Dan and runo relationship quizzes

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dan and runo relationship quizzes

Browse through and read or take thousands of dan kuso stories, quizzes, and other a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people. But to some, like Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, Alice, and Masquerade, I'm. Dan y Runo Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Couple Cartoon, Anime Couples, Fnaf, Deviantart · Bakugan .. characters? - The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Trivia Quiz. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Dan K., Runo M. - Words: 5, so much that Runo sometimes wondered if they were even a couple anymore. .. It's the stupid pop quizzes and the whole pressure of high school.

After hearing the news of the Attribute Energies being dispersed throughout New Vestroia and Earth, he entrusts Mylene Pharaoh with the duty of picking another Subterra Brawler to replace Gus in the Vexos. Soon after Mylene and Volt come back from brawling, he sees a transmission from Spectra, saying that the Vexos, Hydron and Zenoheld himself were responsible for the mess in the previous season.

This causes him to send Shadow Prove to seek out Dan and the others so that he will get the Attribute Energies first. But when he does, he realizes Spectra jammed the transporting system, making it impossible to travel to Vestal and back. This infuriates him, knowing that he is up to something. He wins and proves himself to Zenoheld.

However, Gus and Vulcan survived the final blow. However he does not brawl until Hydron loses to Dan and Spectra. He wins but Farbros was destroyed and he takes the Pyrus energy from Cross Dragonoid. When Cross Dragonoid brings the B. System into the atmosphere and absorbed all the Attribute Energies from it Zenoheld was furious and was eventually going do something about it.

In Fusion Confusion, he takes his frustration out on Hydron demanding to know whose fault it was for the destruction of the BT System. After Professor Clay told him about how he could rule over all dimensions he had Clay create the Alternative Weapon to destroy Earth and Vestal. He battled against Hydron to see who would have the throne, and won. Hydron was then jailed, along with Gus Grav.

Zenoheld stated that they were never destined to be father and son. In Ultimate Weapon, he battled Spectra, who rammed into his palace. During the entire battle he was losing, even with Assail Farbros, because later Gus joined Spectra. However, when Farbros combined with the Alternative, he overpowered both of them. Hydron then used Dryoid to trap Zenoheld until the Alternative explodes, supposedly killing all three.

He is currently mentioned by Dan in the season 3's introduction first fourteen episodesand also appeared in the next video game, Defenders of the Core along with Spectra and the other Vexos, excepted Hydron and Clay. Professor Clay Fermin[ edit ] Voiced by: He also appeared in Facing Ace with Alpha Hydranoid. Professor Clay is also credited for making the Cyber Bakugan that were intended for Prince Hydron but are being reprogramed for Spectra by Lync. He also oversaw the test run of his creation Farbros in King Zenoheld's battle with the six Ancient Warriors.

Prince Hydron[ edit ] Voiced by: He tried collecting all six of the fighting Bakugan that saved Vestroia and keep them as trophies. The Vexos continually failed to bring him Drago, the last of the six fighting Bakugan needed in his collection, as he had already in possession of Gorem, Preyas, Tigrerra, Skyress, and Hydranoid in a petrified statue form.

He is shown to have a habit of twirling his hair between his fingers. In episode 17, he may have been aware that Spectra had Drago in his hands.

He attempted to kill Spectra due to Spectra's betrayal but failed due to Spectra's own determination for power. He lost the six fighting Bakugan to the Resistance in Reunion. Volt defeats Hydron in a brawl, but Hydron starts to go insane and throws a dimensional grenade at Volt to send him to another dimension. He is almost pulled in with Volt, but escapes in the nick of time.

He then throws another dimensional grenade at Lync to send him to the same dimension as Volt. When he returns, he is looking for his father's approval, but Zenoheld ignores Hydron blaming him for his minions' failures. This causes Hydron to face his father. When he does, he loses and is put in a cell across from a shadowed figure, which is possibly Gus from the figure's blue hair. In the next episode, it did turn out to be Gus, and they had a brief conversation before the opening.

Gus later tricks Hydron, after a string of dog-related insults on Gus's part, into brawling with him.

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This breaks the doors on the cells releasing both. Before flying off, Gus says that he could have asked Hydron nicely but that would probably not work only further angering Hydron.

He is later seen making his own, escape attempt on Dryoid. He makes it to the ship with the other Bakugan Brawlers.

They forgive him and he is presumed that he was killed after ensuring that his father will not escape the blast from the ALternative's destruction. His last words were "Volt, Lync, I'll be there soon.

dan and runo relationship quizzes

She did not trust Spectra and enjoys doing things her way, but is still a loyal member of the Vexos. She becomes the leader of the Vexos after Spectra and Gus travel to Earth. Yeah, your Dan who didn't seem to give a crap about your feelings when he left you. The blue haired girl rested her chin on her palm, staring at the green eyed boy. The first one, we-the six people that made up our little group of friends-were all included.

It was fun and then we took a break for about three years. A new adventure shows up and he leaves with two of our other friends without hesitation. He comes back and apologizes and then leaves again. He comes back for a while so we can help him plan the next step and then he leaves with his new friends.

After he accomplishes that mission, he comes back to relax when something comes up and he spends all his time in a video game-literally, in it. On top of that, he moves to another continent. When he's done with that, I got to visit and help out for a while. And just when everything is calm and he can finally settle down, he leaves with his partner so they can give other people chances to have adventures.

Now it's been almost six months and he suddenly calls me like nothing's happened. You waited for him and clearly loved him all through it, no matter how much you obviously wanted to strangle the bastard. Now he's back and expecting you to fall back in his arms like you're his housewife.

Aren't you sick of doing that? Make him feel what he did to you; go on your own adventure and show him you can be just as adventurous as he is. Why waste your time on someone who can't appreciate a loving girlfriend who's willing to stay faithful to him no matter what?

Prove to him that he needs you more than you need him because you don't seem like the kind of girl to go down just because of a clueless guy who can't sort out his priorities. The former Haos brawler stared at the card on the table, cleverly blended in with the cash he left.

On it was his name and a number, along with a scrawled, Dan Kuso doesn't deserve someone like you…Runo Misaki of the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers. How do I make it up to Runo? She was a complete mess when you left, crying and refusing to leave her house…after she had calmed down and stopped threatening to kill you, of course. He couldn't remember a time when he wasn't the reason why she was crying, besides when they found out the Bakugan had to return to Vestroia back when they were twelve.

Dan's expression fell, a sadness forming in his eyes. She's not the same hotheaded girl that would die for you. A part of Runo will always love you, I know that, but you didn't really think you could just show up and expect her to forgive you just like that?

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Shun sighed, closing his eyes. I spoke to her a week ago; she wasn't sure if you loved her as much as you loved her…" "But I do," interrupted Dan, head in his hands.

I thought that she would try and drive me away if I stayed too close so I left. What the hell had he done? Why was she so giddy? She jumped when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, pulling it out and seeing it was yet another text from Julie. So how's the date going? Is he a good kisser?: Runo flushed, glaring at her phone as she texted back. It's not a date, Julie; stay out of my love life! The last time you meddled with it, I got my heart broken by the guy you wanted!

The blue haired girl huffed as she shoved her phone back in her pocket just as Yuto returned with two mugs. His warm smile turned to a worried one as he noticed her scowl.

Runo sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose tiredly. Why would I start dating right away and who would be crazy enough to date me?

dan and runo relationship quizzes

Any guy would have to be blind not to see how…feminine you look. The blonde shrugged, unabashedly smiling. She's terribly jealous too, and would literally kill me if I had said something else.

Actually no, I just didn't want to make things awkward. At his raised eyebrow, she sighed and added, "I never really cared; I knew who I was and my friends' opinions were all I cared about. That should be the case for everyone but…I guess people just want others to like them and girls are a bit more sensitive about that. I mean, I will never be that slutty girl with too short skirts that looks like she's been gang banged by Crayola…" Yuto choked on his drink, laughing.

I guess that's why girls are so insecure. Guys, with you, all you do is grow and have major voice changes…among other things, I'm sure. However, girls are suddenly not so little and are growing more noticeably than the boys…" Yuto glanced over at her and she threw another wadded napkin, her face tinged pink.

She made it close enough to make her point and he yelped, leaning back and closing his legs. Being embarrassed insecure to wanting to remove his manhood with a rusty spoon and then to grabbing him into a broom closet and kissing him senseless?

dan and runo relationship quizzes

A spark ignited in her aquamarine eyes as she snarled, "Never, ever bring up my relationship with him…ever. The blue haired girl huffed as she tossed him back before smiling brightly. Yuto grabbed his coat and took her scarf off the chair so he could help wrap it around her neck. Runo smiled warmly, her eyes absently glancing out the window.

And her heart stopped.

dan and runo relationship quizzes

His face was bright red with anger, much like his daughter's, and he was shaking while his wife tried to calm him down. The lunch rush customers looked startled, turning to the nervous brown haired boy cowering by the door.

You're frightening the customers. His hand was on the doorknob. Dan swallowed hard as he gathered his courage, stepping forward. I never meant to break her heart, honestly. I always thought I didn't deserve someone as smart and beautiful as her…I thought that if I pushed her away, she would realize that too…" "I always thought that too," gruffed Tatsuo, obviously reluctant to admit they agreed on something.

It would be easier if she broke up with me, so it would hurt her. I was wrong, sir. I love Runo with every ounce of my heart and the only thing I will regret in my life is ever letting her go. Please…may I have permission to at least speak to her…and possibly date her, if she will take me? Finally, he said almost silently, "Damn. You think I have any control over my daughter, especially about things she's determined about.

My daughter, her friends, that Yuto boy, or me.

However, Tatsuo was already gone. As the murmurs returned from the costumers, Suki walked over and gently squeezed his shoulder as she gave him a motherly smile. How badly have I messed things up? Julie says that he's her new boyfriend but with that girl, you never know. The best advice I can give you is to go and find her and hope you are not too late.

Tell her what you told us, and she will eventually forgive you. Tatsuo will never admit it, but he likes you. She's been so calm and though that's normally a good thing with people…we know our daughter and she enjoys the feeling of getting worked up as much as you do. It never occurred to him that it began snowing or that he was wearing a thin jacket with already slightly wet jeans from kneeling in the snow earlier at Shun's. All that mattered to him was finding Runo and fix their broken relationship.

Three hours later, Dan was leaning on a lamp post as he huffed. The snow had fallen hard and his clothes were drenched. The fact that he had tripped five times and face planted in the snow each time did not help. He was exhausted and just wanted to go home and scream at the world, but he couldn't do that.

which couple is for you perfect?

He had to find her, had to make it up, had to see her again. Dan let out a low curse as it began snowing again, noticing for the first time that it had gotten dark.

He really, really didn't want to but he had to head him soon or his mother would worry. The brown haired boy forced himself off the lamp post and began walking down the icy sidewalk, rubbing his arms through the wet, thin jacket. Dan backpedalled, oak colored eyes wide with shock.

He had found her; he had found his love…who was being wrapped in a scarf by some guy with sandy blonde hair. She was smiling, the smile falling as her eyes widened when she noticed him. The boy, too, glanced over and a confused look crossed his handsome features. He said something to Runo and she only nodded numbly, eyes stuck on his.

Dan felt his heart break and he suddenly turned and ran, wiping his teary eyes. He thought Shun had been kidding and he hadn't really paid attention to what Suki had said. His love wasn't his anymore. What could he say to her now?

Her voice sounded broken, angry, and happy at the same time. He could tell she was in tears, from her beautiful melodious tone. Yet again, he had made her cry. Then…there was nothing but black. Her main focus was on finding Dan before he did something stupid in his emotionally wrecked state. The snow seeped through her jeans and boots, soaking her skin with the cold but she didn't care one bit or even notice for that matter.

It had been broken, a bit blue from the cold, a bit red from obvious physical exhaustion, and it had been white from the shock. Most of all though, his oak eyes had been filled with just one emotion. Usually, it was filled with fire and determination. All she had seen was desperation, desperation to find her, desperation to apologize, desperation to save himself from heartbreak. Runo huffed at the cross light, out of breath.

dan and runo relationship quizzes

There was no sign of him anymore and she punched the pole. She spun on her heels and began running in the opposite direction, swearing under her breath for her own idiocy. The oak tree in the park, the park they had first met, was where they had their first kiss. Where they had first said their 'I love you's.

Where they had their final battle, where she had thrown the ball at age seven. Where it all began. Runo skidded on drenched shoes, sliding a little as she spotted the red and brown lump in the snow near the said tree.

She couldn't help it. A choked laugh was let out, along with a shuddering sob as she raced over to where Dan laid. The stupid idiot that had stolen her heart had run straight into the tree, if the purple lump on his head was of any proof. She kneeled in the snow, ignoring the cold as she held his head in her lap. His eyes were closed but she could hear him breathing, if a bit shallowly.