Gemini male and cancer female relationship insecurities

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gemini male and cancer female relationship insecurities

Gemini man and Cancer woman compatibility. Visitor experiences and questions on Gemini man Cancer woman relationships I am confused and I recognise his insecurities, but I will not be anything else than me, he says 'if I see a guy. A Gemini man and a Cancer woman will feel blessed that they have found they will need to overcome obstacles and personal insecurities. Cancer women love to nurture, care for, and protect the man that they are with. She at times may feel a little insecure with this man's tenancy to be a little all over the When a Gemini comes out of a relationship he does a lot better off not.

His ability and desire to learn and adjust to his partner can pave the way for a wonderful relationship or a total disaster zone. Communication and a basic understanding of the traits that help define your partner's star sign can be the cheat sheet you need for success.

Basic Compatibility Cancer women are ruled by their emotions, often much more so than men of the same sign. While this is often seen as a weakness, it can also be a strength as it brings forth a genuinely empathetic and sympathetic nature. A crab still on the prowl for a partner, and therefore security, can suffer from significant emotional instability problems that spell danger for the easily disturbed.

Gemini men are rather robust and impervious to such things and do not abandon their interest in a partner or friend solely because difficulty presents itself. Instead, he craves to explore the interesting Cancerian woman and will not budge until his curiosity is settled. The best thing they have going for them is Gemini's hatred of being alone. Cancer's notorious clinginess finally finds its match and provides the emotional attachment the Gemini man longs to experience.

Gemini men are diehard intellectuals who thrive off of intelligent conversation. Luckily, this is something Cancer women can provide. The risk of incompatibility is high, mostly due to differing core values and needs. Cancer women crave loyalty, security, and stability and are at their happiest when they can count on someone and something at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, Gemini men loathe routine, exist in an ever-changing state, and are known as the least trustworthy of all star signs. Two volatile substances are prone to have poor reactions when mixed and it is never more true than with this pair.

For Cancer women, everything is experienced seriously and at the deepest level. For Gemini, life is about fun and the only deep things about them are their conversations. He thrives off of verbal communication, but the crab needs a man who can master her emotional cues and emotional needs. It isn't impossible to make this partnership work, but the challenges may seem insurmountable with such base conflicts. Are you a Cancer woman or Gemini man?

Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more about your compatibility profile. Love And Relationships Cancer women have a relatively easy time making friends, even if most friendships don't progress to close ones.

The crab loves to make others feel better, after keying in on their struggles and feeling empathy. This means many friendships are built off of gratitude and loyalty, two things all Cancers both display in abundance and treasure in others. Her inherent insecurity means close friendships are harder to come by and it takes a long time and consistent reassurance of trustworthiness before she is ready to take the plunge.

As trust is so integral to her happiness and loyalty integral to her character, you can always depend on her to never let you down. Gemini men are exceedingly social, miles more than the rather introverted Cancer woman. They flock to new and exciting people and draw them in with their charm. Their friendly natures mean many friends of various levels at any given time but the trouble lies with permanence.

Once boredom settles in, or an exciting friendship loses its luster, it can be hard to keep his attention and, therefore, his loyalty. He couldn't contribute much financially, he lost his license and I felt so pressured by it all and his attitude really got me.

But once he was out couldn't stop thinking about him. We have history together we were seeing each other 18 years ago. Is he the one? We are secretely dating again, he says he loves me to death our sex life is amazing. I hope it works only time will tell. The attraction is there but we manage to date other people never commiting to each other.

He likes to say that I "take things the wrong way" and I feel like he is cold at times. I do catch him in random meaningless lies and sometimes it seems like he is putting on an act hoping people will percieve him a certain way. He is pretty stylish but in a "poser" sort of way. I guess what I am trying to say isb that there are a lot of elements to his personality that don't seem sincere or genuine and maybe that is part of why our relationship ebbs and flows despite our attraction to each other.

It may be obvious from this post that right now we are in an "ebb" period but two weeks from now we could totally be "flowing" My Gemini guy is going away soon: O After I kicked him out he explored his options and is now leaving for 8 months or so. I am really sad about it. He has a job lined up and I guess there isn't much point him being here while he doesn't have his license with his line of work.

Just don't know how I will cope without him. I plan to visit him when he gets settled. He says he will come back to us. I'm scared and worried, but prehaps this will be the best thing for us, perhaps we will learn to appreciate each other a lot more. I feel like over the past two months I have completely fallen for him all over again.

Hopefully we are meant to be I guess time will tell. Feel free anyone to comment!!! I have been dating a Gemini man for two months and I feel that I am getting mixed signals. I not only like him but I believe I have fallen for him hard. He is very handsome, intelligent, passionate and affectionate. We made love at the two month point and it was short but good.

I know that department will be really good but I am not sure if I want to go there again. He spends time with me and calls and texts me but if he is interacting with others and I call him there seems to be a problem. He acts as though I am bothering him. This does hurt my feelings and I do not understand him at this time so I back off. I have good vibes about us but when he becomes distant I do not know what is happening.

I am in my mid 40's and he is in his early 40's. I have read the comments about Gemini men and it scares me but I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. My feelings are good and I have weighed the pros and the cons and want to get to know this man better.

I believe he is the o ne. It really does depend if the people in the relationships want to make it work. I do not believe he is going to give up on me and I do not want to give up on him. God is in control! I can honestly say that this relationship though it's my first real relationship taught me a lot about myself and what true love actually is.

I always felt as though I needed space and he always wanted to be with me. I tried my very best to completely cut myself off from him, but he refuses to let me go. I believe the hugest issue was that it was a whirlwind kind of romance and we didn't get to know each other well enough. I do want it to work and believe that with time and effort it could possibly be something really beautiful.

My most dramatic relationship was with a Gemini man, and I'm cancer. I actually had to have counselling to deal with the fall-out. Sexually it was like no other sign i've been with. He was charming, manipulative, flirtatious.

Initially the intensity was incredible, but over time it was difficult to maintain a healthy relationship based on this alone. I'm on the cusp with Gemini so believed it might work, but it really just didnt, and personally I would never take the chance on another Gemini because of that.

I'm aware that everyone is different, but it just isn't worth the risk! Reading through the postings here, the "on and off" seems to be the most common relationship feature of gemini. That was my experience too. A Cancer woman, met the Gemini men when I was very young, and it was my first serious relationship, which lasted, "on and off" of course, for 13 years. It was just amazing in the beginning, nearly too good to be true, there was a lot of chemistry, great physical attraction and I was sure the relationship would last for a long time, maybe a lifetime.

There were moments when I felt him away though, his mind was somewhere else Over the years, there was also the part of promises and plans which never took place.

As a true Cancer, also young at age and not really knowing how Geminies were at the time, I really believed all the promises, and when they did not come true, I tended to accept the justifications and hoping the next promis would come true.

After some years, I also found out that he had been on a parallel relationship with another women, for quite some years as well. He tried to deny his commitment, arguing that it did not meant much to him. The unkept promises together with his dual personality are definitely NOT appropriate for Cancer signs, who value honesty and safety above all.

In the midst of my relationship I started to get some more information about Gemini personalities, but I also tended to ignore them.

From personal experience, I say be cautious! Do not brake up with Gemini after reading this, but have this opinion in your background when problems start showing up with Gemini Anna Hi, i'm a Gemini guy. I had a very close cancerian girl friend: I wanno know more about her and our future as life partners: I am a Gemini Man. I never tried so hard for anyone. She is moody and initially we had one two fights because I was not able to understand her but things sorted out threafter.

Gemini Guys, just keep a check on the things you say because you have no idea what can hurt her. If anybody can sweep a cancerian girl of her feet completely, its a Gemini. But you need to understand her really well if you want to have a happy life thereafter Gemini man here, read about my compatability with each sign, but its pretty hard to read this, it seems as each Cancer could write a book on their relationship with Gemini, look at this huge paragraphs Gemini man here and totally agree with the above.

If someone can't make a succinct point and present it in a normal format then. It says a lot about them in my opinion. Why do Cancers use words when they could use 50? I'm a twenty-one year old Gemini man. I met my Cancer women when we were in high school. She was shy yet spoke to everybody, beautiful, sweet to everybody, mysterious, and had the most pretty smile i'd have ever seen.

Being a Gemini I was captured within a blink of an eye. I ask for her number. And we talked everyday for a year. She talked about everything, she was incredible. I was a virgin, she wasn't. I started having feelings for her but, couldn't seem to admit them to her. She was older just by a year. She was NOT a homebody she would always be out, partying, or just hanging with friends.

My mom was very strick so I couldn't go out with her. But, when she was home she was cleaning, making food, washing, helping her mother out that seem so important to her, helping her mother with her little sister. Well I was in love I asked her out, she said yes. We were together for four years. But, now I have lost her. I cheated on her, I lied to her, I just messed up.

The Cancer Experience: Cancer&Gemini Compatibility

Now that I'm ol der I realize that I will never meet another women like her. Being a Gemini I can't apologize, I can't stand to see her, yet I can't stand being with out her. I still see the women I cheated on her with but, I can't forget about my use to be Cancer girlfriend. She made mistakes also she has admitted them but, I'm too proud to do anything. I really enjoy the women I'm seeing but, she's sometimes to cold and harsh.

My Cancer ex told me something I will never forget "when you wanted me, I didn't want you, when you loved me I didn't love you. When I wanted you, you wanted some other women, when I loved you, you feel out of love with me. Maybe we just need time apart I would really want her to be the mother of my kids. If a man has a Cancer women as a girlfriend, wife, or mother of your kids. Once you do something to them they'll never forget or forgive you. Treat them Cancer women right, show them love, talk to them about what's missing between the realtionship, do everything in your power to make each other better.

She was going through rough times because her father passed away. She wasn't the same person and instead of helping her out I replaced her. Well at least I thought I did. Even if I still see the other woman, I will never forget you my once Cancer lady.

Yes, Cancer women could be very emtional, moody and mean they can make a Gemini man feel real bad for what they did. Not every women I dated was good at making me realize my mistakes they give tough love when we need it and they give us nothing but, love, kisses and hugs when we need that also. Us Gemini man can have a relationship with a Cancer women if we are not really, really childish since we are already we just turn it down. There's no need to be that flirty with other women, they say Gemini man are not jealous, well I am I wouldn't want her flirting with all the men where she works.

So, I don't flirt. I love my Cancer women. She's funny, crazy, loveable, undertsanding, friendly with everybody, fair and she kisses me like no other women has ever kissed me before. She's a lady in the street but, a freak in the sheets! I love when she bites my lip. I have to go purpose now. Wow Im amazed at all the stories I've read. Im a 29yr old single mother of 3, and met my Gemini man whilst going through my breakup after a 12yr relationship with a Scorpio man.

He is a lot older than me 43yrs but we just get each other so well. I have the same problem with him though, sometimes Im not sure weather Im coming or going.

gemini male and cancer female relationship insecurities

One minute he treats me like a princess, and the next I get the cold shoulder. As a Cancerian woman this make me emotional, confused and just at a loss for our relationship. He is also very flirtatious without even knowing it. I spoke to him about it and he doesn't even realise he's doing it. I can honestly say that because this man keeps me guessing, it makes me hang on more. I am the typical cancerian and have learnt so much from this man emotionally. And I have never felt so in love or been attracted to someone like this before.

He does have a bad history with woman, but because we have such a gre at intellectual yet humourous relationship, I think this can work.

gemini male and cancer female relationship insecurities

I also have my faults as a typical cancerian, but in order to make a relationship work, Im working on changing me just a little Im not ready to let go of my Gemini man yet. And I wouldn't believe all you read about the compatibility charts. I was in a relationship with a Scorpio man, who apparently I am totally compatible with, and to be honest, that was an emotional roller coaster for 12 years with the lies, cheating and abusive nature.

I don't think it's a star sign thing, I think it's a maturity thing!!! Ok so it's now been 2 months that my Gemini guy has been away for. Am missing him so much. It's very hard on us all. He is doing really well and seems to be really turning his life around and want's to really make a go of things when he comes back.

We have so many ups and downs though.

Gemini man and Cancer woman

He still holds resentment towards me for kicking him out, but I feel like my reasons were justified. I am reading a lot of self help books about relationships and using this time to find out who I really am.

I have a habbit of shutting people out when I get hurt, it's like a wall goes up and I am trying to work out why and how to make that wall come down sooner rather than later. Rina The basic key for this relationship to work, is to have a great understanding and friendship between the Cancer woman and the Gemini man!! And communication is a second asset!! If the Gemini man is faithful and reminds the Cancer woman, that she loves her more than anything. I think these two share a sizzling chemistry!!!

He was a flirt, poser and always trying to impress. Well he did impress me physically, intellectually and emotionally. I fell hard for this guy. He is my almost lover that will never be anything else.

I really tried to be "cool" like him and lost myself and I even hurt him and it ended up with me feeling guilty. He never stood up for our relationship so I figured he didn't cared for it so I decided to just block him all the way. Pretty easy since I live miles away and changed my number and my social pages. I'm a Cancer woman, dating a Gemini man. He being 4 years older than me, but not as experienced. Does that affect anything?

In my opinion, it does. At first he was afraid to love, knowing what had happened before. But as time has progressed, he's became more caring, and open about his emotional attatchments. Me being a Cancer woman, I've always been very open about how I feel. At times he isn't the best to "catch ya when you fall" but he's always the one who can "pick me up again". In my past, being with other signs, they couldn't keep my interest. He is always comming up with new ideas and things to share.

Though, only our relationship have lasting 2 years now, it's the longest lasting one I've had with a Gemini.

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Gemini's can go a little over board, and get on your nerves, but depending on the person, it can be about many different things, and there can be many different ways they may, or may not make it up to you. As for our sexual life, at times he can be very romantic and charming.

We both find our sex life very enjoyable. I'm not one much for foreplay, but he can make it as pleasureable as anything else. We both like trying new things. To me, he's opened up a while new part of me.

And my understanding, and open mind has helped me through. Not just Cancer women, but Cancer men, along with both genders of the Gemini, being attentive an having an open mind is a kay for happiness, pleasure, and many different things. A Cancer and Gemini being together in any way, it's importan to remember those two things.

I am a Cancer girl that dated a Gemini guy and it was an emotional roller coaster ride. I would not reccomend a Cancer girl with a Gemini guy, ever. Gemini' guys should do us all a favour and never committ with a water sign. Gemini guys are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Sorry but its the truth Cancer they will break your heart and run. I am a Cancer woman who has been totally captivated by a Gemini man. I also know that he has been very hurt in past relationships which causes him to hold back.

So we've been apart over 4 months now and I'm happy to say my Gemini guy want's to get married!!!! I guess time apart can really make or break a relationship. We still have a few issues to sort out when he gets back, but I think for me finally that wall that I've been building is finally coming down.

We miss each other terribly and can't wait to the day we see each other again. Hopefully it's not too much longer. Rina I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini, he is four years older than I, and we have been together more than two years. He is my first boyfriend ever. He is sweet, funny, smart, and swift, not very romantic though. He seems to be somewhat adventurous in bed but I feel Like I, the Cancer woman, am much more kinky. For the most part things are ok he seems to love me more than I love him.

He is pretty possessive of me which bothers me a lot. He also seems to question me, my opinions and such. Where this relationship will end, I do not know. I'm a Gemini male I'm turning 28 on June But in all fairness we do creep from time to time My ex was a Cancer as well but we broke up only because her dad and my dad hated each other so much they would try to put us in there fight witch can kill a family and even a couple.

We still talk from time to time via email and we are even thinking about leaving out home town and move to cali and not telling our families that we are getting back togather Yeah we have our fight at time's like any other pair do but over all we get along very well I think we click a lot because my moon sign is a Cancer and I do understand her even when she is moody IF she's not it then let her go,I understand that you don't want to hurt her or him cuz we do love but we alway are looking just in case we do bump into that one Cancer if you feel like he is hiding somthing Hi, Firstly I just want to say how informative I have found all your experiences, thank you.

I have been chatting to a Gemini for a while, he pursued me, as in made contact and we have been chatting about everything and anything, Apparently my??? I really like this guy and will not cheat or play, but I will not tolerate being punished for something I haven't done. Cancer women and Gemini man Im Cancer 25 yr old dated a Gemini guy 48 yr old for 6 months but broke up with him because of my mother.

She thought he was to old for me. I felt like I had found the love of my life. We were so deeply in love I was going to move in with him and we actually had already talked about marriage. And she pressured me inyo breaking up with him made me feel like if I was dating my father. Becausr he was 2 yrs younger tgan my father.

Yes its true was older but it didn't and nevet felt incomfortable. He had a son my age. I met him and we all got along great. It laste 6 months and I finally toldy mother hiw old he was because I wanted it to become serious. And she got very upset she thought somethimg was wrong with me. Now I realizr I shouldvr lustened to my mothet in breaking up with him. I miss him so mucj and ive tryief getting over him I cant and now he only wants to be friends.

He is very hurt. And he tells me we can be friends but we can m ever be more than that. He even told me he wanted us to be friends with beneifits but no more than that.

What should I do? I don't want that I love him. And I know he loves me too. But I know my family hurt h. And now I feel like I can nevet get him back.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

I love him and miss him soo much!! I know he's thr love of my lufe. I in relation with a geminai guy since a year. My heart Cancerian's Heart had been broken for 5 years already by a Gemini man who I felt in love in deed.

I was confused with many questions in my head and heart why he let me down and lost of self esteem and depressed. After reading of those comments, I got some points that I did not understand about him at all.

Those comments are really helpful to me. Now I understand why it was happened to me and why he behaved like this.

But I am still loving him. This is my problem but I am now happy and bit releived after reading those remarks of Gemini. If I had a chance to get back him, sincerely, I will try to understand him more and will try to ease my strong and deep emotion to be matched with him.

Anyways that eveing we met up and he explained he was going to tell me but he didient now how to coz I might be put off him so said ok well next time be truthful and forgave him from that day we c arried on fine. I kicked him out because honestly I got sick and tired of begging him to work He promised me the world but hasnt followed through with a damn thing. He is a liar, manipulator, selfish butt However like you I've cried myself silly.

Your Match: Gemini Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

But when I actually think about it. I really don't miss him or his ballgames on TV. I really believe he beat me down mentally to think I needed him. The sex was good, then there was the cold shoulder. However I think of course he has other motives. It would be cheaper for him to move back in with me. But everytime we r together I get stronger and stronger. And every weekend I see exactly what I don't miss