Creative meet and greet ideas for a family reunion

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creative meet and greet ideas for a family reunion

It's family reunion season and there's nothing better than getting together with grandmas, grandpas, siblings, cousins, and 5 Bonding Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion | How Does She Family Reunion Activities, . Cover a ball in questions (be creative!) "Write biz questions on ball to toss at Spa Experience for tickets. Sometimes when families first come together, after a year of being apart, they feel a little (Only the people that meet the requirements move to a different chair.) Try some of these “getting to know you” activities: Encourage them to be creative and try to make it difficult for everyone to determine the lie. How To Plan A Meet And Greet | The Family Reunion Planners Blog. Discover ideas about Reunion Centerpieces . Family Reunion Templates Funny Family Reunion Invitation Sanchez Family Reunion, 32 Family Reunion Invitation.

Family Reunion Centerpieces & Table Decorations

While not every family reunion needs a theme to be a success, having a reunion theme gives planners a foundation on which to plan. Themes allow family reunion planners to purposefully lay out every detail of the event, whether big or small.

creative meet and greet ideas for a family reunion

A theme can help the family reunion planners in coming up with activities the majority of the family members can participate in and enjoy It also gets everyone more excited about the upcoming event, because they know it will not be just another monotonous meet-and-greet where family members have to sit down with each other, eat together, and engage in awkward conversations.

Choosing a Theme for your Family Reunion When deciding on a family reunion theme, it is important to determine possible weather conditions, as well as the location of your event. Most families schedule their reunions during the summer. This is because of the generally fair weather and more accommodating schedules, as students are not in school. Some common themes that you can incorporate into a summer family reunion include: A fun choice if your reunion is near the beach or another body of water.

Red plaid tablecloths, watermelon, lemonade, and lots of good outdoor games.

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A Fourth of July Party. Enjoy a festive American BBQ and evening fireworks with family. Planning a fall reunion? A reunion during the fall would more than likely be scheduled close to either Halloween or Thanksgiving, so these holidays can be incorporated into your own family reunion if you want a running theme. Sports Themes What about a football-related family reunion theme?

Make it a fun time, and consider these ideas: Flower pot flower pens: Using ceramic flower pots found in any garden center, paint them to match the theme. Take pens and fake flowers, attach the flowers to the pens by wrapping them with green floral tape all the way down so that the pen becomes the stem.

Family tree with pictures: Find branches and twigs that are strong, spray paint them or leave them natural color, place in a flower pot or mason jar, and clip pictures to hang from the branches.

Family Reunion Centerpieces & Table Decorations

Mason jars are one of the most versatile little things ever. They make great and easy centerpieces! Fill with water and fresh flowers, or place some stones inside with a family picture. Betta fish are gorgeous little creatures and make for some wonderful decoration!

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Fill a fish bowl with pretty stones, a little plant, and a betta. Oh, and laminate pictures to place in the fishbowl! Using personalized frame for favors, or just a bunch of different sized frames, have pictures of family embellishing every table in the venue!

creative meet and greet ideas for a family reunion

For an fun, artsy feeling, shop for frames at your local thrift store. The mix of styles will make the table decorations for your reunion more playful and affordable! Cut watermelons in half whichever way you desire, remove the melon from the inside, and use the green bowls as planters, or flip it upside down and use it to stick in some skewer treats!