Double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quotes

Double Indemnity Movie Quotes

QUOTES · Top Greatest Film Quotes · Great Film Quotes By Decade · 50 Great . Neff remembers what Keyes had said about the end of the line, death and a prime suspect for the Dietrichson murder), his own double-crossing nature surfaces. . In one of his final acts, Neff restores the status quo of their relationship. Except for brief opening and closing sequences, "Double Indemnity" is a confession Walter Neff to Barton Keyes, Claims Manager, L.A. July 16, In the novella, the story unfolds as a two-person relationship between. Double Indemnity Quotes Double Indemnity - Fav. Comment. Add Topic . Walter Neff: [takes a match of his own and lights Keyes' cigar] I love you, too.

Dietrichson and his wife, with whom he plotted the first murder.

double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quotes

Neff is not confessing to the police or to the family of the victims; he is confessing to Keyes Edward G. Robinsona man with he has an intimate personal and work relationship. Film pus forth a model of male friendship that is wrecked by the intrusion of a woman Barbara Stanwyck.

Both man male characters, Neff and Keyes, are single adult men, who have a symbiotic working friendship that is upset by the events of the film. Both men are considered to be at the top of their profession, in this way they are doubles.

They both believe they can outsmart the company they work for.

Double Indemnity Quotes

Neff tries to cheat it out of money, while Keyes believes he can run the company better than the executives. Despite this seemingly antagonist relationship, they work well together.

At one point, Keyes even tries to have Neff work for him as his assistant. Keyes trusts Neff as a peer he even vouches for him when the company suspects him of being involved with the Dietrichson murder.

The relaxed Neff has a calming effect on the excitable Keyes. At the very end, the roles are reversed. They communicate on two different levels. Neff shows his affection for Keyes, verbally.

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He mentions on three occasions that he loves Keyes, twice in the beginning and once at the end. Keyes tries to show his affection by giving him things, when he offers Neff the job early in the film and when he offers him a martini at the end. The fissure between the two men was caused by Phyllis Dietrichson. You could argue that this is just a physical attraction. Phyllis used her beauty and feminine wiles to get what she wants female privilege??

But isn't attraction what love is based off of? When you like something about a person, whether it be their looks, actions, or other traits, isn't that what makes a person initially fall in love? By the end it is clear that Walter doesn't love her Spoiler: I do believe that at the beginning of the movie Walter is in love, or is on his way to being in love, with Phyllis and that is why he went along with her plan.

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Phyllis admits at the end of the movie that she never cared for Walter. She says she never loved him "until a minute ago, when I couldn't fire that second shot.

She has to know that nothing good will happen to her unless Walter is dead, but she still can't bring herself to make the final shot. Phyllis' initial intentions were to manipulate Walter into helping her gain what she wanted, freedom fro her marriage and the money that she could get out of it.

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These stayed her intentions up until her final meeting with Walter where something changed. I don't know what did it, but in that moment Walter mattered more to her than the money and she couldn't shoot. This is just another plot point that is influenced by love. Whether or not that love was a good or bad thing is up to interpretation, but you can't say it's not there.

Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love. Someone who has love, but is still pitied, is Lola, Phyllis' step-daughter. Dietrichson was killed, Lola goes to Walter Neff because she wants to share her ideas that her step-mother was behind it. Neff Initially spends time with her to keep her from going to the police, but then he continues to see her because he feels bad about what she went through.

double indemnity neff and keyes relationship quotes

Neff gets to know Lola because he pities her and he feels some guilt for what has happened. Neff's pity for Lola is very important for building his character and building the plot, so how could pity not exist?