Emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

the cullens adopt percy after his mom dies when he's small. Jasper on the lips and Rosalie and Emmett shared a very passionate kiss. Meet Isa, the new and improved, kick butt Bella. Funny and better Emmett yells really, really loud, startling Percy and I. "Holy Zeus!" Percy and. The Cullens move to Forks and meet the strange Bella Swan, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper took in the confusion in my voice and on my face.

Once we got there all the Cullens gasped and crouched around me when they saw Mrs.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

Thalia sent me a look that said I can't believe you had to put up with this creep for a year. No hurting my pet. Everyone looked at her. O'Leary barked and wagged her tail. All the Cullens nodded and Rosalie winked, "They're all real. Everyone that knew about demigods laughed. After all your kind originated from empousai. The Cullens gave him confused looks, but they didn't ask him about it. I glared at him.

Percy Cullen Chapter 1, a Twilight + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Children of a mortal and a god. Your just my little, clumsy Bella. I glared and growled while Thalia, Nico, Grover, and Percy snickered. That will happen when pigs fly. Not a good example.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

I was fighting a Hyperborean Giant. I'm a daughter of Athena. I then went up to hug her. I could smell that you were a daughter of Athena and I thought you were clueless about it and wasting your life. I then turned to the other demigods, "We should start introducing ourselves.

I'm also the lieutenant of the Huntresses of Artemis. She then cased lightning to strike a tree. Grover whimpered and Rosalie gasped. Thalia glared while everyone else laughed.

How do you know all this?

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

It doesn't look like you've been to camp recently. He then summoned some undead soldiers which caused the Cullens to gape at him.

He then sent the soldiers back to the Underworld. I'm also on the Council of Cloven elders. He then rolled up his pants and took of his fake feet so you could see his fur and hooves. He makes water come out of a nearby water fountain. He lets the water land on him and all the Cullens except one gasped when they realized he was still dry. The Hero of Olympus? The child of the prophecy?

Not to mention Luke was the true hero in the end. Thalia, Grover, and I looked down at the mention of Luke's name. All the demigods including me glared at him. The other demigods glared at them. I spared him in exchange for news of what was happening. Even though I don't go to camp anymore, I still like to know what's happening, and I still kill monsters when I run into them.

He said that a son of Poseidon named Percy Jackson was suspected of stealing Zeus' master lightning bolt. I was shocked that anyone would have the guts to steal it. He then explained that Percy went on a quest to retrieve it with a demigod daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase, and a satyr named Grover Underwood. They returned both the lightning bolt, Hades' helm of darkness, and Percy's mother, and the true traitor was a son of Hermes named, Luke Castellan. We both hated it when people talked trash about Luke.

We almost died so many times. Remember Medusa, and the furies, and Echidna, and when your plan failed so Annabeth had to tame Cerberus with a ball! What if they get hurt? Monsters will stop at nothing to kill them, and we have to train them to defend themselves.

I saw Emmett and a buff looking girl fighting. I was sure Emmett was going to crush her and was about to call out when I saw that girl could hold her own against Emmett. Grover turned to look. She's one of the toughest campers here and the leader of the Ares cabin. I was going to make a comment about that, but I heard a farmiliar girl's voice. Emmett PoV The Ares cabin was awesome. There was so much fighting, and some the kids looked even more ripped then me.

I then went to fight my half-sister Clarisse. She looked kinda cool. I expected to beat her in a second, but she drank some liquid and she became and even match for me. After a while I noticed Esme and that goat-dude Grover watching us.

Then we heard a scream. Carlisle PoV The Apollo cabin was amazing. It was glowing gold. On the way to the cabin we bumped into a frizzy-haired girl. She gasped when she saw us.

I could tell she was hoping to find someone like her. She can see the future. Alice looked like she was going to burst with joy. Thalia and Rachel just nodded. You can show her the inside of the cabin later.

She then walked away with Alice. Thalia then dragged me into the Apollo cabin. There were a lot of children in it. I was surprised by how much they looked like I did when I was human. One older blond guy stepped forward, "Will take care of him please. His name is Carlisle and I need to get back to my Hunters.

I'll go take you on a tour. He then took me out of the cabin. Most Apollo kids prefer bows. He then took out a bag of little cakes and a thermos. In small quantities they heal demigods, but if a mortal drinks it or a demigod drinks too much thy can get burned to ashes.

She told me about how she used to be just a regular mortal and her parts in the Labyrinth and war. She then talked about what it's like to be an oracle. I was glad I wasn't one or else I wouldn't be able to be with Jazzy.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

We were laughing when we heard the scream. I growled at him, but he ignored me. Everywhere we walked people waved and greeted Percy. They acted like he was some sort of celebrity. I bet I could do just as much or more if I had the chance. We finally reached the cabin. It was nice, but I felt like I didn't belong. I could see the Annabeth was walking toward us. Then he looked down at me and blinked the anger on his face slowly changing to horror.

He sat down on the floor and pulled me into his arms. Shh, shh, it's all right, its all right. I'm so, so sorry, sweetheart" Then he just held me in his arms for a long time. Then Bella led us over to the last child in the room. He looked about two and had black hair and sea green eyes. He only came here two weeks ago, his mother died in a car wreck. We presume his father is dead" "Hi Percy" she said smiling at the baby. I noticed his blood smelled strange.

Part of it smelled like other humans, but then there was something else a smell of the ocean and then a strange sharp, sweet smell I had no name for, it smelled powerful. The boy smiled at Bella then toddled over to Rosalie and hugged her around the knees. He stared at Emmett for a minute.

Bella took us back out in the hallway.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction percy

We stood a few feet apart from her. Somehow, we all loved the child already. We walked back up to Bella. She took us to the Heads office where Carlisle and Esme filled out more forms. We found out Percy's full name was Perseus Jonathan Jackson, now Perseus Jonathan Jackson Cullen, and that he was one year old about to turn two and his birthday was on August 18th. We were back in the room where Percy and the others were. We walked up to him now. That seemed like a good place to end the chapter.

This is long, at least for me. I made up Jonathan for his middle name. His real one is never mentioned although I saw somewhere it was Allen. Minus the tattoo Ephrem: His picture is on my avatar half my family is crazy about the kid lol.