Dicaprio and scorsese relationship quizzes

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dicaprio and scorsese relationship quizzes

DiCaprio said that director Martin Scorsese was “constantly laughing” on “My relationship with Jordan from an actor's perspective was great. Leonardo DiCaprio is Warner Bros' first choice to play The Joker, and the studio want Martin Scorsese to convince him. Maybe it's a good working relationship that keeps these directors and . goes in the same places that I want to go,” Scorsese said of DiCaprio.

Cue, as DiCaprio calls it, the story of "a modern day Caligula". Speaking from his native New York, the year-old Scorsese still seems fascinated by the depths to which the now year-old Belfort would stoop in the pursuit of ever more cash. Belfort, from whose memoir the film is adapted, consulted on the movie and has a cameo in it.

I was fascinated by their ignorance, and I wanted to know why they were acting that way.


He just couldn't seem to resist taking advantage of people. That seemed to come so naturally to him.

dicaprio and scorsese relationship quizzes

It's all about accumulating more, and doing what is best for you, in spite of how it affects anyone else. So it's very important to analyse his nature," adds DiCaprio, whose portrayal of Belfort exudes a brutish animalism that keeps the viewer interested, in spite of the character's off-putting bargain-basement persona. That is very representative of our times. We are living in a bizarre time.

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There are Roman-style orgies with dancing prostitutes, lowbrow escapades with sex and drugs, and crude and offensive behaviour that involves all manner of bodily parts. In one scene, Belfort is so high, that he doesn't realise he has crashed his car.

dicaprio and scorsese relationship quizzes

The obscenities keep coming thick and fast, because that's how the misguided characters lived their lives, Scorsese says. But I said, that is the point - it was always there for the characters if they wanted it. If they wanted coke and sex, it was always there, and that's why we filmed it like that. Though The Wolf of Wall Street is often laugh-out-loud funny, it is no comedy. Though their work has often been box-office gold, apparently the duo receives plenty of flack for constantly relying on each other.

Their working-in-tandem relationship sparked from their first meeting in a coffee shop in Alfred Hitchcock A Certain Cinema Hitchcock is known to have had many turbulent relationships with actresses, but when it came to actors, he had two favorites: James Stewart and Cary Grant, who each starred in four of his films.

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Regardless of his two leading favorites, the man to appear in the most Hitchcock films six was Leo G. Carroll, who never got a starring role. Cameron and Bill Paxton's working relationship spans almost 20 years. The actor has appeared in five Cameron films, including The TerminatorTitanic and, most recently, Ghosts of the Abyss Paxton's not the only actor Cameron has used more than once: Cameron has also worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on four films, including True Lies and two movies in the Terminator franchise.

Schwarzenegger and Cameron cemented their long-lasting friendship over lunch when it was decided that Schwarzenegger would play the cyborg villain instead of a human hero. The reason the ensemble continues in the movies is because those are the people that can do that kind of work. Howard has another frequent collaborator he's known for much longer: Clint has appeared in 17 of Ron's projects, beginning with Old Paint when Clint was just 10 years old.

Through almost five decades of working together, the brothers have had at least one disagreement: During the election, Ron supported Obama, but Clint didn't. During their three collaborations in that decade, the duo was interested in experimenting with improvisation and delving into the dark side of the male psyche.

Scorsese has been building a similar working relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio; De Niro was the one who introduced the two.

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The name refers to the real-life Cornetto ice cream brand that is also featured in the films. Each movie has a scene where one of the main characters purchases a flavor that is indicative of the movie: Shaun of the Dead uses strawberry to represent blood and gore, while characters in Hot Fuzz eat the original blue flavor as an homage to the popular police uniform color.

The last film in the trilogy—The World's End, which will be released October 25, —will use mint chocolate chip. Maybe the reason this foursome keeps coming back for more is because of the ice cream?