Glee kitty and marley relationship

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glee kitty and marley relationship

Marley Rose may just be falling for Kitty Wilde as she learns more about Kitty and her tough home life. Karley. Glee - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance. Kitty Wilde is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. When Marley tells the glee club she isn't comfortable to gather with Kitty, she starts a relationship with Marley's love interest and brother of a former glee . In Season Five, she begins a relationship with Artie in Love, Love, Love, . Kitty first appears when the glee club carries Marley backstage (because of the.

She was in a relationship with Jake Puckerman up until The End of Twerkwhere she broke up with him after finding out about his affair with Bree. Initially a recurring character during the fourth season, she is promoted to series regular in the fifth season. However, she was demoted in the sixth season but does not return despite being invited for the series finale, due to Melissa's prior commitment with her show Supergirl. She is portrayed by actress and singer Melissa Benoist.

Contents [ show ] Biography Not much is known of Marley's family background as of now, other than the fact that she and her mother, a lunch lady at McKinley, are facing poverty and no one has seen a father figure as of yet. It is revealed that she used to attend another school where she didn't have any friends prior to going to William McKinley High School.

glee kitty and marley relationship

She explains she's a sophomore and is going to audition, which Tina brushes off. While Unique takes off her make up to avoid risking New Directions' popularity, Kitty and some jocks take her seat. They begin to make fun of the new lunch lady, insulting her weight.

glee kitty and marley relationship

New Directions are clearly uncomfortable, but Artie joins in by making a fat joke, wanting to impress Kitty. Marley listens to them from the next table over and frowns.

She goes back into the kitchen to see the lunch lady sewing a skirt. The lunch lady is Marley's mother, making her a skirt for the audition. She says that even though people will think the skirt is secondhand, they'll at least think it's designer secondhand, as she put a designer label on the skirt. Marley expresses concern about not getting into the group, to which her mother replies that she has "magic in her throat.

Marley looks on the callback sheet and finds that she was the only new person who tried out to be accepted, passing by Jake in the hallway. When she's welcomed into the group, Sugar compliments her sweater, but is confused when Marley says she bought it at J Crew. Marley says she would rather be a singer on the radio.

After her mother laughs and tells her to use the glee club to help her accomplish that goal, she tells her mother that the group has been making fun of her and she doesn't feel comfortable lying about the fact that she is her mother. Her mother tells her that they're teenagers, and that at her last school, her mother's job and their poverty led to her having no friends.

She adds that Marley will finally be able to sit at the popular table. Marley leaves in tears after New Directions continues to make fun of her mother, and tells them the truth. Sam finds her and shares his story of poverty with her, and New Directions come to apologize. After Marley says she doesn't feel comfortable sitting next to Kitty and the jocks, Kitty walks up and says that the feeling is mutual and the jocks slushie Unique and Marley.

Artie says they are officially members of the club. Marley is invited to sing lead vocals on Chasing Pavements. As she's singing, she spots Jake again and smiles before he leaves.

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The episode ends with New Directions' praising Marley and themselves on the performance. She asks Marley if she has her eyes on anyone, to which she replies that she likes Jake. Unique warns her that Jake has been seen with many girls from the school already, which leads into the performance of Womanizer. After the performance, Jake says that he and Marley should hang out sometime. Marley agrees, much to Unique and Tina's disagreement. When Jake shows up to visit Marley by the bleachers, she tells him that the other girls told her not to trust him.

He asks if she believes what they said, to which she replies that she believes that Jake has been hurt and that he has put up walls in the form of his appearance and behavior because of it.

She confides in him that she always tried to be someone different at her other schools, and that for the first time she feels like she can be herself. When Jake pokes fun at the fact they're covering Britney Spears, Marley insists that he hasn't heard her version of the song. They almost kiss, but Marley backs out by stating that it got cold outside. Jake gives her his leather jacket and leaves, smiling. Rose is teased by two jocks in the lunch line and Marley yells at them, telling them that she's her mom.

When they continue to mock Mrs. Rose, Jake tells them to apologize to both of them. When they don't, he begins to fight them, only for it to be broken up by Will.

Kitty questions her about her puking situation, and Marley says she's been doing it every day that week.

Marley Rose

Kitty then proposes that she'll call off the duet if she thought Marley was actually fat in the costume. In the bathroom, Kitty dresses into a one-piece catsuit, admiring her figure. Marley comes out with a costume her mother made for her, and explained that the WF on it meant "wall flower. She even changes her superhero name from Wall Flower to Woman Fierce, confident that she and Marley will kill their number.

Kitty approaches Marley after Ryder calls off their outing for Friday night, due to seeing the special education specialist. Kitty assumes that Ryder isn't into Marley, and insists on her trying to continue with the two-fingers suggestion. Marley denies it, saying that the old her would stay home on a Friday night and that won't happen any longer. She walks towards Jake, asking him what he was planning on doing for Friday night. He responds with "Going on a date with you," which Marley confirms and walks away proudly.

This leaves Kitty staring at her, shocked. At the end of the episode, they perform Some Nights with the rest of New Directions. They start off friendly, but Kitty rolls her eyes without anyone's notice. Dynamic Duets Kitty reveals intense worship of Quinnwho notices that Marley seems under pressure. Kitty assures her she's been trying to help Marley, and she leads Quinn to believe that Marley's distraction stems from another case of a good girl dating a Puckerman - something Quinn knows all too well.

Santana tells Quinn she believes Kitty is "pure evil" and responsible for giving Marley laxatives. Marley and Kitty then later on perform Gangnam Style together with the New Directions, during which Marley faints due to her eating disorder.

glee kitty and marley relationship

Thanksgiving In a deleted scene, Marley finds Kitty crying in the bathroom because of New Directions' loss at Sectionals, though she claims it is because she has allergies. Kitty admits that she has been awful to Marley and is confused as to why Marley is still being nice to her; Marley responds that she thinks that Kitty's meanness is just because she's scared.

Marley then invites Kitty to come and discuss song choices for their last performance, but Kitty sharply rebuffs her. At the end of the episode, she and Kitty share a group hug with Ryder and Joe. Glee, Actually In the episode, Sadie Hawkins, they do not interact, but Kitty mentions her in a rough, unfriendly way. At first, when Finn announces the "Ladie's Choice" assignment, for the girls to choose a song to sing to invite the boys to the dance, Kitty comes in saying that she knows who she'll be inviting, to which she looks at Jake and Marley gives an uncomfortable look.

glee kitty and marley relationship

Before Tell HimMarley explains that Jake has been acting weird after Marley collapsed at Sectionals, and has moved away and once again, at Kitty's tail. At the end of the performance, Marley asks Jake to the dance, to which he gives an optimistic 'yes', but this makes Kitty look upset. When Jake gets into school, Kitty clicks her fingers and makes sure the Cheerios lock the doors tight.

She says that he should dump the "bulimic" girl, and go with her instead because Kitty knows Jake has needs and Marley wouldn't do it. Jake seems confused as he thought they were friends. At the Lima Bean, Jake discusses this with his brother, Puck, to which Jake says that Kitty keeps going all over him, while he likes Marley.

And while saying that she mentions the Puckerbrosand Marley suddenly looks away. Kitty sees it and asks Marley what's wrong. Marley wants to say something to her, but asks her to swear that she woudn't tell anyone. Kitty swears, but she has her fingers crossed behind her back.

glee kitty and marley relationship

She locks herself up in a hallway with him to confront her ex-boyfriend. She tries to convince Jake that Marley will not want to have sex with him if they get together, and that remaining celibate would be challenging for him. Kitty also promises that she herself would have sex with Jake if he dated her again, and makes an attempt to seduce him at the same time.

Having done that, she leaves the hallway they were locked into.

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Jake and Kitty can also be seen working out together during the performance. After Tina announced to Ryder what month he will be posting on the Men of McKinley Calendar, Kitty tells Jake that he will posing as June, which is a beach theme and October holding only a "Jake-o'-lantern" over his "naughty bits. Naked In this episode, she can be seen dancing with Jake during Shout. Kitty is fine with Marley dating Jake and even says, "We're both dating Puckermans" referring to her dating Puck.

Kitty "attempts" to help Marley after she learns Ryder kissed her while she is dating Jake. Kitty says, he is a douche when she talks to Jake. Guilty Pleasures After the gunshot, they were both in the choir room with the others. Kitty is sitting between Jake and Marley.