Fairy tail erza and jellal relationship poems

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fairy tail erza and jellal relationship poems

Alongside Erza, who will be analysed by Aurora, they make up the ship known as Jerza! In my blog, I will be talking about Jellal and his perspective in this relationship and development of the couple. . Jellal is definitely one of the most developed characters in Fairy Tail. .. Nostalgic Rain– ♔ ❞ | poem. Crime Sorcière Mage, Jellal Fernandes and Fairy Tail S-Class Mage, Erza Scarlet. After the events of the Tower of Heaven, Erza and Jellal's relationship. 8 quotes have been tagged as erza-scarlet: Hiro Mashima: 'All I need is the power to be able to tags: erza-scarlet, fairy-tail, jellal-fernandez, natsu- dragneel.

He went through so much during his life and I think he certainly deserves a moment of peace. As a child, he was absolutely adorable, smart and kind! He had all of the necessary qualities to be a perfect cinnamon roll! However, he was then possessed by Ultear and became the opposite of what he was - a selfish, remorseless and evil person!

He went to the extreme of enslaving his own comrades and sacrificing Erza! After he was "revived" by Wendy, he went back to his old self one of the only things that had changed being the fact he had amnesia. Jellal appeared to be somewhat scared of the world and he was experiencing one of the worst feelings to exist - guilt. Even now, Jellal feels guilty for everything that he's done in the past, so "guilty" is definitely the best word to describe how he feels most of the time.

He became more intelligent, mature and laid back something which just makes me like him even more! Even though he doesn't appear to have changed that much, when you actually take a moment to think that over, you will realise that he really has. Jellal is now deeply sorry for what he has done in the past to the point he where he starts to show signs of depression.

Fortunately, Erza was able to knock some sense into him and made him realise that life was worth living and that you don't have to be strong in order to live because it's life it self that gives you strength! In the eyes of a wise person, Jellal was very emotionally-weak when he was first introduced. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is actually very simple if you take a moment to think about it.

He let himself be controlled by Ultear and even after he was freed from her control, he considered even sacrificing himself and said things that suggested he wouldn't mind dying! I'm in no way trying to say he didn't go through a lot and that what he was going through wasn't difficult, I'm only saying that if he was emotionally-strong he wouldn't even think of things such as what I mentioned above! However, this flaw, well if you can even call it a flaw because that just makes him look cute and more vulnerable, gave him the opportunity to develop even more!

Jellal is now able to keep his composure and most of the time remains calm. That is, until you decide to hurt Erza! Overall, he's developed a lot throughout the series and it was really entertaining to see how he changed each time we saw him!

Now, I'm sorry if you ship Jellal or Erza with someone else, but I have to state the obvious - they love each other. It's obvious as shown many times in the series and even though they're not together, the fact they love and treasure each other is completely obvious! An example of this is when they almost kiss; if you don't love someone you wouldn't even think of kissing them, right?

Even though Jellal committed horrible sins in the past, Erza forgave him and even encouraged him to keep on living! Jellal learned a valuable life lesson from Erza, which is to keep on living for the ones you love and that it's being alive that makes you strong. Also, as we all already know, Erza is not the kind of girl who easily displays emotion and she doesn't usually get nervous or embarrassed in any situation.

However, there's an exception to this; when being more intimate with Jellal, she becomes flustered and doesn't know what to do as if she's a normal girl who's madly in love! The exact same thing goes to Jellal, because even though he is really mature and knows how to keep his composure, he just looses it when it comes to Erza! As seen in the little incident they had in Ryuzetsu Land, Jellal can become quite embarrassed when in contact with Erza's beauty and absolutely looses control!

Erza Scarlet Quotes

Something else I definitely want to touch upon is their past; these two just went through so much together! They were slaves in the Tower of Heaven and together, were able to plan an escape attempt in order to finally find the freedom they so dearly desired.

Unfortunately, their plan didn't go as planned and Jellal was possessed by Ultear leading him to commit the awful sins that he still regrets to this day. In my opinion, when two people go through something together, their relationship gets stronger and they learn to trust each other which is exactly what happened to them!

In a relationship, it's important for the two people to be close enough to trust and comfort each other, and Jellal and Erza really do! A really cute moment where this is shown, is when Jellal tries to comfort Erza after she was tortured by Kyoka and feels miserable because of it. It was absolutely adorable to see how he was trying to comfort Erza even though he's clearly not good at acting cool and doesn't know how to comfort girls!

Something else that I find super cute about their relationship is how Jellal is super protective of Erza! What do I mean, you may ask? In the manga, Jellal shows his dark side after Neinhart uses his magic to torture Erza and he completely annihilates him!

Even though he promised himself he wouldn't commit more sins, he made an exception for Erza, something which shows how much he cares about her!

When they were younger, they shared the fact that they were both slaves in the Tower of Heaven. This allowed their relationship to develop a lot; even though back then they weren't in a proper relationship, it was obvious they loved each other! Something else that I must talk about is how Jellal gave Erza her last name "Scarlet"!

This moment is one of the most famous when it comes to Jerza, and it is how their relationship started! It's adorable to see how Erza simply accepted the fact Jellal named her and loved the name he gave her! Jellal constantly stops himself from being with Erza because he's trying to punish himself for all of the sins he has committed in the past. However, I just don't understand why Jellal still flirts with Erza even though he's trying to punish himself.

If he doesn't mind flirting, why doesn't he just admit that he loves her already?! They went from a very innocent ship which consisted of two little kids to a beautiful and captivating couple who makes the person watching anxious to know what's going to happen next!

They're my favourite couple in Fairy Tail and I find them absolutely adorable! I love all of their qualities and flaws and I think they suit each other a lot! As some of you already know, Erza is one of my favourite characters and Jellal is my anime crush so why not ship two of my favourite characters together especially when they're obviously in love with each other?

There's just so many reasons to why I ship them! However, I'm not going to talk about all of them because my partner for this blog is about to kill me because I'm taking too long to finish writing this blog! I mean, who knows?

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There are so many possibilities to what can happen to their beautiful relationship - I would love to see something tragic happen between them with the result being their deaths or something identical but knowing Fairy Tail, there will probably be a happy ending!

Overall, I love how much their relationship has developed and how they treat each other, they make me wish I had a relationship like that! In this series, your family is the one you choose because they're truly there for you.

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Like many of its shounen brethren, Fairy Tail is divided into a number of clear-cut arcs, with a couple being exclusive to the anime. Impressively, they do often expand on the themes of the manga, particularly in the case of Lucy's relationship with her by then deceased father, and often the manga has more moments that feel like story padding than the anime.

Probably the most notable difference between the two is that Fairy Tail Zero gets a stand-alone manga volume but is simply shoe-horned into the anime rather than getting its own spin-off series. Given the brevity of the book only about two hundred pages, or thirteen chaptersthis does make sense, but it can be confusing if you aren't expecting it. Throughout the series we meet many characters — an intimidating amount, really — but there's a core group who form the solid center.

Lucy Heartfilia, the entry-point character. She's the main heroine of the series and has a close albeit largely non-romantic relationship with Natsu. The scion of a wealthy household, she's a celestial mage who forms contracts with spirits, notably those of the western zodiac. An aspiring writer and determined individual, Lucy often finds herself in a losing battle to keep Natsu on-track. While she has a lot of good moments, she really shines in the Loke Arc, which not only shows how powerful her magic is, but also how much she cares.

Her direct counterpart is Natsu Dragneel, the brash main hero of the story.

fairy tail erza and jellal relationship poems

He's a fire dragon mage, raised by Igneel, an actual fire dragon. Although Natsu follows the basic brainless hero trajectory of many shounen tales, there's a steely determination underneath it all, and he feels things very deeply.

fairy tail erza and jellal relationship poems

Igneel's vanishing when he was a child shaped his view of relationships, and Natsu will do just about anything to keep those he cares about together. He's got a troubled relationship with Zeref, the main bad guy of the series, stemming from many years in the past, far longer than anyone would expect.

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This is what's going to shape the final arc of the story, but it starts to have a major effect in the Alvarez Empire storyline. Gray Fullbuster is the secondary male protagonist, an ice mage who was orphaned early and then basically again when his master was killed. His gimmick is that he keeps unconsciously undressing, but he's the straight man to Natsu's impulsiveness.

Like Natsu, he learns that he's not the orphan he thought he was when his father resurfaces in the Tartaros Arc, and at this point Gray becomes an even more powerful wizard. Both anime and manga make a strong attempt to pair Gray off with Juvia after she appears in the story and falls madly in love with him, but I at least never get the feeling that he actually loves her the way she does him, which makes that particular subplot feel undercooked.

Erza Scarlet completes the main quartet as the secondary female protagonist. Erza is the most powerful wizard in Fairy Tail, a fierce woman filled with determination. A large part of that comes from her troubled childhood as a slave, which we learn about in the Tower of Heaven storyline. She eventually escaped, but her childhood sweetheart Jellal was left behind, and Zeref is able to manipulate him into doing some truly awful things. This sets Erza up as the tragic heroine of the piece as well as the strongest wizard — she and Jellal are clearly in love, but Jellal feels that he can't be with her because of his past wrongdoings.

Erza doesn't agree, but she does respect his feelings, making them vaguely analogous to the Herd Boy and Weaving Maid of the Tanabata legend. Despite this, Erza does her absolute best to maintain order and even has a stint as the guild master in later arcs. She's the kind of person who gives her utmost in any situation, whether that's teaching little Natsu manners or leading the charge against a villain.

You really need look no further for a strong female character who's more than just physical. Finally, let's take a brief look at the basics of each of Fairy Tail's most important story arcs and films.

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There are too many to cover in any sort of depth in this article, but the watching or reading the highlights will get you ready for the upcoming Alvarez Empire and Years' Quest. Fairy Tale Zero is a standalone manga volume focusing on the founding of the guild by Mavis, who appears in the main story as a ghost. It's largely tragic but ultimately hopeful, with the relationship between Mavis and Zeref informing Mavis' ideals in starting the guild.

This really shapes Zeref as a character we can understand, which is central to the upcoming story. Anime episodes — While the first three story arcs set up the guild and characters, things start to get meatier with the Galuna Island Arc, which begins when Natsu and Lucy take a job way above their pay grade. Ultimately it becomes the story of Gray's past, and how his master sacrificed herself in order to stop a demon.

While the explanation of why Gray tends to strip adds some levity to the situation, this marks the series' first real turn towards darker material and the way that the guild truly functions as a family for its members. It directly informs who Gray is and his evolution as a character, and it covers volumes four — six of the manga and episodes 11 — 20 of the anime. Although it is short, the Loke Arc, plays with the idea that what guild you belong to only helps to shape your allegiances to the forces of good or evil.

Loke, we learn, is a celestial spirit, Leo the Lion, who was controlled by a less-than-scrupulous celestial wizard. In an effort to stop her, he refused to return to the spirit world, making it impossible for her to summon other spirits and ultimately resulting in her death.

Even though changing her ways would have solved the problem, Loke still sees himself as responsible, and it is only through Lucy that he is able to regain his status as a spirit and his belief in himself. This arc, which is covered in volume 9 and episodes 30 — 32, is both one of the most compact and one of the strongest with its focus on the series' greater themes and the strength of its heroine. Its general hopefulness also provides a good counterpoint to The Tower of Heaven Arc which follows it.

fairy tail erza and jellal relationship poems