Dog flirt pole for sale

Flirt Pole:

dog flirt pole for sale

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Braided Fleece Lure - Durable Dog Toy for Fun Obedience. Buy Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Fleece Lure Dog Toy, Regular, Blue & Aqua at FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!. Where to Buy a Flirt Pole, if DIY isn't your thing: 1. Outward Hound makes a lightweight one (a good option for smaller dogs or smaller yards).

D You liked it! Report Good toy, but would be better with a tweeter By 3pups on Dec 20, Ziggy loved the cat toy that made a little Tweety sound, so I sacrificed it and tied it to the end of this toy, and it is a hit. I tried playing without the Tweety and he had no interest.

dog flirt pole for sale

Some days it really gets him going, some days nothing. Report My dog went crazy! By mrsbutler on Nov 28, This toy is the best way to relieve some energy in your dog! She goes crazy when i bring this out, and won't let it go when she catches it.

Don't have the drop command down I have to hide it when we are not playing with it. I had purchased a different style previously that our aussie loves but the shepherd wasn't interested. He is now obsessed with this toy.

It's not only great for play but also for training. He hasn't been the best "dropper" and it was difficult to train him to recall when he was in full chase mode as I can't control a squirrels movements.

  • The Flirt Pole: Dog Toy or Life Changer?
  • Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Fleece Lure Dog Toy

Using this as a training tool, he now recalls instantly! Report Our favorite play toy! By Sara on Nov 24, My dog loves this flirt pole! The product is still in good condition too, after months of use.

This thing is sturdy and well made, I love that the rope is a bundgy cord.

dog flirt pole for sale

It holds up well and both my small dog and large dog love it! Report Best invention for strong pit bulls By Janet on Aug 24, After going through all kinds of tough toys that my pit bull would have destroyed in minutes including the super ratted tough toys, even the large solid kong toys, after a real truck tire that he also destroyed This toy takes the cake by far.

Great opportunity to play with your dog and get him some great exercise. I have this the longest out of all toys purchased after several years.

Flirt Pole V2

My dog loves the quality time together and it turns out its great exercise, and he will be clam the rest of the night cause he is now in sleep mode. He loves this toy, I just wish the fabric attatched was a little stronger, but its still excellent You liked it! Fast shipping Love this Flirt Pole!

It is durable and easy to use and great fun for our dogs. It helps us teach control and positioning.

Squishy Face Flirt Pole V2 Orange/Yellow 36 inch: Pet Supplies

I have never had a dog damage it as I have with other poles. My dogs LOVE their flirt pole! Posted by Rachael on 5th Mar Wonderful website, great customer support, fast delivery and spectacular product!

Posted by Sally Zinkhan on 14th Feb This flirt pole is made so well even the heaviest tuggers won't wear it out.

dog flirt pole for sale

I especially like the bungee cord. Best Dog Toy Ever! Posted by Lea Ann on 2nd Oct Exercise, entertainment, and training all in one! Posted by Becky on 24th Sep This is a great toy for our american bulldog. In fact, she loves it so much that she gets mad when u stop playing with it with her! It sure tires her out, which is a very good thing! It tires out dogs quickly. I use it to work on self control and practice stays.

How To Make a Flirt Pole

I also use it at my day care program with dogs that don't play with other dogs. Once they get the game they generally really like it. I recommend this product to anyone! Coming up in the dog training in the street I looked for different ways of running a dog and I have spent countless hours trying different things. When I came across this I felt like all my problems were answered. I am so happy that I have the flirt pole to use thank you squishy face for inventing the very best exercising told the dog training industry has ever seen.

When we have busy dogs that need to burn off energy we will spend 15 to 20 minutes playing with this toy and it exhausts them. This is way more effective than a walk. It challenges them both physically and mentally. It is by far the best toy for big guys like pit mixes.

Flirt Pole

Really drains them of aggression of any kind. She loves the interaction with whoever is on the other end of the toy.

Just cant say enough good things about this toy! My dog loves to chase the lure, and I love giving him exercise without wearing myself out when I am too tired for a long walk.

It is also a good toy for the handler. The handler learns how to observe his dog. He learns just when to pull it out to of his dog's at the correct time so to begin the play again. I recommend it to everyone! I don't have time to go on long walks and I'm not a runner so this thing is a life saver!

With Vala still being a puppy she still has lots of energy so we play twice a day. We don't play in the rain so if it rains for a couple days I notice a HUGE difference in her behavior.

She gets into everything if she doesn't get her energy out. She likes to play rough so the bungee cord ended up breaking in February lasted about months. I sent an email explaining what happened and asking if I could buy a replacement cord, which unfortunately wasn't available.

However, since it was within the one year warranty time frame they sent me a new one for free!