Gintoki and kagura relationship poems

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Anime/Manga: Gintama fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to This is a short poem about Okita and Kagura's relationship, from Okita's POV. Gintama - Future Kagura by banafria Manga Anime, All Anime, Anime Characters Manga Quotes, Okikagu, Anime Guys, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Bishounen. Yuu'Kata is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of This is a short poem about Okita and Kagura's relationship, from Okita's POV.

As she is in the process of getting kicked out, Okita comes in and tells them to play nice Okay first off; where'd he come from? Secondly, why did Okita name his beetle Sadomaru which is awfully close to Kaguras pet, Sadaharu? Is this to show how similar they are??? Thirdly, is anyone realizing how Okita is willing to play with kids just for the sake of beating Kagura.

Anyway, so further into the arc the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi run into eachother in the forest while hunting for the Shogun's pet beetle, Rurimaru. The Shinsengumi are there to obviously get the beetle and return it to the Shogun while the Yorozuya are there for the money by selling the beetle though Kagura wants to keep the beetle as her own pet since she lost hers during the street battle at the beginning of the arc because of Okita.

It's also revealed shortly that Kaguras the reason why she lost her beetle. As she was watching Okitas beetle fight the others she got too excited and squished her own beetle She still puts the blame on Okita though.

There was this moment where both groups were looking anxiously for it and the youngest ones of the group of course outdid themselves. Kagura and Okita both attained an aura like in the Gengai arc but this time, it fused together and turned purple and once everyone saw this, they knew they were screwed. But wait the moments continue to go on in this arc! As the Shinsengumi and Yorozuya set up camp in the forest, Okita sits on a tree branch and thinks about Kagura, promising himself that he'll settle the score with her.

Shortly after, the Shinsengumi try to get the Yorozuya trio to leave the forest so they tempt them with food. They set up a large barbeque and began to cook food on it. The three notice and Kagura gets up and walks over to the grill only to barf on it infront of everyone and smirk at Okita. In the morning, Kagura gets her hands on Rurimaru and uses it against her battle with Okita.

Okita ignores his duty to retrieve the pet and well. Okitas rivalry is more important than his job lol Before any damage is done, Gintoki manages to get up there and stop them but accidentally steps on Rurimaru, killing him. While Kagura was being the victim of a series of hits and was about to get the final blow, she was saved by Okita.

Possessive aren't you souichirou-kun? After, Okita checks on Kagura and it's revealed that her wrist is broken. Okita tries to bend the wrist the other way to mend it but it just makes it worse. Kagura retaliates by breaking his leg. They escape and Okita asks her whether teaming up together or losing to the opponent was worse. She tells him that both are bad and he pauses for a second and agrees with her anime.

In the end, they team up and Okita sits on Kaguras shoulders. When Kagura would dodge an attack Okita would get hit, and when Kagura accidentally ran him into the wall, he passed out. While he was falling, Kagura used his body as a hammer and knocked down their opponent.

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She then took a selfie using their opponents phone of her stepping on both of them and left it. The two also try to fight before the battle begins and they get hit by their respectable adults!! Which is more stronger than Okita's. When Okita sees this, he complains to Kagura, saying she's breaking the rules and that what she's using isn't a weapon, Oh the irony. When an attacker was about to strike Kagura with his sword from behind, Okita shows up and kills him. The same happens but it's more dramatic because Okita kicks down one of the train doors.

Okita picks a fight with Kagura and well. They get into each other's face about it She basically said she'll watch over him how nice!! Later in the hotel, when Kondo tried to embarrass himself to bring down the Diamond Perfumes rank all the girlsOkita tries to embarrass him more by putting tacky clothes on him while Kagura tried to make it look better.

Okita ends up going with her coordination. The two were playing dress up lol. Okita orders cake made especially for Hijikata, but then he got ambushed by a girl named Kirie. After tying up the girl, he gave her to the Yorozuya. Okita gives mercy to Kirie but says if she pulls something like that again he won't hesitate to kill her. He leaves the cake for Hijikata on the table for them which Kagura eats. Of course, since it was meant for Hijikata it wasnt good. Kagura screams because it's filled with Tabasco sauce.

Later on, Okita sits on the bench in the park waiting to be attacked but is instead met by Kagura. The two later realize that Kirie was a puppet for a gang to capture Okita and all 3 of them end up getting kidnapped.

It's later revealed that Kiries dad was apart of the terrorist group but he was apart of it against his own will.

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Before she could find out about that, Kagura knocks her out with her head to Okitas confusion. She tells him it seemed like he was trying to protect something. If this weren't Gintama I swear that scene would've took a different turn and the two would start telling each other their feelings. As Okita pretends to take a dump and Kagura ends up thinking it's real and barfs giant mosaics that get the terrorists slipping on her vomit.

Kagura carries a knocked out Kirie on her back and Okita grabs his sword. All three of them escape. Though on the way out, Kagura is shot in the leg by a sniper and Okita tells her to hurry up and grabs Kirie off her back to carry her himself leaving Kagura behind.

The three of them hide behind a rock and decide that all three of them can't make it together so they tell each other to go ahead while the one staying holds off the terrorists They're stubborn.

In the end, Kagura ends up carrying Kirie and runs away as she had gotten some time to heal her leg. Turns out, Kirie was awake the whole time and was crying because Okita was trying so hard to keep the secret from her. What really got me was when Kagura started reassuring Kirie and telling her that he'd be happy if she would just try to kill him again. Because for all this time if anyone knows him best, it'd be Kagura.

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At the end of the episode, Okita is shown to be buying the cakes again but asks them to top off all the cakes with Tabasco sauce. I'm sure that the cakes are meant for Kagura because in the beginning when he did this, he mentions that he forgot to tell the Baker to top it with mayonnaise but now he instead tells them to use the sauce.

Okita is now the head of the Shinsengumi and turned them all into some type of terrorist group, since their goal is to now take down the Shogun. Contains heavy hints of SabuNobu. A withdrawn pianist, a runaway soul, and the ongoing storm.

gintoki and kagura relationship poems

What will happen between the two? Another Okikagu read for all you lovers! Check for chapter updates! The Baby You by alicesphinx07 reviews Kagura foolishly ends up eating a weird potion that reverts back to her child self!

How will the Yorozuya family and the Shinsengumi officers deal with her? Once again, I suck at summary. They saw one another no more than 15 minutes a day, but it was more than enough. Rating changed due to language and sudden mature content. That, or you can always bash your rival's face. See ya by trisha23flow reviews All good things come to an end, but just to start a new beginning.

Kagura leaving the Yorozuya to start a new life on her own. Just rated T for some stuffs. Unfotunately, I'm not yet that confident to write my own lemon so, just T for now. There's another otaku on the loose.

Lime scenes at the beginning of the fanfic Gintama - Rated: Slightly AU, set before the war took place with the amanto. A reimagining of the second half episode from Kamui's point of view. Now prince of planet of sadist should start helping her There is also a promise between two Yato siblings Kagura is sleep deprived, so she goes around Edo to find a place to sleep Oh, well read to know However, a rock-paper-scissor match proves her wrong when the craziest combination was formed.

Inspired from a doujinshi. Rated T for Kagura's potty mouth. How will that end? KaguraxTakasugi oneshot 3-z verse Like, suddenly growing up and suddenly shrinking into a child, perhaps? Now the fastest way to solve the problem is through another 'Chuu', but will they do it? No bloodbaths and no dangerous work Obviously whoever said that purposely left out menstruation and hormonal teenage girls.

Spoilers for the Mitsuba Arc. When two people of different personalities and backgrounds meet, you know it's going to be one hell of a plot twist to make everything interesting. Everything is fairly normal. Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate. It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie.

Let me just say this first: He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money. However, he cares about his comrades. In this instance, Gintoki sacrifices his comfort in his own home to get back Sadaharu from the prince, and allow Kagura to keep him in their abode.

Sadaharu serves as a family member to her, but Kagura does have living family. After all, Kagura only began working at Yorozuya in order to get enough money to get a ticket home.

Her goal is right in front of her. However, Kagura finds that after spending so much time with Gintoki and their other teammate Shinpachi, she has in fact made a new family that is always there for her.

gintoki and kagura relationship poems