Elizabeth of york and henry vii relationship

The Romance of Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York

elizabeth of york and henry vii relationship

Their faith is another element of Henry and Elizabeth's relationship that Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen: The Story of Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth of York (11 February – 11 February ) was the wife of Henry VII and the first Protector in order to keep power within her family, and so Gloucester opted to take steps to isolate his nephews from their Woodville relations. When Elizabeth met Henry Tudor, it was shortly after his defeat of her there is no evidence of an inappropriate relationship between them.

While Edward and Elizabeth lost two children in infancy, they had been remarkably lucky in producing healthy children who survived the nursery. Her hair was described as pale blonde and her eyes, which were open, as light blue, though they turned to dust almost immediately after being exposed to the elements. Morbid, perhaps, but it gives a good indication of what Cecily and the rest of her siblings looked like.

In Elizabeth of York’s Shadow: Cecily of York, Lady Welles – Rebecca Starr Brown

The following April it was Edward himself who passed away, prematurely and tragically for his family. Edward V was conveyed to the Tower of London, while Queen Elizabeth and the rest of her children once again fled for sanctuary within Westminster, remaining there for over a year. Cecily moved with her mother and sisters to Heytesbury in Wiltshire, however that Christmas the family joined Richard at court.

She was no longer a princess in the halls she walked, and what had once been considered home now belonged to the enemy, albeit one with whom they were currently making nice. We have covered before the possibility of Richard III entertaining the idea of marriage to his nieceElizabeth, before, but these months affected Cecily, too.

Henry VIII and his mother, Queen Elizabeth of York

As a Tudor chronicler later put it: Tragedy of tragedies, we have no idea what Cecily thought of her husband, but it is mostly taken for granted that she felt it humiliating. She had once been preserved as a future queen of Scotland and instead found herself married to a relatively minor nobleman. At best, the match solidified her new station in life — that of a bastard daughter of a former king. For Henry Tudor, biding his time abroad, it was nothing short of a disaster and, with Elizabeth still pointedly unmarried, it seemed to reinforce the rumors that Richard meant to marry her himself.

Henry VII & Elizabeth of York's all kisses (The White Princess)

While Elizabeth had four younger sisters, two of them were now off the market, and the youngest of the bunch, Katherine and Bridget, were mere children, while Henry would need to secure the succession as quickly as possible. By the summer ofAnne Neville was dead, the younger Elizabeth had been sent from court, and Cecily and her younger sisters were back in the countryside.

Henry VII & Elizabeth of York: A Faithful Love

Still married to Ralph, Cecily joined her mother and sisters in London when Henry sent for his Elizabeth. Cecily lived at court with her family through the autumn and winter of When Prince Arthur was born in SeptemberCecily carried the infant during his christening and handed him back to Elizabeth in her bedchamber after the ceremony.

After two years of marriage we have no idea what Cecily thought of the matter, but there is no record of her fighting it. We have no idea whether she and John loved one another or even got along, but at the very least it was a slightly better match than her first marriage.

John was somewhere between 15 and 20 years older than Cecily, but he was closely connected to the Tudor court by blood and she would have lived comfortably. Unfortunately, Cecily was not blessed with the fertility of her mother or sister.

elizabeth of york and henry vii relationship

She only produced two daughters that we know of, though there may have been stillbirths or infant deaths that went recorded. There was at least enough affection between them that he left the entirety of his estate to her, and the direction regarding his burial was that it be wherever she saw fit. In the span of one year Cecily went from being a wife and mother, to once again being on her own.

Her marriage had removed her from the major life changes underway at court, from the birth of several more Tudor princes and princesses, to the death of Elizabeth Woodville at Bermondsey Abbey in She was present, then, in November when Katherine of Aragon arrived in England to marry the year-old Prince Arthur. She was also on hand when envoys arrived in Scotland to negotiate the marriage between her niece, Margaret Tudorand none other than her former betrothed, now King James IV.

Whatever the case, she was poised to make a major life decision of her own. At some point in the second half ofCecily chose to marry for love and wed Sir Thomas Kyme. When he found out, he banished his sister-in-law from court and took away her access to the Welles estate. As the eldest daughter of Edward IV with no surviving brothers, Elizabeth of York had a strong claim to the throne in her own right, but she did not assume the throne as queen regnant.

Such a precedent would not truly come to England for another 67 years, when her granddaughter, Mary Iacceded to the throne. Though initially slow to keep his promise [10] Henry VII acknowledged the necessity of marrying Elizabeth of York to ensure the stability of his rule and weaken the claims of other surviving members of the House of Yorkbut he ruled in his own right and claimed the throne by right of conquest and not by his marriage to the heir of the House of York.

elizabeth of york and henry vii relationship

He had no intention of sharing power. Their first son, Arthurwas born on 20 September Elizabeth of York was crowned queen on 25 November Following her coronation, she gave birth to seven more children, but only four survived infancy: Arthur, MargaretHenry and Mary. Despite being a political arrangement at first, the marriage proved successful and both partners appear to have grown to love each other.

When not at official gatherings, she lived a quiet life largely away from politics with three of her children at Eltham Palace.

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Elizabeth of York enjoyed music and dancing as well as dicing. She also kept greyhounds. The pair were sent to Ludlow Castle, the traditional residence of the Prince of Wales.

Arthur died in April The news of Arthur's death caused Henry VII to break down in grief, as much in fear for his dynasty as in mourning for his son. Elizabeth comforted him, telling him that he was the only child of his mother but had survived to become king, that God had left him with a son and two daughters, and that they were both young enough to have more children. On 2 Februaryshe gave birth to a daughter, Katherine, but the child died a few days afterwards.

Succumbing to a post partum infection, Elizabeth of York died on 11 February, her 37th birthday. Her husband and children appear to have mourned her death deeply. According to one account, Henry Tudor "privily departed to a solitary place and would no man should resort unto him. For Henry Tudor to show his emotions, let alone any sign of infirmity, was highly unusual and alarming to members of his court.

It depicts the aftermath of Elizabeth's death vividly.

elizabeth of york and henry vii relationship

Henry VII is shown receiving the book containing the manuscript in mourning robes with a doleful expression on his face. In the background, behind their father, are the late queen's daughters, Mary and Margaret, in black veils.