Gaz and gir relationship problems

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gaz and gir relationship problems

create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . DISCLAIMER: I do not own in any way, shape, or form Invader Zim. I only own a He wants to have-" Zim lowered his voice, "a relationship?" Dib sighed. I have multiple things to report, some of them pressing issues. One is. "She's not sleeping Gir," Zim snapped back, looking down at Gaz. . as a powerful man yet you don't seem to have a good relationship with him." It's annoying Dib, who never leaves me alone, who I have a problem with all.

Computer, return functions of house back to normal. She waved away the support when she could feel her limbs again, using one hand to prop herself up and the other going to her head. Throughout this Zim kept the oxygen mask over her mouth, waiting until the computer said she was safe to breathe on her own.

But at the very least, she was awake now.

gaz and gir relationship problems

That put Zim at ease, for whatever reason. Through the mask her voice sounded hollow and she glanced down, as if noticing it for the first time. She moved a shaky hand up to try and push it away from her mouth, "What are you-? This made her pause and give him a questioning look.

Irkens, such as myself, are constantly on adrenaline. When humans are afraid, it spikes. When an Irken is afraid, however rarely, it lowers, as highers of punishment for showing fear, ultimately overwhelming us. So when you got an adrenaline rush taunting me, the LEECHY malfunctioned and thought it's host was in danger, attempting to alleviate you of some of your feelings. She pointed to the oxygen mask.


Anything else wrong with you my computer hasn't picked up on yet? After a few seconds she shook her head. I feel fine, just tired. How long have I been out? You did pass out in the house. All I had to do was get you down here, scan for the problem and then force-feed you air, so it didn't take long. And what do you mean by tired?

I don't blame him. I don't have a problem with my father, in fact, I prefer the distance. It's annoying Dib, who never leaves me alone, who I have a problem with all the time. And even still, he's not too bad. There's a balance in my family. Family is a waste of time. Invaders are born without family.

gaz and gir relationship problems

I am not sure. She glanced at Zim. I'll retrieve a blanket for you from your guest room.

gaz and gir relationship problems

Are you ready to walk? Zim's eyes widened in momentary fear as she recklessly attempted to stand, far too quickly to allow her any hope of balance in her condition.

He snatched the oxygen mask she'd set down at the same time he caught her around the waist as she stumbled forward.

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She barely had time to let in a heavy wheeze before Zim, rolling his eyes at her incompetency, clasped the mask back onto her mouth. Gaz took a few shuddering breaths, both of them unaware of how awkward the situation could be if they took notice of what they looked like. Zim had one arm tight around Gaz's waist, her back on his chest. Zim was solely supporting her weight as her legs were fairly weak and she was shaking like a leaf. It was a this time, however, that he did realize the position the two of them were in.

He swallowed painfully, wishing he could ask the computer of his emotions without Gaz hearing. But even in the state she was in, she'd still be lucid enough to hear, especially with the two of them so uncomfortably for him close to together.

Gaz panted heavily for a few seconds before replying, "Well, at least we know the answer to the question. Gir followed behind with the tank, much to Zim's surprise. He hadn't even ordered him to do that. But he shrugged, turning his attention back to Gaz. This is far quicker then letting you rest for who knows how long until you are strong enough to walk.

GASR (Gaz and Squee Romance)

And this way you are still resting while getting things done. And unfortunately, she could not argue with that as Zim carried her into the elevator, waiting for Gir as he trailed behind. Zim immediately recognized it as his self-written Doom song and it brought back the memory of his attempt to strangle her on the ride to Earth, at the start of his mission.

It only proved to further irritate Gaz, but she decided to save her breath. Minnie-Moose was waiting for them when they exited the elevator, and Zim nodded at him. The small entourage entered Gaz's room and Zim watched as Minnie-Moose ducked under a few blankets, lifting them with his body. He looked like a ghost rising as the sheets fell around around him, yet he somehow still saw where he was going.

Gaz watched over Zim's arm as he carried her out of the room and into the living room. He set her down on the side of the couch, taking the sheets from Minnie-Moose and laying them over her. He pointed at her warningly. Minnie-Moose, if her breathing changes, come fetch me immediately. She waited, locking eyes with Minnie-Moose, who was watching her as intently as a being such as him could. It was almost amusing, his blank stare so attention deficit and yet still so focused. Partially she was too tired to get any pleasure from her sarcasm and she was still pouting about being carried around like a little girl.

It was at this time Zim came back into the room, carrying the three pillows from the bed. She eyed him, confused. I can use the armrest for a pillow. And if you intend on smothering me I don't see the point of the mask.

Then it disappeared with his plan. I have no idea how you sleep and did not know how much support you need for your head. Not very comfortable for either of us. I definitely could not sleep with you staring at me. He gave her a look, as if fighting off the disgust. It's not as if you'll be sitting on it, as I know your kind tend to do when you're being inappropriate. The option of staying awake was going downhill fast, as she was deathly tired.

And if it wasn't even directly laying on his lap. If she faced away from his stomach she could pretend she wasn't lying on him. And she would be out in a few minutes anyways, so it wasn't like she'd suffer.

Dib Membrane

As Gaz felt herself get drowsier the idea seemed all the more appealing to just shut up and go to bed. So finally she just sighed, no longer able to argue with herself, and replied, bitterly, "Fine. He turned away, uninterested in when she'd decide to go to sleep on him. Gaz felt relief he wasn't watching her, as if it would make crawling over to lie on him any easier. His attention was on the television though, the remote in hand.

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Gir was asleep pretending to be, she reminded herself on the floor, curled up around Minnie-Moose, who didn't seem to mind. She scowled at the irony but moved over, one hand still securing the mask. She shut her eyes as her head touched the comfortable pillows. Zim looked down as she did so and once again her face held that look of a sleeping dragon.

She is also the daughter of Professor Membrane. Known for her dark, violent and antisocial personality, Gaz has frequently expressed her disdain for the rest of the human race, seeming to care about only two things in the world: Few have been known to get between her and those two things and walk away unscathed.

Gaz is Earth years old during seasonsincluding the unfinished episodes. When she was younger, she dressed similarly, but with the addition of a pink hair bow. Though her dress style is vaguely gothic in appearance, Jhonen Vasquez has stated that he does not see Gaz as a goth. Gaz's new appearance in the comic. The most unique characteristics of Gaz are her hair and eyes. Her purple hair, resembling a stylized bob cutis cubic and fashioned into five spikes, resembling a set of fangs.

While normally closed, her eyes open when she is surprised, enraptured, or deeply irritated, revealing them to be amber in color. Gaz is best known for her short-tempered, creepy, dark, cynical and antisocial nature, along with her obsessions over pizza and video games.