Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship quotes

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glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship quotes

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Everything is fine in the wonderful land of Glee, until a secret gets out. Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own Glee. Rachel Berry is in a relationship. Rachel and Puck have a HUGE secret, what will happen when they tell the rest of Disclaimer: I don't own Glee! but I wish I did =) "We have an arranged marriage," She said quickly before she too lost the nerve to say it.

Yes she is my friends and she didn't have to kick anyone's ass to do it, thank you very much, she just had to wait it out for people to see her as the star she is. She is head Cheerio, bisexual, the holder of many a hearts, and a secret nerd crap I let that one slipSole Captain of Glee….

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship quotes

She runs her cheerios with help from Brittany as they have been best friends for years hidden Bff's. Lopez and Fabray aren't too happy that they're somewhere in the middle and not the top. Finn, Puck, Dave are Rachel good friends.

But one of them harbors less then platonic feelings for Captain Berry.

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There are still clicks, the jocksthe gleeks, the cheerios, the science nerds the AV nerds and the skanks. So everything is fine Monday back to school after winter break starts off nice and slow with no issues, the Mayans where wrong the end of the world never happened! Let's drink to that. That is until Captain Berry gets a garbled phone call from her fathers, that what they had feared about since the day Rachel was born, has indeed come to a conspiracy theorists reality.

Her secrets are about to be exposed, and she in the constant battle of her own emotions involving the people that are tagging along. Now it's a race against time, and the odds to save as many people as she can, doing what she had been trained for her entire life.

Glee - Rachel wants Puck to help her with her project 1x17

With the help of her friends and maybe a few enemies. It wasn't like they didn't have any say in the matter, they did, but in a town like Lima, their options were severely limited.

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They were Jewish and although their families hadn't always followed certain tradition, This one had been planned since before they could walk. Puck and Rachel had a chat over the weekend to decide how they were going to handle it and both agreed that the first step would be telling their friends in Glee the whole story.

Not leaving out anything. Currently that resulted in Noah pacing backwards and forwards nervously in the Choir room whilst everyone, including Mr. When Noah had continued the pacing in silence for another few minutes Rachel finally caved. The others in Glee watched the little scene playing out before them with interest and curiosity.

They knew it had to be something big if Puck was so nervous and were they imagining it or had Rachel just called Puck, Noah? Rachel smiled and got up to stand next to her friend. It wasn't just his responsibility to do this. Schue, "So you all know that Puck and I came to this school from other schools, but what you don't know is that we both came from Pilton Jewish College. We have known each other since we were toddlers and have been best friends for just as long," she explained calmly.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret relationship quotes

Noah decided to take the lead on this one. Rachel didn't want to be involved in that scene and I didn't want to give it up so we came up with a compromise," Puck explained to his friends. Why are you telling us this now? He could see the others getting confused but didn't have the guts to say what needed to be said.

Rachel once again saved the day. Hoping the quick and straight to the point method would calm their nerves. The pair watched as jaws dropped around the room. This time Noah came to her rescue. That is 5 people. The solo for which she audition to the glee club last year.

Shue give all of them to Mercedes or Quinn.

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Rachel dances 3 times a week and practices signing almost every day not that she needs because she has one of the best voices I ever hear. I knew I could always count with them but I really don't want them to get in trouble. I made the decision to enter now and they all look at me. I try to hide the tear that are almost falling from my eyes and the pain from all the stabs I just felt and keep walking to the piano when I get my music books from the piano and the shelter close to it and put them in my bag.

I am going to need my music books. Shue and the group who supports my leaving. The only thing I have here to make me stay were my friends who want me to go and the glee club, since now I am kicked out, I can leave.