Garen and katarina relationship quizzes

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garen and katarina relationship quizzes

There was a time, before, when Katarina would have let herself go wild on Garen. Those were the days of unruliness, wildness. She fought and. LOVE:3 #League Of Legends #Katarina #Garen @deviantart Lol League Of · Lol League . Couple <3 Legend Images, We Heart It, Lol League Of Legends. See more ideas about Drawings, Games and Lol league of legends. Couples Rock Star Katarina by League of Legends garen in the background tho.

For now, he seemed unsure but willing to go along with her ploy.

garen and katarina relationship quizzes

She'd take advantage of that. His scent was intoxicating, a woodsy warm aroma and some sort of sweet, faint flower. She couldn't tell the difference between flora as well as her sister could. She slapped him, right across his right cheek. It must have stung- she could see his pale skin blooming red. Garen's eyebrows knit together in anger, and the ropes strained to hold him down. She loved the way his jaw tensed, like he was literally biting back the words he wanted to say. It was true, though.

She'd quite literally begged for it, and thinking back on how full and hot and intense their last time had been made her distracted. Katarina would have to focus on holding back, for now, and that meant avoiding distractions. What she had in mind would require her full attention. You've been unfair, you know.

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These meetings should be more than just you bending me over against a table as soon as you see me. Let's make this a bit more The source of what made her lose her mind every. This time, she would make him lose his mind. She crawled off of him, kneeling between his legs. She could see the curiosity in his eyes as he looked down at her, following her form. What was running through his mind right now? The woman pulled down his zipper, pushing the waistband of his underwear down roughly.

She looked down, before looking back up at him, amusement evident in every feature of her face.

garen and katarina relationship quizzes

Powerless against whatever I do Garen closed his eyes, a quiet exhale escaping his mouth. Moaning would be a sign of losing- both of them knew that. It was cute, how concentrated he looked. Katarina rested her elbow against his knee, leaning her head against her palm.

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Leisurely, because she knew it would piss him off even more to think that she was toying with him. They were both prideful creatures. Her other hand wrapped around his thickness, moving up and down at a moderate pace. The Noxian had never done anything of this sort- usually when they met, it was a whirlwind of nonstop motion.

Screaming, and then more kissing afterwards.

garen and katarina relationship quizzes

Was this what that annoying old man saw every time he used his stupid clockwork magic? Seeing everything slowed down made Garen bloom with clarity. The slow rise and fall of his chest as he fought to keep control, how his lower lip trembled just slightly with each exhale, the beads of sweat forming against his forehead. They were all things that Katarina hadn't noticed before, and it made the heat within her rise at a rate beyond comparison. She wanted him, so badly. But life was all about control, wasn't it?

His cock pulsed in her hands as she increased the pace. Garen let out a groan. Even under his shirt, she could see his muscles contracting and straining. Katarina hummed, smiling up at him so that every time he opened his eyes, he'd see her smug expression. It was odd how humiliated some men felt when she gave them that smile. Prideful men, like him. I thought your little army taught men self control.

His blush was adorable. She wrapped her breasts around him, sandwiching his cock.

League of Romances - Garen x Katarina | League Of Legends Official Amino

That wouldn't quite fit your holier than thou image in Demacia, would it? The assassin wondered if he could feel her heartbeat booming against her chest, as clearly as he could feel him throbbing with desire. She wanted him to continue their banter, but he only glared at her.

garen and katarina relationship quizzes

He wanted to pretend to be the bigger man? Katarina pushed her palm against each side of her chest, pressing her breasts harder against him.

Her head descended on his cock, lips wrapping around his drooling tip. Red hair cascaded over her vision as she began to bob up and down, quite literally drinking in his lust. Pride bloomed in her when she heard that first moan bubble out from above, and she started to push her chest up and down his length as well. Once that moan left Garen, it seemed like his defenses began to crumble quickly afterwards.

She felt his thighs tense, rope rubbing against his arms and the chair. His little gasps seemed almost Katarina peeked upward, tongue wrapped around him, and felt that raging inferno within her blaze up again when she saw his expression. He looked down back at her, blue eyes staring into her own. His gaze was almost predatory, his mouth bared like an animal. This must have been a first for him, Katarina surmised. To be pushed down against his will, to be unable to take the lead. Now that she looked back on things, he was always so aggressive during sex.

How much did it hurt to be unable to reciprocate? The way he looked at her, she felt like he wanted to shove her against the floor and absolutely destroy her.

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As enticing as that sounded, however, the assassin was enjoying herself far too much to allow him to do such a thing. She grinned, letting her teeth grind against the underside of his cock. Garen threw his head back, a groan immediately following. His back arched against the chair, as if every fibre of his being longed to escape the ropes.

Her tongue pressed against his urethra, the source of his nectar, and his moan became more shaky. It was all the encouragement Katarina needed to continue, kissing and sucking as her breasts bounced up and down. It didn't take long for Garen's moans to grow louder and louder, and she felt his cock swell in her mouth, ready to release into her Katarina pulled away, despite her body desperately telling her to continue.

Garen's reaction was immediate. The look of betrayal, confusion, and absolute lust in his face was visceral as he looked down at her, panting hard.

His cock twitched, drooling out precum. The power she had over him was a little dizzying. Her panties soon joined her pants on the floor, sticky and wet with her own arousal. The assassin straddled him, feeling his cock rest against her stomach. She let her control wane slightly now, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

Anyway, let's get started!

It's a very hinted relationship and is generally shipped by the community as a whole, so I thought these two lovebirds would be a great start! It is mentioned in Garen's lore that when he first encountered the Sinister Blade on the battlefield that the soldiers who beheld this event commented the following: When Garen returned from the battle, he was breathless The soldiers from Demacia commented that his exhaustion wasn't just due to the combat But, Garen knew they couldn't understand the feeling of finally finding a worthy opponent on the battlefield.

After that battle, Garen always looked for Katarina on the battlefield Now, Katarina's lore doesn't mention Garen at all, but the evidence doesn't stop there.

📘 House Du Couteau (Katarina/Talon Lore)

As of Garen's visual update, inGaren has a couple of jokes directed toward the crimson-haired Noxian. One of which has him pretend that he's been doing some thousand one-handed stand pushups, mentioning how he 'didn't see her there. Katarina and Garen have or had some sort of romantic relationship. Obviously, Garen still has some sort of feelings towards Katarina Demaciaaa However, Katarina's side of things is yet to be explored.