watch you, me or anybody else is that they have the right to cheer or boo anybody that they want!

Now, hey, you don't have to tell me "They're cheering me now. But you didn't see me getting all bent out of shape about it. You wanna know why Bret? It's because in this country, we something that's called the first amendment. And that amendment allows us to live our lives as we sit fit as long as it's causing harm to no one. If that guy there wants to stick a belly button piercing through his navel he can do it whether you like it or not!

If that girl over there chooses to go out with someone you don't you approve of, "Tough kitty" said the kittie if she's going to do it! Now I'm going to get on my high and mighty roller coaster Bret. But you my friend, you gotta look at this, I'm in no shape to go.

But if you want to go? Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. We came within an inch of breaking the Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania. We, CM Punk, we were the best in the world. And here's part of the equation you seem to forget about-without me, there is no we.

Why did you betray CM Punk?

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Paul Heyman, you are a Judas! Because the truth is a lot harder pill to swallow, Mr. Straight Edge, than a spin on things. The truth is, you failed us when you couldn't defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. And when you went home, you found yourself. CM Punk-better than Paul Heyman. So I lied to you. You didn't want a business relationship with me, you wanted to keep it personal. So I made it as personal as I could possibly make it. Come on, you know this to be true.

cm punk and paul heyman relationship poems

Here's the truth-you have no family. You're estranged from your own mother and father, you have no wife, you have no children. All you have [indicating the crowd] is them. Sequel to 'Long Time, No See. April and Phil both fall for each other mistakingly, but do they're dreams mean more to them than each other? What will push her to do so?

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