David and hilary relationship goals

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david and hilary relationship goals

Behind the scenes facts about 'Love It or List It' stars Hilary Farr and David Visentin Visentin, who is a real estate agent, is tasked with the goal of . While they may share an almost couple-like quality on the show, they are. The media is pointing that Hilary Farr was once married to her husband Gordon Farr, The relationship between Hilary & David Visentin. Edmund Hillary (left) and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the Excerpted From "50 Years on Everest," by Contributing Editor David Roberts.

Bring on even more Farr and Visentin! That's not the case for Farr and Visentin. These hosts are pros at more than just interior design and real estate. They both have some intense athletic skills to add to the resume. Farr is both a swimmer and diver. Speaking with W Networkhe said, "My dad is very athletic and still plays soccer at the age of 79! I grew up knowing the value of taking care of myself physically to do the things I love to do.

Seriously what can't they do?

Love It or List It's Hilary Farr and David Visentin on Competition and Chemistry | jingle-bells.info

And as for their bucket list, Farr wants to go skydiving someday. Well, she can go to Visentin for advice, as he already took that plunge in his early twenties. Speaking with Post City TorontoFarr had only good things to say about her relationship with co-host Visentin. We are exact opposites. We adore each other. We make each other laugh a lot. And Farr is not alone in these thoughts.

Visentin makes similar statements. While interviewing Farr, VH1 Celebrity even addressed the couple-like tension between her and Visentin, and Farr's answer was perfect. It's not thought through. I'm glad that people enjoy it. Both hosts have had a bit of the acting bug in the past and that experience is clear when you see them on Love It or List It. Visentin did high school theater and was also on a television show called My Parent's House.

The love for acting also was a family trait. He later told The Arizona Republic"Not only does real estate run in the family, but both my brothers and sister have done theater! It was a dream extension for me to take my real-estate skills and confidence in front of the camera and put them together for the show. And she hasn't been just in front of the camera. More Farr on Broadway and in movies please! Sharing is caring, and since they have similar taste in food, Visentin and Farr are happy to share with each other.

So that must mean they really care about each other, right? They call it "The Morning Smoothie," and shared during the interview that this breakfast staple includes kale, cilantro, lemon juice, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. And when it comes to favorite food? Yep, you guessed it — they share the same fave cuisine, too.

Things you didn't know about Hilary Farr and David Visentin

Both go straight for Italian. Visentin shared with W Network that the dish he can eat all day is "pasta with every kind of edible seafood known to man. Although Love It or List It is an overall upbeat show, it still covers a stressful topic. Home purchasing and design work is expensive, and definitely not easy, and Farr and Visentin have become the target of some of those homeowners' frustrations. People get very honest when you're spending their money, and it's not going the way they want it to.

She spoke more about this with Post City Torontosaying, "It's very different than a real renovation, and usually you would hold their hand every step of the way. It's a shock for them the next time they see their home. It's ripped apart, and I'm usually giving them bad news. They don't have a lot of time to prepare and they're on-camera. When Visentin came in to audition for the show they loved him. At the time of casting Curry was in close proximity to Farr. So have a look for her next time you watch.

Ballet origins Prior to falling in love with interior design, Farr dreamed of being a ballet dancer. While growing up in London, England, she was enrolled in the prestigious Royal Ballet School at a young age. However, her career as a dancer was not meant to be as at the age of 11 she quickly shot up like a tree.

Her new-found height made it apparent ballet would not be her future.

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Thus, she began staging homes in Toronto so that potential buyers would want to put down an offer sooner rather than later. By being the first to start staging homes, she paved the path for future designers. She loves volunteering Farr also loves to travel, and embarked on a trip to Africa in Instead of going the normal tourist route she did something slightly off the beaten track and extremely admirable.

She decided to assist a veterinarian who was a Quaker Pastor in the area. She worked as his Veterinarian Technician and helped vaccinate a number of dogs in the community who needed it.

Good work on and offscreen. Perhaps this helped to give her a love of travel, but also the drive to work in multiple locations. This continues to shine through as she is a firm advocate against elephant poaching and is a champion for the VETPAW organization which is actively engaged in putting an end to elephant poaching.

Nothing like being involved in a worthwhile cause. Check out their Instagram and you can get involved too. You guessed it — Farr! She was a lead in one of the Broadway productions of the comedy. The plot involved a London cab driver with two lives, two wives, and a juggling act to keep them both separate from each other.

Farr has been on the big screen, the little screen and the stage… what does that leave? Farr used to be a competitive netball player in England, and continues to be involved in swimming and diving. Visentin is also a swimmer but more on the competitive side of things. He competes in swimming events and triathlons. Farr can often be seen jogging around on location as well. Visentin on the little screen While he has spent over 16 years in the real estate world, he also spent some time learning the ropes of the acting world.

Back in high school he was very involved in the theater program, and it did not stop there. Maybe there will be some more appearances in the future… watch out Hollywood. Their true feelings Does that faux onscreen rivalry filter down in to their personal interactions with each other? The answer is a resounding no. The two love each other, in a totally platonic way that is. Offscreen they are the best of friends and have nothing but glowing things to say about each other.

The two genuinely enjoy the banter and sense of humor each one brings to the table.

david and hilary relationship goals

While they may share an almost couple-like quality on the show, they are definitely not one! Visentin is married with a son Visentin married longtime girlfriend Krista Grycko back in at a very small and private ceremony in Canada.

david and hilary relationship goals

The couple have one son — Logan. He has largely kept his family out of the spotlight, and his wife keeps a very low profile with their son.