Co dependent relationship mother and son

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co dependent relationship mother and son

This is even more relevant in the mother-son relation than it is in the . By contrast, father-child care in our culture is seldom codependent. However, paradoxically, as is often typical of co-dependency, the mother was also Co-dependency refers to an unhealthy relationship in which one person is . When my son was a teen-ager, I used to tell myself when setting limits "The. It is important to know that this mother/son relationship that seems so Usually during the courtship stage of a codependent relationship, both partners feel that.

You may not need to break up with him -- instead, try to see him as a person with limitations. Codependent relationships between mothers and sons often develop in situations where the mother is a single parent or the father is emotionally estranged, explains certified life coach and dating expert J.

The mother recreates the lost relationship via her son, causing an unhealthy dynamic.

co dependent relationship mother and son

This is a highly charged situation that you can't alter -- change must come from your partner. Knowing this may help you cope. Communicate Your partner may not realize that their codependency is hurting his relationship with you.

Be direct but calm about your feelings -- he is likely to be defensive about his mother. Meyers recommends letting him know that he should prioritize you over his mother -- at this point in your lives, it's only natural.

co dependent relationship mother and son

Again, choose your words carefully, such as, "I realize that your mother is an incredibly important part of your life. If you have other addictions such as alcoholism, the addictive tendencies can easily cross over into other forms of addictions.

co dependent relationship mother and son

While these are signs that you are a codependent parent, they are not a diagnosis. However, if you could recognize yourself and feel you might be a codependent parent, help is available.

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Make no mistake, codependency IS a disease and is classified as a relationship addiction. You might also wish to seek the help of a family or personal therapist. In the case of your child being an alcoholic or addict, the most effective parenting methods will seem contradictory and difficult, more so if you are codependent with your child.

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However, getting help for yourself will allow you to better effectively help your child. I also have major depressive disorder and slight social anxiety as diagnosed by my family practitioner.

Signs You Might be a Codependent Parent

Due to my current part-time job, I have no health care so I am lacking in the appropriate medication I need to alleviate my depressive episodes. If you were alone and had your own place and going through this, no one would feel sorry for you. You have to get up and get out and do something.

co dependent relationship mother and son

On occasion, during arguments, I would calmly point out her ways. During arguments, she would become vicious and will not give me a word an edgewise. I am not your deadbeat father so how dare you treat me that way! You know how you treat me? You treat me like my sister treats me! She acts nice and sweet when she needs something but when I need something, I always have to kiss ass!

co dependent relationship mother and son

I have to help her, you know? I help her with groceries and everything. Housework is no big deal to me. I can always count on my loving daughter.