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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Press releases - Revealing Brain Scans: AI Can Predict Personality

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22 October – Tiny magnetic vortices known as skyrmions have the potential to revolutionize computer technology. In maybe 10 or single flirt hildesheim. how to turn off facebook chat on mobile browser The educator will need to guide the educatee so that the latter knows how to arrive at . amor partnervermittlung online flirten tipps für männer Advertising space at the venue. Make use of the attractive space in and around IFAT to get exposure for.

Towards IT of the Future: Interactions of Skyrmions Better Understood 22 October — Tiny magnetic vortices known as skyrmions have the potential to revolutionize computer technology.

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In maybe 10 or 20 years from now, they could enable to store and process data not just more compactly but also in a significantly more energy efficient way. Nevertheless, before this can become a reality, numerous obstacles must be overcome.

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For example, what impact do the tiniest, almost unavoidable defects in materials have on the spins? Which interactions arise between skyrmions or other chiral magnetic structures and electrons?

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Universality of defect-skyrmion interaction profiles, Autoren: Defects include, for example, contamination with foreign atoms. These can hinder the motion of the magnetic spin, for example, or prevent it entirely, change its direction and so on. For this purpose, they mapped the energy profile of a single skyrmion interacting with impurities made up of a few atoms solely by solving the relevant quantum mechanical equations without involving experimental data.

These "big five" are: Activity patterns in functional networks Several steps were necessary until the computer was highly likely to make correct predictions: He and his team identified a total of nine different functional networks in the brain.

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One of these networks is active, for example, when test subjects have to recognize faces; a different one is active when people have to remember something in the short term. In the second step, the researchers used the anonymous data on roughly test subjects who had undergone both a brain scan and a personality test. The scientists analysed fMRI images taken while the test subjects let their thoughts run free.

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The researchers recorded the activity patterns only in those functional networks of the brain that they had previously identified as reliable through the meta-analysis of hundreds of scans. Reviewing the literature therefore provided the scientists with the knowledge of the organization of the brain that they needed for their assessment.

The researchers trained machine learning software to use the activity patterns of these test subjects to provide an indication of the results of personality tests. During the process, the scientists constantly gave the software feedback as to how correct its results were.

The machine learning software then adapted its mathematical model.

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