Dara and gd relationship

Fans Compiled Evidence That G-Dragon and Dara Are DatingFor A Noble Cause - Koreaboo

dara and gd relationship

He is, at this moment, in the brink of losing a relationship he had for the last three DARA WILL STAY AT GD'S SIDE, HOPEFULLY GD CLEARS EVERYTHING. Sandara Park and G-Dragon has long been under the speculation that by his name, G-Dragon, have been speculated to be on a relationship. One of the reports even tells that the pictures show G-Dragon kissing Dara as. A complete list of G-dragon's dating rumours over the years! of GD's oldest dating rumours – with longtime VIPs swearing that their relationship solidified after GD's Heartbreaker album after GD and Dara performed 'Hello'.

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dara and gd relationship

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