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Find out what it is in our Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes review. by the other kids and finding herself always at the receiving end of one of Mother time you try to combine items that have no relationship with each other. Harvey's New Eyes has an intriguing and heart-tugging story to tell, if one Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes would be one such game, and it is . the relationship between returning characters, such as the titular Edna and Harvey. but it should be added that at the end of the game, the player might be. [1] Harvey's New Eyes is a sequel to Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. This causes the game to have three different endings: she stabs Marcel, she confirms she is ill .. and Joseph Barbeau, who was a public relations executive for Mobil Oil.

Even the theme song, performed with an adroitly disturbing touch by the same artist who did the brilliant Deponia title track, is excellent, if somewhat more sinister than slapstick this time around. That actually sums up the entire game quite nicely. At first blush, Harvey's New Eyes looks like a light-hearted cartoon romp that will follow closely in the comedy footsteps of Deponia, but it really isn't.

It's surreal, it's shocking at times, it's profoundly bizarre, but while there are one or two laugh-out-loud moments, it's just not funny. It's possible that something was lost in translation from its original German, but intentional or not, this is a very dark and disquieting game.

Only two technical issues popped up during my time with the game, both related to subtitles, one which was still in German and another that was completely absent, and if that seems like a minor quibble it's only because there's very little of any significance to complain about. Harvey's New Eyes is well-produced, technically solid and fascinatingly weird. It's definitely not for everyone, particularly those of you who are sensitive about things like, say, driving children to suicide.

But as a freakadelic trip down a brazenly strange rabbit hole, there's just nothing else like it. Harvey's New Eyes is deep, dark and twisted.

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If that's your thing, this is your game. There, she finds a note from Edna saying she's fine. However Lilli finds her owl whistle still at the hideout and she knows that Edna never goes off without it, showing that Edna is in trouble. Lilli goes to the bridge and finds out that Edna was caught by Dr Marcel's minons. She is also caught by them in the process, but the minions are frightened by the sight of Phantom behind Lilli, and they run away.

Lilli eventually makes it to the asylum and hopes to find Edna soon before she falls into a hole. The Asylum Edit After awakening from the fall, Lilli sneaks into the underground sewers beneath the asylum where she is chased by the Phantom. Lilli escapes the Phantom and makes it into the asylum grounds. After breaking the sixth restriction block touching sharp objectsshe uses a sharp object to evade the Phantom who holds the Harvey doll which he drops. There in the cell she's in, she meets many of the inmates Edna only the Washing Maniac is new had met who are now free to do whatever they want after Dr.

Marcel losing interest in his obsession with finding Edna and with making Harvey dolls.

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Lilli agrees to play a fantasy role-playing game with some of the inmates where she gets rid of the anger mental block and the Goblin King, who was the one that prevented her from seeing the bodies of the people she had killed. Lilli becomes horrified but embraces the new discovery to help her rescue Edna while taking the fallen Harvey doll once she escapes the cell. She encounters the Phantom again who reveals himself to be Dr. Marcel's neglected older son who claims his life was ruined by his brother Alfred's death though Lilli doesn't know what he's talking about having not been in the previous game.

The Phantom claims that when Alfred died, their dad started ignoring him even more. Saying all that, actually shaking off your hypnosis and getting back your free will involves entering a trance world populated by gnomes and is a very welcome and surreal addition to the game.

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As with the gnomes that paint all the dead bodies in the game neon pink, the trance world is an escape from reality. It also feels like here is where the plot actually picks up pace, after some meandering in the first act for a little too long. A click of the space bar and everything you can interact with will be highlighted, which is fantastic for those of us used to pixel-hunting for hours on end.

Ultimately, this will mainly appeal to your average point and click enthusiast. Those with a decent sense of humour will find plenty to be happy about, and you can get it for pennies in the Humble Weekly Sale right now. It turns out that Discworld was the perfect preparation all along. Although Edna is a much more forgiving game that at least sticks to logic most of the time, the tone and grim humour are so very British that I was surprised the team behind it are actually German.