Glee mike and brittany relationship

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glee mike and brittany relationship

Glee was the show of a thousand couples, many of them with a Whether a relationship would last a couple episode or throughout the When he and Brittany (Heather Morris) developed feelings for each other in . Mike Chang ( Harry Shum Jr) definitely had the best dance moves in New Directions. Brittany Susan Pierce is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. . Brittany's relationship with Artie continues to develop; in "Never Been Kissed", he gets her to go out with him again. .. Artie Abrams · Blaine Anderson · Coach Beiste · Rachel Berry · Mike Chang · Tina Cohen-Chang · Shelby. Mike turned around, only to see Brittany waving happily at him by you dated Artie while he's still kinda confused about relationships himself.

Yeah, I would think so. She's pretty up on feminism too, isn't she? I hope they're not starting some movement of that kind.

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She doesn't come over to do my hair anymore, she does Tina's. The two of them don't really have anything in common. I'm sure Santana still treats you like The recent cheerleading sessions had really proven otherwise, and he wasn't sure how to put it now that he had thought of Santana's recent coldness towards Brittany. Then she looked at Mike earnestly. Then he gestured to the chair next to him. I mean, nobody seems to like it when I'm with someone.

There's always an issue and I don't know what it is. While Brittany was well-known for having all kinds of partners, guys and girls alike, only Artie had been a serious relationship, at least to the public. What Brittany was essentially saying now was that, something was definitely going on between her and Santana, and it sure was serious.

Not that nobody had ever suspected, but to hear it from the girl herself was still quite a surprise. Brittany seemed to realise her mistake as her mouth slowly formed an 'O'.

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You're just feeling down now, that's why you said it. For example, you dated Artie But now he's with Natalie. Their wedding in season two was definitely a highlight. Over the years, the two remained the best parental units in Glee. Tough but loving, they wanted the best for their boys. Even though they lost one of their children, they were able to find joy again. After breaking up with Sam and Rachel respectively, Quinn and Finn found themselves as a couple again in the back half of season two.

Finn seemed to have forgotten that Quinn lied and cheated on him previously in the first season, leading to her pregnancy. Also they just did not seem happy as a couple during that time.

Their relationship was fairly fraught from the beginning. Emma running away at the wedding and Will adopting a playboy attitude after dumping Teri definitely were low points, but the pair always remained drawn to each other.

They fact that they always cared for each other, even when they were upset, showed how deep their feelings went. Their relationship definitely provided some sweetness to the series. It also added some amazing musical sequences. Their happy ending made for the stuff of dreams: Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are great friends and the chemistry translate well together onscreen.

There were some insecurities on both sides, but Artie was such a bad boyfriend. He ignored her to focus on playing video games and definitely was sexist toward her. While these are tendencies he would eventually outgrow somewhat, it still was terrible that this couple fell apart. They definitely needed to stay friends. While the pair were on and off throughout the seasons, they finally made the big commitment in season six.

Criss and Colfer consistently had amazing chemistry with each other. Even when Kurt and Blaine were broken up, you still wanted to see them back together again. His pool cleaning service was less about pools and more about servicing the lonely older women who owned them. The duo spent time with Shelby and Beth. Somehow Puck and Shelby ended up together. Season three definitely was when Glee jumped the shark.

After that, Zach called me and said they might not hire me anyway because they wanted the third cheerleader to be black, so my hopes were shot. But then my agent called a week later and said, 'You're now cast as Brittany in Glee. She does not have any solo musical performances during season one, but Morris hoped she would have one in the second season. I literally just stand there and doze off and then I'm like, 'Oh yeah, I have to speak now!

glee mike and brittany relationship

She plays Brittany as being very innocent, rather than stupid. When they asked Murphy about the development, he claimed to have made the statement "to get a kick" out of the "dirty guy" asking about them. Murphy told Morris and Rivera that Glee would not push relationships to appease the show's fans, but would only pursue those which were "organic and natural.

It's always her and I just messing around and they end up using it. Brittana was always on.

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Songs by Morris as Brittany have been released as singles, available for digital downloadand have also featured on the show's soundtrack albums. It was the most adrenaline-pumping musical number the series has produced: Critical reception[ edit ] The relationship between Santana Naya Riveraleft and Brittany Heather Morrisright has been well received by critics and viewers.

Wieselman wrote that since her introduction, Brittany has been given "more and more to do [and] less and less to think", and that the result has been "one of the most clueless characters that's ever figured out how to dress herself in the morning.

Online 's Megan Masters has also compared Brittany to Sue, and stated that Brittany's one-liners "easily rival" Sue's. She deemed Brittany "brainlessly brilliant", and thanked the Glee producers for creating her: Heather in particular has brought the laughs as the Cheerio least likely to get a Mensa invitation.

glee mike and brittany relationship

He stated, "Murphy seems intent on running this character into the ground, but Morris isn't going to have her stop being funny without a fight. Online observed, "When Ryan Murphy said this episode was a celebration of Heather, he wasn't kidding", and commended her musical performances.

Heather Morris perfectly played up Brittany's innocence and joy surrounding everything Santa. Her interaction with the black mall Santa was a highlight. Watching Artie, and eventually the rest of the club, work to keep Brittany's belief intact was truly in the spirit of Christmas and should have been made into a fuller part of the episode.