Darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

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darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

Darth Vader: 15 Dark Secrets Even Die-Hard Fans Never Knew . In Revenge of the Sith, Chancellor Palpatine told a story about Darth Plagueis, a Sith Lord than his powers and mechanical suit, it's his relationship with Luke Skywalker as the Jedi's father. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. From the opening moments, the introduction of Darth Vader, and the The duo of Darth Sidious and Darth Plagueis was a deadly one. . All good high fantasy stories have romantic relationships that are worth watching. This Simple Grey's Anatomy Quiz Will Reveal Which Of The Guys We Get To Marry!. Emperor Palpatine is probably one of the most interesting characters in Darth Vader is of course the main character of the Star Wars series when .. The relationship between Sith Lord and apprentice is a very peculiar one.

Force Choke Jedi Mind Trick Scorpion Kick Darth Vader, although typically seen as less powerful than his master, also had quite a few tricks up his sleeve Vader was the right hand of the emperor, and he could come crushing down on unwary victims at a moment's notice. There was something menacingly direct about Vader's attack style, although he did have some interesting force moves which he used at certain moments.

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But what is considered Darth Vader's "signature" force move? You got the feeling that his cybernetic helmet actually made it somewhat hard to talk. There was also the heavy breathing which gave the impression it was hard for him to use his throat. But he did have a few amazing lines, and almost all of them have become iconic, much repeated words in the Star Wars lexicon. This one in particular stands out.

But can you complete this iconic quote? Lord Vader Darth Plageis Count Dooku Annakin might have been the most famous Jedi to ever turn to the dark side, but he definitely wasn't the first.

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There was another Jedi who was trained by the user of the light side of the force. This Jedi even trained other Jedi, before he was seduced by Darth Sidious, becoming his apprentice. Like many other of Sidious' apprentices, he too met a grisly fate and was killed in the end. But do you actually know this Jedi's name? These rules have been passed down over thousands of years, and govern many different aspects of the Sith's life.

One of the most important of these rules dictates how many Sith there should be in total.

darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

This law wasn't always in effect, but at a certain point it was deemed to be necessary. But how many Sith can there be at one time? In the brief time he was alive, we saw that he was a very independent person who was not afraid to go against the Jedi council when he thought it was necessary.

This was a very exciting time for Star Wars fans everywhere, and people got even more excited when they saw the newest villain: This rather striking Sith Lord looked impressive and extremely dangerous. During the film, he proved himself to be worthy of going toe-to-toe with not only one Jedi, but two.

His lightsaber was particularly interesting.

darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

But what was different about his Light Saber? He seems to be a worthy villain, but we will have to see if he can fill the large shoes of Lord Vader.

He's definitely evil enough, and has a helmet to match that of his grandfather yes, Vader is his Grandfather.

darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

But is Kylo Ren really a Sith Lord? Or is he just plain evil? At this moment, he knew that Emperor Palpatine was the Sith Lord the Jedi had been looking for, and he also knew that a group of Jedi were heading to arrest this man. He also happened to be one of the few Jedi who survived Order This was so he could guard the Chosen One.

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In official canon, only Ben Solo exists but, in the Legends canon, they had other children along the way. Question 33 Rey Jyn Erso Star Wars has just recently gotten into the habit of having female characters as their protagonists. The Force Awakens saw the introduction of Rey as the newest Force user. Question 34 Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy? Prequel Trilogy Original Trilogy The original Star Wars trilogy spawned a million fans who have continued to this day. The prequel trilogy nearly snuffed them out.

He seems intrigued by the boy's strength with the force, even if he doesn't realize that Luke is actually his son. When he does finally realize the truth, everything changes.

In the third film, Luke and Vader's interactions with each other are mostly cordial and respectful, with Luke still holding onto hope that his father can become good again. Some have theorized that because Leia is not strong with the force, Vader can't pick up on her "signature".

darth sidious and vader relationship quiz

He couldn't truly sense her presence and her connection to his bloodline. Or maybe he does realize the truth, and he just doesn't care. This is an unthinkable act for a father to do to his own daughter.

Vader's connection to the dark side is fully illustrated with this horrific act and it's clear that he has no problem with unleashing his evil desires on Princess Leia.


If you think about it, it was his love and deep attachment to his wife that ultimately drove him to the dark side. Was Anakin always destined to fall to the dark side? It's interesting to think about. Both Jedi were born with an unbelievably high connection the force and, if there was one person who was capable of besting Vader, it was Yoda.

But like Mace Windu, Yoda represented many of the failures of the Jedi Order and he failed to recognize Anakin's intense inner turmoil. He also failed to help Anakin when he needed it most. Furthermore, Yoda was dismissive of Anakin on more than one occasion. First, he was reluctant to even allow Anakin to train with the Jedi Order as a young boy. Secondly, he was never very supportive of Anakin's role on the Jedi council. All these things created something of a rift between the two Jedi and Vader undoubtedly still harbors some resentment towards the famous Jedi.

This Sith fighter was actually Darth Vader's secret apprentice, and his life was very interesting indeed. While Vader was a cruel and brutal master to this young student, he also showed rare moments of compassion towards Galen. This was perhaps more emotion than he showed anyone else in the galaxy.

Darth Vader took on Galen as a student because he needed help to overthrow Darth Sidious. He knew he wasn't powerful enough to do it on his own and he needed help.